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  1. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I picked up a bottle of Old Forester the other day for something new. I thought is was pretty good. Plenty smooth over some ice.
  2. Engel bait coolers

    That's what my backup plan is. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be doing. I haven't been able to figure out what the little tray was good for. I always kept crawlers in there but it only fit a container or two in it.
  3. Engel bait coolers

    They do sell them but it's just the one big net for the entire cooler. That's more than likely what I'll end up doing. I just think that 2 separate net areas would be a little more handy.
  4. Shaffer Opposition

    I've never used one but I've seen a few on bows at archery shoots and at the range. The same people use them year after year and transfer them to their new bows. I've never really been sold on them. I feel like there is more that could go wrong with that than some of the other rests on the market. Seems like the sliders could get dirty and hang up or start acting up when it's cold like Brule said. Of course if you're shooting a drop away of any kind something could always go wrong. All that said I have heard good things about Schaefers warranty and him standing behind his products. I have a NAP Apache on my bow that has been great and has thousands of arrows through it. The next rest I buy will be a QAD Ultra rest though.
  5. Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    I've been playing around with the shading as well. It really helps when scouting new lakes to help narrow down potential spots and chop the lake down. I didn't know this feature even existed until talking with a friend the other day about how we setup our depth finders and he said he starts with a wide depth range in the morning and if he starts seeing a pattern depth wise he will start closing the range. I checked the app and sure enough it's in there. When I got home I figured out how to do it on the depth finder in the boat. I also like it when out on the lake to figure out where I'm headed next. My phone is much quicker than my graph for jumping around. On a side note, has anyone else been sitting in their boat dreaming about open water? I haven't been able to get out much this winter with kids activities taking up a lot of time and when nothing is scheduled it's way too cold. I think I've drank more beer in my boat this winter than I did all summer!
  6. Engel bait coolers

    I picked one up last spring and love it. Keeps the minnows much more lively and as long as you keep the water clean you can keep bait from week to week. I did notice they have now changed the design a little and now instead of that useless tray there's a net that fits in the cooler. The net would be much handier than the tray. I'm working on making 2 nets that would fit next to each other in their cooler to keep minnows separate. My only hang up right now is what to use for the wire frame.
  7. Vex or Marcum

    If you are down near the cities you may be able to swing by and pick it up. I wouldn't be hesitant about buying one of their recon units.
  8. Vikings VS. Saints

    I guess when I made that statement I was wrongly assuming it would be much colder than that. In that case, it should be a nice October game just like a couple years ago at TCF.
  9. Vikings VS. Saints

    I think I'm still in shock that it worked out the way it did. It was a typical Vikings playoff roller coaster that for once ended on a good note. The icing on top is that it was the saints that it happened against. It sucks that the next game will be in the cold at the eagles but of the 3 other teams left, I'd pick the eagles to play against especially without Wentz.
  10. Tagged out in nd

    That's awesome! Great picture as well. There's nothing better than a blood trail in the snow!
  11. Help for Condensation

    Reflectix may be worth a try but it'll more than likely require more cutting in a hub house. I installed it in a flip over I had and it worked great. I have thought about using something like a heavy moving blanket also. That may be easier to install each time than the reflectix but I would guess you'll need to lay it out after each trip to dry out. If I ever get around to trying the blanket I would spray the one side down with some of that never wet spray or some sort of silicon spray and use that side against the canvas to try cut down on how much water it would soak up.
  12. AU JUS ...belly up men.....

    Its that time of year again to bump this back up. I made this again today and like always, it was excellent. I cooked a prime rib and a pork loin. Both meats were great dipped in it. If you are looking for a recipe, look no further. This is the stuff you want.
  13. Old Double barrel

    I will definitely keep everyone posted. Both shops that were suggested about a couple hundred miles from me so it'll be a when in area thing and that's if I remember and/or have room for the gun when I'm heading that direction. I may try post the pictures on other sites but I'm not very excited about advertising what I've got for guns. I really appreciate all the info info and insight. Like I said before, I'm more interested in finding some sort of background or history on the gun. I'm not looking for what it's worth because it's not something that's going to be sold in my lifetime.
  14. Old Double barrel

    I'll have to take another look and see if I can find any kind of markings that I've maybe missed. It won't ever get fired in my lifetime. I am hoping to find a couple old pin fire shells to display alongside it. I really doubt the gun has any "real" value and agree that it's probably an inexpensive gun. It will look good hanging over my bar in the basement though. Thanks all for the recommendations!
  15. Bourbon and Whiskey

    You guys must have a nicer wife than I've got. By the end of the day I'm worn out from arguing with her and come here for a break. Seems like the opposite on here sometimes.