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  1. 2000 F150

    Its been real hit and miss (no pun intended) on when it misses. Today anywhere from idle to highway speed. it has progressively gotten worse. Started when you where around 50 going uphill. Today it was in town, on the highway and at idle. On the highway when I got on it to accelerate back to 65 I could feel the motor plane out with all cylinders firing and kick back to to running on 7. I just figured it should throw a code by now. Guess its time to get it to the shop before it gets even worse
  2. Its got a 5.4 129000. Been good to me! Its got a miss. Guessing its time for plugs and coils. Had one fixed last summer after blowing on me. Other than that, is been good. My question is. How long our bad does a miss have to be before it actually throws a code for the check engine light?
  3. I'm with Gordie. 7mm08 is a necked up 243. 7mm=.284 if I remember correctly.
  4. Sausage Stuffer Recomendations

    Find an old cast iron one. Pretty fool proof, and near indestructible
  5. Need a scope

    Pretty sure you can step into one of those vortex diamondbacks for under 200...I think big C has em on sale in the flyer I just got in the mail
  6. Climber stands question

    MOLLE straps from your local military surplus store, and zip ties.
  7. Knife Sharpening

    Work sharp!!!
  8. Ugh!

    Happened to me one on a doe. I hit the back edge of the shoulder. My arrow stopped dead, less than an inch of penetration. I got lucky, she laid down right where I shot her, and I put a second arrow in her. If she would have ran off before I got a second shot off she would have been gone forever, as her wound was only superficial. Better luck next time BC.
  9. Ft. Ripley 1st wkd

    Baby wipes, go ahead laugh, but I don't leave for hunting without 20 or so in a ziplock bag
  10. Tree stands?

    I used to frame roofs in residential construction. Heights don't bother me until the height moves. Windy nights I dont climb as high. Other then that, it will take some getting used to. I do try to feel the stand the sides of my legs to keep some kind of contact with my stand other than my feet
  11. binoculars ??

    Vortex diamondbacks
  12. Gear

    Head lamp with fresh batteries, sharp knife, baby wet wipes (for cleaning hands if you don't use gloves), Rope, food, I found apples and bananas easy to pack in and no wrapper to fumble with.
  13. Tree stands?

    I recommend doing it right the first time. I bought a gorilla climber last fall. I really liked it. After finding a great deal on a lone wolf sit n climb, I can't believe I didn't get one sooner. Lighter and much quieter. And as of now lone wolf its made in the USA. The gorilla worked, I shot deer from it, and would recommend one. Look around on the "list" should be able to find something on there
  14. Township Lands?????

    The CO or sheriff are gonna be the ones called if there is a problem
  15. Township Lands?????

    Contact the MN bookstore. They have PRIM maps, Public Recreation Information Maps. Very handy map to have. I have part of OT county on mine, I may be able to help of I know a general area.