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  1. Rookie Wheelhouse question

    I have had a wheelhouse for several years and like Wanderer and 1lessdog say leave the house up and use the slush cones to seal around the holes. One this I have started is to always have the extension on the auger as it is more comfortable drilling w/o having to bend down so much.
  2. New ice house law 11/20/2017

    Thanks for the info, I know most of us wheelhouse owners never got a license
  3. Extended run generator setup

    Thanks for the replies!
  4. Extended run generator setup

    Got all the parts to hook up my Honda 2000 to an external tank. Is there any special process requires to get things going in terms of do I need to have the genset full, how do you stop the genset w/o spilling fuel, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Honda Extended Run Tank Setup

    Thought more about modifying a tank and decided to get a proper one. Thought I would share this pretty good deal I found on the web:
  6. Honda Extended Run Tank Setup

    Thanks guys for the all tips, I will modify the tank cap and go from there.
  7. Honda Extended Run Tank Setup

    Thanks for all the info. I did go on the bay and found this deal for under $30. I plan on just sticking the hose into a 6 gallon tank. Will that work as long as it is on the bottom?
  8. Honda Extended Run Tank Setup

    Looking for info on a simple extended run kit for my Honda 200i. Anyone made their own that works? And what you need to look out for during operation. Thank you in advance for the input.
  9. Otter Lodge II, hyfax, tub insert. A few patches otherwise in very good shape. $225.
  10. NEw Tires on Wheelhouse

    Just got back from Goodyear, very nice looking tires and on sale for $100.99 each.
  11. NEw Tires on Wheelhouse

    I will go with the load range D on the Goodyear Endurance, thanks for the advise.
  12. NEw Tires on Wheelhouse

    I am in need of new tires for my 2012 wheelhouse. Any suggestions on a good place to get them? Assume I just need to match the load rating of the current one? Thanks for the help.
  13. Clam 2017 Clearance Sale

    The Clam page has stated their 2017 summer clearance. Some very nice deals
  14. Aqua vu HD700i or Marcum VS825SD

    I have the VS825SD and really like it. (The VS825C is color only, SD does not mean SD slot) The SD uses a better Sony camera which captures a better image with less light in the water, and it comes with the $50 camera panner included in the box. The SD also lets you set the camera to color or to black/white, to fine tune to the viewing conditions. The color-only cameras gray-out or brown-out as the light conditions darken. The SD has a new monitor which is 3x brighter, so you can easily see it in daylight conditions, either on the ice or in a boat. And the SD has on-screen information including the camera direction, depth and water temp, the previous model doesn't have any of that info.
  15. Tip Up Line-Why Can't They Get it Right?

    I agree with the backing for the fly line. Never had any problems and the stuff seems to get better with age.