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  1. We launched a weather balloon to 109,957 feet yesterday. We flew a 360fly on the main payload looking up. Here is what the balloon looked like when it burst from over expansion. The balloon was a 3000gram latex weather balloon.
  2. You have got to do better. That site is run by Cornell University Law Professor William Jacobson and has been well known to be a stopping place for conservative news. It could be likened to a conservative think tank that promotes misleading information. Like Huffington Post and Occupy Demcrats in regards to liberal issues. Oh yes, I did not run away. I only stop here on Sunday mornings to read a bit. Your Bush boys drove the economy over the cliff and the demcrats picked up the pieces. This is what always happens and it will repeat this time too. See you next Sunday.
  3. Actually no. Let's see it. I read both sides. I want to see your source. Then I can go and dig and learn more. My suspicion is you have nothing. If that is the case go scrap up some alternative facts and point me there. I watched some foxnews last night just get some balance. They did say DT has a 57% approval rating. That goes against EVERY other source I have read which puts his approval rating as low as 32%. I think the 32% is more plausible given the fact that only 27% of the US population voted for him. He will be a short timer.
  4. Ok. Prove it. Point us to the information that supports that comment but it can't be from foxnews.
  5. Is that the face you wife makes when you walk in the room naked? Now that is funny. You have to admit that.
  6. Donald lying again using Twitter. He claims Jackie Evancho record sales have skyrocketed since she announced she was signing. Um Ok. I guess his blind followers believe it but a simple search proves otherwise. She fell over 40 spots on the Billboard top 200. Everything he says is a lie. Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 1.29.07 PM.psd
  7. You step in some of your supper? Now that is funny. You have to admit.
  8. The only amendment they care about is number 2. They would shred the Constitution if given the chance. Would never have guessed that given he does not respect the idea of ONE PRESIDENT! Every President elect has respected this philosophy but this narcissistic man thinks he is ABOVE that idea.
  9. And now I fixed it for you. President Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times and George W. Bush did it seven times.
  10. Nice try. It was the 109th and it was 2005-2006 and that was under Bush. Sorry. FOX news is wrong. I do like how FOX news blames the current president for the last recession. All Obama did was work at lifting us out of it. Can even imagine how hard that is and how complicated it is. But I'm sure a bunch of fisherman on this site could fix it. Here is the pattern: 1. We elect a republican. They drive us either to the edge or over the edge. 2. We elect a democrat to fix it all. 3. Repeat
  11. Every single time we have had a republican president and a super majority in congress we have been driven into a recession. Four times to be exact. The last was the youngest Bush. So, hold on. It is about to happen again if history is correct. The reason for this is republican economic plans do not work. GOP = Guardians of the One Percent. If if you do not believe me do some research. Ok. Have at it. Let's here from the Alt-right followers as they raise their hand in support of the President elect. (The guy who was elected by just 27% of the US population)
  12. Not quite the same Out2Space. Holy cow we are in trouble. Remember what I said earlier. 27% of the US population voted this guy in and at any given time 20% of the US population is nuts. They just got a voice.
  13. Get involved and attempt to make sure this does not happen. Not really prepared to leave it up to a book a fair tales. Funny how those that read this book try to live up to the stories in the book. I have read the magical book when I was a kid. Then I went to school got an undergrad degree and then a masters degree and realized what a crock the book was. I don't plan on sitting back an let Mr. Trump destroy things for my kids. Sorry. I guess you can rest assured I will work so save yours as well.
  14. Mr. Trump is not to be taken lightly. He is dangerous and his arrogant, egotistical approach to to the White House should make us all take pause for a second. I just hope that he does not do something really stupid and put us in a situation that is difficult to get out of. I want my kids to inherit a world better then the one I inherited from my ancestors. Secondly, EVERY president elect to date has sat back and let the current elected president do their elected duty until they were sworn into office. Not this guy. He is so freaking arrogant that he can't even sit back and wait his turn. It is like he is 12 years old and has impulse control problems. Sad and scary deal.
  15. Please don't tell me you think some mystical being is going to either allow this to happen or stop it from happening? If so, we are in trouble.