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  1. Marcum question

    Bad news again. No issues first few times on the ice. Then I started to notice movement again. Today it was jumping more than ever. Even shifted all feedback two feet a couple of times. Not happy! This is the 3i.
  2. Marcum question

    Got one more fixed (motor and transducer). Quick turnaround (less than a week). Seems to be working fine. Glad they covered this one outside the warranty. One more repair to go.
  3. Marcum question

    Got my unit back yesterday and on the ice today. No issues after the new motor put in under warranty. Now just two more to send in.
  4. Marcum question

    I boxed mine up yesterday and noticed there was something inside that was definitely rattling around loose in the case. Wondering if that had something to do with my issue on this one?
  5. Marcum question

    It is not a matter of if it does it or not, and it is not the transducer moving. I was using my i again yesterday and the feedback was almost continually moving. It is a very obvious movement when it occurs. Mine moves about a half foot at a time. Marcum knows about the issue obviously as they continue to work on improving their motors.
  6. Marcum question

    I did finally talk with Marcum (Versa). They said it is the motor that causes this. They said the turnaround time is only a couple of days on their end. The cost is the standard $80 fee for repair. I was surprised to hear the support person say they only make 5- 8000 flashers a year?? He said they are always working to make the units better, but I could see why this area might not get their full attention. They are going to stand behind two of my units which I appreciate. I shared that the reliability piece and the battery life are my two biggest complaints with their products at this time.
  7. Marcum question

    Yeah, I filled in the warranty paperwork and have to send the unit back. The message they left said something about that the issue should have been resolved in the i series and they were surprised I was seeing it. As I stated above, this unit is the worst offender of the three that I own. I am guessing that if it was a ducer that they would just send one out. I did respond with the question about the other two units that I have as well (what the cost is to fix?).
  8. Marcum question

    I think vexs have the edge on reliability but not on the technology. I wouldn't trade my resolution for anything. For instance this past weekend, I could read 12 individual sunfish through the water column where my buddie's vex 28 was just a blob of solid color. Maybe the resolution comes at a price? I think the motors are $80 to fix in the cities, but I would hope that this wouldn't be necessary. As far as the graph displays go, I think they aren't as kind in the direct sun (I'm a hole hopper) and they drain the battery even faster. The battery life was one reason I went to the 3 instead of the 5 this time around.
  9. Marcum question

    Yeah, sounds lucky. My 5 does it about 10% of the time, the lx3 about 20% and my new LX3i is doing it up to 50% of the time.
  10. Marcum question

    Any mode, it'a a flasher. The bottom and all the returns move around the dial, up to a foot or so, back and forth. The lines stay solid but the entire image moves (very sickening when you are trying to read fish closing on your bait). This is a well known issue with Marcum. To me it seems like its the motor mount but some have suggested it is the motor itself. Someone techy has to know.
  11. Marcum question

    I started this topic on another page, but got little direct feedback on my question. My question is regarding the issue of the moving bottom on the Marcum units and why this continues to be an issue over the years/models. I have a six year old LX5, a two year old LX3 and a new LX3i and they all have some form of this problem with the newest unit having the biggest problem (warranty bound). I understand that the issue is the motor, but why can't they seem to take care of this problem? I love the capabilities of my Marcum but am saddened by the lack of improvement on a long-standing issue. Please enlighten me those in the know.
  12. First ride

    My son thinks he has found one that will work. Doesn't sound like there is much to worry about/consider beyond what we found out on our own. Thanks anyhow CA!!
  13. 2002 Chevy Suburban

    My '03 burned its first quart on a trip to the Grand canyon this summer (5/30 synthetic that goes 7500 per change). It does not seem to be burning now since the trip. We have 128000 on our Yukon.
  14. First ride

    We are definitely in range...waiting go hear details...thanks
  15. First ride

    St cloud area......give me some details if we are close to one another.