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  1. SWEET!!
  2. The walleye fishing has been very good lately. I got out a couple of times. Many nice eaters, seemingly all males.
  3. I'll put my 2 cents in! I have not heard of any way to tell age of line when buying. It's a dump shoot! I get more concerned about how it was stored. ( still you don't know for sure) I have mono that is 7-9 years old, that I would still trust, BUT! I keep it stored in the basement and away from sun light. I don't use mono much any more. Had to go to braid for most things due to shoulder problems. I suggest buying a name brand, and feeling good about it, You can get a bad spool with any of them, but VERY seldom!( I've had a bad in braid and mono, but only once with each, and I go thru slot of line ) Mono is fairly cheap,( compared to braid and flouro) and you will know right away. Hope this helps in trusting your line.
  4. I don't troll much; but remember the guys saying the ugly stick trolling rods were a decent rod for not much money.
  5. Only got to be out once this spring( the river has been going up and down so much). Nothing to show for it, but it REALLY felt good to be out!! Hope for more stable water levels soon.
  6. If you change things. Check the lower unit out well! Judging by the pictures, the prop is kind of beat up.
  7. trout. With all the conversation! We do require a picture when you get it!
  8. I'll be the problem child, and say on. My thinking is that it tells me a little more about the reels history.( how it was used[ did it have braid, mono, or flouro], the outside condition gives a little info.) But,i learn the most when I open them up.
  9. I'll put in a vote for the Bass Pro bionic blade.( watch for sales. They had them for $60 couple of weeks ago) Think mine is a 7-6 H telescoping. But the guys are right in are you going to be pitching or flipping,( does make a difference for rods) and what size weights you plan to use.
  10. I'm a carpet guy, BUT! That's just me!( I very seldom use any bait, so clean up is easy ) Either of those will work. Look at cost, ease of installing, and weight of each. Be certain you have some sort of a textured surface to help prevent slipping. Talked to many people that love being able to hose a boat down after a fishing trip.
  11. May not what you are thinking, but my set up is a good cutting board,( got mine on line; 24x30x3 in thick) then I bought one of the small plastic folding tables. ( think it's a 4 ft.) Can be set up almost anywhere and very portable. Has adjustable heights so one can work standing or on a stool.
  12. Harpers Ferry area. The river is still up, but been steady. Main channel is clearing up some with lots of grass coming down from up north. The walleye guys were find some fish trolling and drifting. One guy did well on perch below the dam. No one was finding any crappie that I talked to. We did fair on blue gil and a few perch in the back waters( fished hard and got two more meals), with a couple of small northern in the mix. Did manage a 4 1/2 lg. mouth fishing a suick! Hope to make a day trip over there yet, but wife's place is shut down for the season. Will be fishing the cedar more now. Wished we would have had the two four year old grand kids with us Sunday! Found a spot where you just dropped your bait over the side of the boat and had bites! Didn't matter if it was a worm or plastic. Nothing big, but was fun!!
  13. Was a non boater this weekend. Fishing from shore and boat docks. The panfish bite is starting to turn on in the back waters. Manage three meals of nice blue gils. Tried for smallies , only small fish. Talked to a couple of bass guys with little to report. Northern fishing was slow. Plan to take to boat next weekend. River getting closer to normal. No walleye report.
  14. This is for the Harpers area Course the river is up. Again/still!! Lots of grass coming down. so fishing a little tougher. Did manage a few panfish, but was REALLY hit and miss. did catch some nice bass Did not catch any northern thou I had two on that grabbed my smaller fish as I reeled it in. Had a few white bass that were working, they were small ones.
  15. A good option when vertical jigging. I'll have one on one rod and a jig on another.( we can use two rods in Ia.) Also a great lure for newbies. Just get them sweeping it up and down touching the bottom once in a while. The fish will just be on! Don't have to explain what a bite feels like.