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  1. Unattended Lines?

    Good question to ask the warden.
  2. Snowmobilers and driveways

    I am fully aware of this as are most people.
  3. Snowmobilers and driveways

    A couple years ago I just got done plowing my driveway with the wheeler. Along comes an adult snowmobiler with his kid following behind. Guy crosses driveway and stops on top of opposite bank. Then he guns his machine sending all the snow back in the driveway. This is not a trail, just random ditch riders. Well I was outside and saw him do it. I jumped in my truck and cut him off at a road crossing 2 blocks away. I jumped out and royally chewed his azz and told him what a bad example he was setting for the kid. I think he got the message. For awhile after that I sprayed water on the banks to freeze them. No respect, they wouldn't want you doing that to their driveway.
  4. Humminbird Ice 55 problem

    This may sound kind of dumb but I had the same problem a couple times when I first put transducer down. Took the face of it and rubbed it across my pants leg a few times, put it back in the hole and it worked fine. Pure guess but wondering if something like a hard water stain can form on the bottom and hold bubbles or something like that. Worked every time I tried it.
  5. Ciscoes

    Forgot to mention I don't think they allow smelt in any form.... frozen, salted etc.
  6. Ciscoes

    I am pretty sure Canada prohibits import of smelt. Check their regs.
  7. When you buy one just make sure some young guy didn't beat the hell out of it. Check for anything bent or leaking oil.
  8. Best electric fillet knife?

    Online reviews from other fisherman were good so I'm gonna keep mine and decide for myself.
  9. Best electric fillet knife?

    Will it also charge on other brands of generators?
  10. I agree with knoppers on the tires. I got 27" Maxxis Zillas on mine and they are a great tire in the snow. A little over $400 online.
  11. I hate to bash but a Polaris would be my last choice unless you don't mind repairs. I have had quite a few buddies that owned them and won't go back. I'm a Honda guy but wouldn't be afraid of Yamaha either. Been hearing of issues off and on with some Can Ams. Have power steering now and would never be without it again. Front diff lock can come in pretty handy too. V bar tire chains for the rear are valuable at times. More power is always good but I used a 350 Honda Rancher for 10 years and 5900 miles with no problem. Have a Rubicon now which is actually like 475cc and fantastic on gas.
  12. Best electric fillet knife?

    I finally wore out my Rapala with removable battery and separate charger after 15 years of hard use. Bought the Rapala lithium ion model. Claims 80 minutes on a charge. Don't have to remove battery to charge. Just plug in charger to knife. Charger is the size of a small Vex charger. Cheaper than my original unit at $79. Prefer the battery models since I don't always have power available. I can do a better job with less waste than a conventional fillet knife.
  13. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    90 percent of the time a jig. Fish it according to the fishes mood. And with a gulp minnow on it always jig it aggressive. Only use Lindy's or spinners when fish are neutral or highly scattered.
  14. A few shots from behind my hunting shack.
  15. Trout Photo Gallery