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  1. Two of us picked up three roosters yesterday on a WPA closer to the metro than not. Steel #3s did the job, but I still prefer lead unless hunting Federal land. Found them where they usually are not meant to be.
  2. Tailgate Shots

    Nice. Fishuhalik. I lived on the Gulf Coast for awhile - probably when I was your age. Look forward to your Southern posts ... Good Luck.
  3. That would be smileys - not gads for Mr. Bryce Shakko. The soak and grill method makes anything edible and the most edible becomes phenomenal. Try Wild Turkey breast and ...
  4. Tailgate Shots

    Very nice leech. [Please Read Forum Policy Before Posting Again, Thank You]
  5. Bryce's Tailgate shots got me reminiscing about times now long ago with my brother and main hunting partner who is no longer out there with me ... Here are a couple old tailgate shots that I managed to find. Not as easy pre-digital era. Circa 1983 About 20 years later Have my friends and my children, but still .... Feel Free to Share Yours >>>
  6. HSO Deer Photo's

    Plenty of MN deer hunters and other hunters in MN get hurt or killed because of "adrenaline". I pass on many comments, but this one was too good a lesson for everyone. I guess including yourself. Slow down and remember safety does not get a break.
  7. At 9 months: At 10 years: Certainly slower, but she uses are her experiences well. Has had a darn good season with plenty of time to go.
  8. 2015 WY Antelope

    Nice. I was always amazed at how WY grew antelope out of thin air. Cloudy day ... few animals spotted. Sunny day ... white butts everywhere.
  9. Lot of large bodies of water still open in NoDak. NoDak has plenty of "lakes" now. You will be able to hunt waterfowl until the end of the regular duck season.
  10. Some general comments. I grew up in North Dakota, have family there and have hunted in that state for 40 years running... North Dakota did not put a cap on nonresident waterfowlers because of the money it brings the state. Of course North Dakotan residents spend money to hunt ducks and geese ... nonresident money is "new" money to the small town hotels, cafes, and gas stations. It was heavily debated say 10 - 15 years ago. The legislature had its chance several sessions in a row (ND meets every other year), but failed to cap. I have heard it said that the nonresident license fees in-part pay for the large volume of PLOT land in ND. Someone else can confirm or deny this ... North Dakota sells about 23K nonresident waterfowl licenses and a similar number of pheasant licenses. I have never seen data on how many people purchase just one vs. both. North Dakota peaked near 30K nonresident waterfowl licenses awhile back ... but really has leveled off at the 23K-25K number. So if you say 50K licenses (pheas and waterfowl combined) at $100 each (that is definitely the low side est) ... that is $5million to NDG&F. Long time ago, North Dakota had only 3 - 5K nonresident waterfowlers and they were handed harvest tags that dramatically limited harvest of birds. Before the severe drought of the 80s and early 90s there were about 75K resident North Dakotans that hunted waterfowl ... there was real pressure on the weekends back then too ... South Dakota can talk big, look big by imposing a strict limit on nonresident waterfowlers, BUT SODAK also has 80,000 nonresident pheasant hunters. SDG&F and the small towns simply do not need to have the state sell more licenses (albeit that number was raised slightly this year). The problem this year arose largely because ducks and geese did not migrate through the Dakotas in a "normal" pattern in October. Lack of birds force everyone to go mobile and/or concentrated on what was around ... not a good situation. One year event or trend to continue ... TBD ???
  11. What is really sad is that is what it takes to put 20 - 50 snows (or more) on the strap in NoDak. I am NOT a fan of hunting in that weather (especially for 3-4 days straight). Tough on us humans, tough on the dogs, tough on the equipment. What that temp data posted above did not show is the sustained winds !!!! NoDak used to compete with Texas for most snow geese killed during a season. That appears to be long gone. You need to know what you are doing to hunt the backside of the migration ... otherwise it becomes mostly an exercise in observation... which can be fun, but not what most are in ND to do.
  12. 2014 Temps in ND. Our best days were the 12th and 13th. 2014-11-1023132014-11-1119102014-11-1220132014-11-131612014-11-1420-12014-11-15174I will note that 95% of ND was locked up then and no we were not hunting D.L. or the Missouri River system areas. You are correct - for most it ends closer to now than not.
  13. So is this a field report Tyler ?? Even will temps in the teens it will take 5+ days to seal up completely. We did well last year rather late, but that said you won't be hunting water and you will be surprised at what water freezes and what stays open.