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  1. Are you planning a Pick'm tourney?

    Just sent the invite.
  2. Gopher Women

    This is the squad to watch. Unranked at 21-6? A sophomore with over 1K points and throws up a 39-29, a new conference rebound record? While missing their best player for the season? If Banham gets the medical hardship redshirt as expected, this team could really be special next year. Wagner will be a year older with that excellent freshman class.
  3. Gophers 2014-2015

    Inching closer to mediocrity. They might get to 7 wins. Don't know if that gets them to the NIT even. Regardless, they should turn down any post season tournament invitation short of the Big Dance. They either autobid by winning the BT tournament (unlikely) or win out (least likely). They dug the hole, they gotta get out of it, even if that means getting out of it next year.
  4. Gophers 2014-2015

    I was at that debacle last night. No energy until your freshman point guard picks it up and cuts the lead to manageable. Can't get a stop or rebound to save your soul. At least there won't be any bubble drama this year. Uthoff is the kind of player Minnesota should be getting after. A 6'9" Jimmy Chitwood. I see 6-7 wins at most with the problems they are having. Rip off a month's worth of wins and get back to me.
  5. Snowmobile Trailer Lights

    The flickering is in tandem...nut is tight...Looking like I'm going to have to take wires apart again. I'll check and see if it grounds while disconnected.
  6. So my snowmobile trailer night lights are giving me troubles. The brake, turn lights, and side markers are fine. For some goofy reason, the night lights only come on when I'm bouncing down the road and they flicker on and off or if I jump on the trailer tongue and keep extra weight on. Is this a ground issue? I just redid the connections and had no problems, and I really don't think anything came loose. But if it was ground, wouldn't everything be out? Putting weight on the tongue makes me think ground, and I'm wondering if I steel brushed the rust off my hitch and receiver if it would be better. I guess I could try that. If I'm missing something or you can better explain the ground logic, talk me through it.
  7. Gophers 2014-2015

    Don't see Pitino jumping ship anytime soon. Another season opening loss to a doormat on the road
  8. NFL Black Monday Dec 29, 2015

    Trestman, Emergy (CHI) Harbaugh (SF) Ryan, Idzik (NYJ) Smith (ATL) ...they gone!
  9. scratchers?

    Any other recommendations? Second year of ownership on a 700 2up. Last year during late ice on LOTW I had overheating issues pulling the house and two guys because I was going too slow and wasn't throwing enough of the wet, heavy snow. Now I'm headed up around New Years and with current snow conditions I'm worried about a similar situation.
  10. Gophers 2014-2015

    Shot it pretty well from 3 tonight to get the win in Winston-Salem, but the way they keep turning the ball over they won't be able to get over the hump in the conference...back to your regularly scheduled cupcakes.
  11. I bought a used '99 Ski Doo 700 Grand Touring. I noticed that the ignition where the key inserts wasn't fixed and would slide around and occasionally after starting I could hear the starter still firing. I ran it all last year with no problems. This year I took it out on my first trip ice fishing last night and it fired up, got home to unload it off the trailer and the when I turned the key in the ignition, I had nothing. No clicking, no nothing. I'm assuming the starter is shot, but I was wondering if it might have to do with the actual key slot moving around on me? I see lots of starters for sale and I think I could replace it but maybe this is a service call? Thoughts?
  12. Just seeing this now Josh...I've got a buddy in MT that tagged a bunch of pallids, maybe you caught one of his! Course that's a lot of dam jumping...
  13. Thanks for the reports and pictures guys. I'm living vicariously through this thread. Been a few years since I made it to NoDak. Hope to return next year. We always said "when life hands you gadwalls, make gadwallinade." Gray ducks eat good, look good, and shoot good. They've rounded out many a bag for us. Keep up the good work!
  14. I agree. Some calendar birds, some weather birds.
  15. Who needs Love

    2004: Don't worry, the Wolves will be even better next year 2005: Don't worry, we'll put some pieces around KG 2006: Trust us, we'll put some pieces around KG 2007: Okay, we'll trade KG and rebuild. Just hold on. 2008: Future's bright, we have young players 2009: Kaaahhhhnnnn! (the draft that should have set us up for years) 2010: Love's an all star, we'll build around him. Just wait. 2011: Rubio and Love, the future is bright!!! 2012: We're adding pieces (on one year contracts)! 2013: Flip's back, we'll make it right and build around Love 2014: We added some pieces, we'll be in the playoffs this year! 2015: Levine, Wiggins, Bennett, Young, Rubio....Just wait! Point is we're all getting sick of waiting. I hope they finally build something. They probably did as well as anyone has with trading a disgruntled star. I'm on the fence about Love - sounds like quite a prima donna, but he's a heck of an unorthodox piece with a huge basketball IQ and did good work in the community. I will be watching a lot of Cavs games just because you could see some really special things. More of a shoulder shrug for me...I'll keep fishing and if I happen to catch a game, great.