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  1. First ride

    My son thinks he has found one that will work. Doesn't sound like there is much to worry about/consider beyond what we found out on our own. Thanks anyhow CA!!
  2. 2002 Chevy Suburban

    My '03 burned its first quart on a trip to the Grand canyon this summer (5/30 synthetic that goes 7500 per change). It does not seem to be burning now since the trip. We have 128000 on our Yukon.
  3. First ride

    We are definitely in range...waiting go hear details...thanks
  4. First ride

    St cloud area......give me some details if we are close to one another.
  5. First ride

    I've read that the early efi is bad however... correct??
  6. First ride

    My son is looking to buy his/our first sled. There are many unknowns it seems. He wants to pay around $1000 and wants something dependable. Maybe those two things don't go together, but what should he look for/not look for?? Certain brands, models, years, injected, carbed??? Thanks guys!!
  7. I was feeling the same as Superduty in that if the UPS, USPS or FEDEX would hit your dog on your property they would be liable whether your pet was controlled or not. As far as some of the negative tones from some of the posters, I think they were unnecessary. The whole idea behind this HSOforum is to have open conversation on varied topics. Your topic was obviously making people think about the issue from different perspectives. Good luck to you, and don't feel like you wasted anyone's time.
  8. Lowrance H2OC

    the color unit is around the $250 new not $150. I have had mine for six years or so with no regret. It works well for ice fishing, but is small for in the boat (I run a 7" screen here). I have had to send mine in once for repair years ago (back when Lowrance was better with service). I have had no issues since. I love the Lakemaster with the unit as well.
  9. Yahmaha 150 4 stoke or 150 Etec

    Yamaha is still the standard like many have said. If the prices are comparable, I would stay with the time tested unit. I would also strongly consider intitial cost and value (used cost) down the road. Some people have a hard time buying the white motors for some reason (me included), but their time may be coming. BTW: I am a Marcum guy myself.
  10. I love my IPS on my '03 Angler (the same design as the Explorer). My 90 hp Yamaha does a great job of keeping me as dry as my broinlaws 18V with the 150. His does handle the big waves better/smoother because of the length/weight, but I am totally satisfied with my rig.
  11. AAA/Progressive for me. I was with a union company for many years and never could find anyone with more reasonable rates. I met with an independent agent who shopped the market and landed me with my coverage. I know that the big companies try a lot of scare tactics but most of them are just that. Minnesota has states guidelines that protect the consumer on many fronts. I know that if I were with one of the big guys, I would be paying a lot more. Don't get me wrong, I know that there is some comfort in dealing with the large companies, but they do not always do right by the consumer. Besides with all the savings that I have had over the past years, I figure that I can buy more toys to buy coverage for. Happy Shopping! BTW, my agent is located in St. Joe and represents many companies.
  12. Browning BAR or A-Bolt 30-06. Leupold or Nikon scope
  13. Honda Vs. Yamaha

    I know the Honda's were cold blooded in the late 90's, don't know if they worked that issue out. I am a Yamaha man last ten years. IMO I don't see many Hondas on the lakes like they used to be. Could be the price point difference. Both should treat you well.
  14. replicas

    It will come down to the variety of molds that they have and how close they are to your fish's dimensions. A good dermist is always expanding his/her mold base. I've had good luck with a guy around the Brainerd area for walleyes and muskies. Don't want to name drop in case he isn't a sponsor.
  15. mr heater ?????

    I had tipped the couple but not lengthened it (I'll try that). The part that got me was that the new thermo did the exact same thing on the shutoff switch. Burner, orfice, gas throat has all been cleaned. Can the safety buttons go bad the way I have described?