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  1. Here is something I posted several years ago. With a battery failure thread going in the Snow Mobile section I thought you might find it interesting. Many years ago a co-worker did his own battery storage test. When he bought a new set of batteries for his 24v trolling motor he labeled the batteries and stored battery A in the boat in my unheated pole shed. This is MN so it saw sub-zero temp regularly. Battery B was stored in the utility room of his town home. He prepared them for storage by removing all wires, topping off fluids and charging them then forget about them for the winter. Every spring he tested the batteries and the cold storage battery was always a few tenths of a volt higher than the warm storage battery. Both of them still had 85-90% of their charge. He was a retired electrician and believed anyone who charged a battery inside of their house was a prime candidate for a Darwin award because of the explosive gasses that can result from charging the battery. Battery B that was stored inside failed midway through its 6th season. Wynn worked part time and fished most of the rest of his time so they had heavy use. Battery A was moved to his ice house and lasted a couple more years. Not a big enough sample to prove anything but I still find it interesting. I always just disconnect the ground connections from the batteries in my boat and leave them in the boat. I do hook a charger up to them around Feb 1st and it only takes 15 to 30 minutes for them to be completely charged. I've never had a battery freeze during the winter in 38 years of boat ownership.
  2. Snowmobile dead battery

    From C-TEK battery chargers: Bottom Line on the Effect of Temperature on Batteries Cold batteries hold their charge longer than room temperature batteries; hot batteries don't hold charge as well as room temperature or cold batteries. It's good practice to store unused batteries in a cool location.
  3. Snowmobile dead battery

    Batteries discharge slower in cold temps. Ask any farmer that has a lot of seasonal equipment, summer heat is harder on stored batteries than winter cold. The only trump card cold temps have is the ability to freeze a discharged battery.
  4. A new DMV computer system goes live on July 24 in MN. Most DMV offices state wide will be closed Thurs. July 20 thru Sat. July 22, offices that are opened will only be able to renew drivers licenses and won't be able to do anything with plates, tabs, titles or registrations. The offices aren't allowed to open their doors on Monday the 24th until the state gives them the OK. If you have tabs that are due Aug 1, I would do it next week because the first week with the new system it's bound to crash often. The new system triples the amount of data that has to be entered so it will take longer too.
  5. Transporting fish

    From The MN fishing regs: General Regulations: Transporting Fish Can I transport live fish other than bait? In most instances, the answer is no. You may not transport fish over land in enough water to keep them alive. You cannot transfer or stock live fish or fish eggs from one body of water to another. You can never transport water taken from any lake or stream.
  6. Fresh air intake

    My son clamped the fresh air vent shut in his house because he thought it made the utility room cold. After a couple weeks he had a CO detector in his basement going off intermittently. He found out he was creating negative pressure in the house and the furnace and water heater were back drafting.
  7. Painting pvc

    Krylon and Rustoleum both have aerosol primers for plastic.
  8. Thoughts on a new front door

    I don't have any experience with Therma Tru but we put in a Feather River fiberglass door 10 years ago and it still looks like new. Because of a jog in the house it only gets a couple hours of direct sunlight for 3 or 4 months a year so the exterior of the door hasn't faded at all.
  9. Automotive odds and ends (part 1)

    When manufacturers gave us the option of recirculating the air in the cabin instead of always bringing in outside air, it created the need for cabin filters.
  10. I tried some leeches I had saved a few years ago. They curl up in a tight little ball in the cold water and the fish didn't show any interest in them.
  11. From the FAQ at WD 40 site: Why not try it out? Well for one all the evidence is anecdotal. Plus, I am pretty sure that fish do not love the scent of petroleum distillates, which is what WD-40 is these days. This of course is another issue with using it, and that is that you are dumping oil into the water every time you spray it on your lures and throw them overboard. Technically you are polluting the water if you use WD-40 on your lures.
  12. Mold on the boat seats

    I use Concrobium on patio furniture and it cleans mold off and stops it from coming back. It is available at most big box stores
  13. If it goes under the seat or in the trunk it has a nipple to hook a vent tube to it.
  14. I'd recommend a copper line instead of the plastic one. When I inspected flooring for warranty and insurance claims I saw lot of damage caused by those plastic lines cracking behind the fridge and flooding kitchens.
  15. Half a cow

    We've always been charged by the hanging weight. Your packaged meat is probably in the 130lb to 140lb range.