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  1. I am all for getting rid of Rubio but you cant trade him just for the sake of trading him. Rose will bring a lot of garbage a young twolves team doesnt need. Plus he couldn't break through a wet paper bag with out getting injured.
  2. Here you go: Really hope his forecast is wrong especially for Sioux Falls area but so far looking like hes going to be right.
  3. I got to talk, see, feel and hold guns, talk and pet dogs and hunting for sure it was worth it. they had buy one get one tickets prior to Thursday so 2 people could get in for $10. Yesterday was family day and your entire family could get in free if you signed up for an annual membership which was $35.
  4. Spent about 4hrs there today with my family and had a great time. My twin 6yr olds had a blast and came home with lots of freebies. im not a wine and dine hunting lodge guy so many booths didn't appeal to me. But lots of good dog stuff and conservation talk. i pet and scratched more dogs behind the ear today than I have in my entire life. Looking forward to Sioux Falls hosting it next year.
  5. I had made plans to take tomorrow off and spend the night on the ice tonight with my kids since they don't have school tomorrow. Doesn't look like that's going to be an option any more. I have done some pretty creative things to get on and off the ice before but not going to do that with 2 6 year olds. What a terrible year for ice fishing. Only blessing is that it will keep some pressure off some of the lakes. Might have to play bumper boats at the river but I am really hoping for a cold snap to firm up the shorelines instead.
  6. anyone else make it out in the brookings area since friday? I am just curious as to how the ice is holding up after the rain on Saturday and warm weather today? After a week of warm temps think ice will still be safe for atv's later this week yet?
  7. fished east oakwood yesterday and it was the dead sea. I had never fished there before so thought I would check it out. Fished from 1pm to 10pm and only caught one dink walleye at about 8:30pm. Moved around all day until just before dark and got settled on some bumps off a point in the SE end of the lake. Didnt mark or see anything on the camera the entire day. Lots of guys coming and going on the far north end but I didnt want to fish among the noise especially in such a shallow lake.
  8. Heading out in a couple hours. Temps in the 50's slight wind out of the south and the barometer dropping. Should be a great day on the ice, just cant decide where to go lol
  9. How is that trolling, I didnt twist anything..... your the true definition of pot calling the kettle black. Go back and read your posts. Your guilty of the very thing of which you accuse the rest of the people posting in this thread....
  10. Juice, repeat whats quoted slowly, then look in a mirror and say it even slower. Kind of ironic isnt it?
  11. manual lock button for the door? is one that I can think of
  12. anyone attending this or can chime in if its worth going to? I will be in town for another event on Saturday but thought about attending on Sunday.
  13. Atlanta, there is your karma from 1998
  14. you will get lots of different opinions. I would prefer to put it in the bed of a truck instead. Depth of water and ice thickness may play a role as well. lots of variables to consider.
  15. oh boy now you have done it....starting looking at 24v kits on youtube was just thinking my kids have out grown theirs, and was going to buy some 50cc toys. I may have to do these upgrades would be alot cheaper lol good luck let us know how your tires turn out