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  1. The Strut Stops Here

    Cool 123fish!
  2. The Strut Stops Here

    Way to close the deal guys!
  3. The Strut Stops Here

    Added pumper 317 to Strut Stops Here.
  4. Federal heavyweight tss

    The focus is to keep shot sizes smaller for Hunter safety.
  5. Federal heavyweight tss

    4 shot or finer...
  6. Federal heavyweight tss

    Anyone trying this new load from Federal? Super heavy, with #9 shot hitting like #5 lead. The patterns as you might imagine, are unbelievable.
  7. Headhunters

    One more late entry, Hugonian1 joining the Headhunters.
  8. HSO Forum Member Turkey Quest Submission Form Turkey Contest 2018 Complete this form with your turkey’s measurements. Include photos of your turkey’s spurs and beard with a ruler or tape measure. Include in one of the photos your turkeys filled out tag or slip of paper with the date of the harvest. The turkey’s weight must be witnessed and signed by you and the witness below on this form. Forum Member:_______________________________ Date:_____________ Team Name: _________________________________ Youth Hunter(17 or younger):Yes _______ No ________ Turkey Subspecies: _____________________ State/Province Bird was Harvested In: ____________________ Turkey’s Stats Beard Length ____________inches Spur Length ® _________inches (L)_________inches Weight ___________ pounds I certify that the measurements listed above are accurate to the best of my ability. Forum Member: ______________________________________ Date:_________ Witness:________________________________________________ Date: ________
  9. MN Turkey 2018

    It did for us last year.
  10. Missed it

    If anyone woyld like to join I'm up for adding people through Monday evening. Scoot and the kids are added along with Sorgy on team 4.
  11. Borch,

    I could be added to a team for the turkey contest ONLY IF you need another name to fill in. I will be using archery equipment.




    feel free to text me at 651-792-5502 


    Steve Sorgenfrei

  12. Well here we go again,,, Should be a gun spring even though we're a smaller group. I may to these if we get more to fill them out. Figure out your team names and start the talk. HSO/FM Team 1 featherslayer1 Monstermoose78 123fish DrJ Monstermoose78's nephew - Y Pumper317 HSO/FM Team 2 ANYFISH2 Donbo rkhinrichs ANYFISH2/ISAAC - Y ZachD HSO/FM Team 3 Wallydog Cheetah PFUN IceHawk Archerysniper HSO/FM Team 4 Scoot Sorgy Morgan - Y Ryan - Y Logan - Y Hugonian1
  13. My Quaker Boy Grand Old Master box call is my favorite call by a mile. But I find that even though it's easy to make turkey sounds with but beginners struggle with volume control. They sure sound sweet when you figure them out though. Down side is they generally need to be dry to work. So tougher to pull off in the rain unless you're in a blind.
  14. Easiest to learn for most callers. 1. Push/ peg box 2. Slate 3. Boxcall 4. Diaphragm 5. Wishbone Personally I'd start with a slate,(not glass) to start with and pick up a couple extra strikers to give it a variety of sounds. Boxcall it a great call for windy days or long distance caller. Can be versatile with practice. The push or peg calls are easy peasy. But often are very high pitched. But they do work.
  15. Dnr landowner list / gaining access

    @minky. We've shot way more birds early afternoon until sundown than the morning hunts. This is especially true for the "C" and later seasons. If fact I shot an "A" season bird with 10 minutes left in my season before. Hunt as much as you can as it can happen at any moment. Good luck!