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  1. Clam 2017 Clearance Sale

    The Clam page has stated their 2017 summer clearance. Some very nice deals
  2. Aqua vu HD700i or Marcum VS825SD

    I have the VS825SD and really like it. (The VS825C is color only, SD does not mean SD slot) The SD uses a better Sony camera which captures a better image with less light in the water, and it comes with the $50 camera panner included in the box. The SD also lets you set the camera to color or to black/white, to fine tune to the viewing conditions. The color-only cameras gray-out or brown-out as the light conditions darken. The SD has a new monitor which is 3x brighter, so you can easily see it in daylight conditions, either on the ice or in a boat. And the SD has on-screen information including the camera direction, depth and water temp, the previous model doesn't have any of that info.
  3. Tip Up Line-Why Can't They Get it Right?

    I agree with the backing for the fly line. Never had any problems and the stuff seems to get better with age.
  4. Fish House Frame Coatings

    Well I finally finished touching up the wheelhouse frame and this stuff is great. One hint is to wrap up your brush in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer or it will harden even in a jar of paint thinner!
  5. Fish House Frame Coatings

    After seeing all the post on POR15 I bought a quart to do some touch up on my wheel house frame. I just took a wire brush to the rusty spots to get off the big stuff then painted on 2 thin coats. I cannot believe how well it covered and is tough as nails. Worked so well I did the trailer hitches on all our vehicles and they all look brand new. Only negative is the can it comes in. Probably the cheapest paint can available. Make sure you have a container ready to store the stuff in after you open it.
  6. Hope all of you can make it out to Centerville Lake on Feb 21st for our annual fishing contest. Great time. Great prizes. On Centerville Lake This is a fundraiser event for the Centerville Lions Club. Non-perishable food items will be collected for the food shelf. Special Assistance available for those in need. For more info, visit February 21st, 2015 Young Eagles Airplane Rides for Kids 9am Tournament Ticket Sales 9am Fishing Contest 11am Final Weigh-in 2pm Door prizes, kids handouts, same day raffle, bouya, chili, hot food, beer and drinks Tickets will be sold on the lake, one hole for $10, two for $15. No portable ice houses, coolers, alcohol, or glass containers may be brought in. Contestants must have fishing ticket in plain view at all time.
  7. Auger help.

    You can push it in to relieve the compression when starting supposedly making it easier to pull over. I have 2 Strikemasters with this yellow button but never see the need to use it.
  8. TV Storage when going down Road

    I set mine on the corner of a bunk wrapped in a sleeping bag and have never had a problem.
  9. Left my gel battery in my IC this summer. Now what?

    Bring it in to Fleet Farm and they can test for free it to see where you are at.
  10. Ice castle VS Salem ice cabin

    Yes, It is out of Appledoorn's Resort. They do such a great job there. They even keep a large parking area cleared by the landing to park your wheelhouse so you do not have to tow it home if you are coming back next week. Of course there are piers in this area now:
  11. Ice castle VS Salem ice cabin

    I was asking the same question and after looking at both I went with the Ice Cabin. I've had it going on 4 years and no problems what so ever. It's got a very heavy duty axle, pulls very smooth and good quality interior. Coates RV in Forest Lake has a nice selection to view:
  12. Prayers please

    My prayers go out to both you and your wife.
  13. Here is the latest prize list for biggest and first caught: 2013 Largest Fish Caught Prizes Biggest 10 fish: 1st. Ion Ice Auger Donated by Jay Hawk Mechanical Inc. 2nd. Ice 45 Flasher Donated by Northern Wholesale Supply 3rd. Strike Master Electra Lazer 12000 DP Donated by Korky’s Outdoors 4th. Strike Master Ice Auger Lazer Donated by Centerville Lions Club 5th. Ice 35 Flasher Donated by Northern Wholesale Supply 6th. Clam Command Post Ice House Donated by SaberPack Inc. 7th. Eskimo Quikfish 4 Donated by EJM Pipe Services Inc. 8th. Echo Power Blower / JRs Tickle Bag Donated by LTG Power Equipment 9th. Stihl Grass Trimmer / JRs Tickle Bag Donated by Door Service Company 10th. Mr. Heater Buddy / JRs Tickle Bag Donated by UDOR USA Inc. First caught that do not register for the top 10: 1st NG Backpack 2nd Cool Bubbles Bucket 3rd Hand Auger 4th Sportsman’s Heater 5th Famous Dave’s $50 6th NG Backpack 7th Trail Cycle Ice Auger Tune-up 8th Shell $25 Gas Card 9th R2F Rod Combo 10th NG NASCAR 11th Ice Force Bag 12th Green Mill $25 Card 13th Airhead Toboggan 14th Coleman Lantern 15th CC Military Surplus $25 Card 16th Cool Bubbles Bucket 17th The Home Depot $25 Card 18th Polar Therm Tip-up 19th Hand Auger 20th Wood Chair 21st Shell $25 Gas Card 22nd NG NASCAR 23rd Sportsman’s Heater 24th Cub Foods $25 Card 25th Kowalski’s $20 Card All Prizes are Subject to Change. 26th Coleman Lantern 27th Jet Sled Jr. 28th The Home Depot $ 25Card 29th NG Backpack 30th Coleman Lantern 31st Snopedo Toboggan 32nd Coleman Stove 33rd NG NASCAR 34th Coleman Lantern 35th Green Mill $ 25 Card 36th Blue Ribbon Bait $20 Card 37th NG Backpack 38th Beaver Dam Tip-up 39th The Home Depot $25 Card 40th Coleman Lantern 41st Jet Sled Jr. 42nd Shell $25 Gas Card 43rd CC Military Surplus $25 Card 44th NG NASCAR 45th Sting Ray Toboggan 46th The Home Depot $25 Card 47th Coleman Lantern 48th Rapala Fillet Board 49th The Home Depot $25 Card 50th NG Backpack
  14. Wheelhouse setup with no snow

    Well got up to Mille Lacs on Friday morning and sure enough there was no snow for banking at all. I set the house down 1/2 way and drilled the holes. I then lowered it fully and used the slush to seal off any air gaps. I was surprised that my shack was probably the warmest it has been. After 3 days on the ice it cranked up just fine. Thanks again for all the pointers.