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  1. Even if you kept them you probably wouldn't like the taste, assuming you want to keep some to eat. Trout are sad table fare, generally foul tasting and mushy. However they are a delight to pursue, especially with light tackle. And remember to use barbless hooks which make it easier on the trout and much easier on your hand, ear or arm when you hook yourself. Enjoy your day on the water. You'll find, as a noted angler once said, that trout do not live in ugly places.
  2. The best the public can hope for is LESS political involvement and LESS lobbying pressure by commercial interests most impacted by poor fishing in the lake. Generally speaking, if trained and educated fishery managers are left to their own devices it will be better for the resource. It is no picnic for the F&G professionals as they are pounded by commercial interests on one hand and politicians, who mostly mean well, on the other hand. Chances are we won't see much lessening of pressure from the resort, bar, bait and other commercial interests so that means anglers and going to have to suck it up, try to understand what the Department faces and fish other species or find other lakes. It is mighty easy to find someone to blame but the finger probably points right at YOU.
  3. I concur with ST's comments regarding the 6.5mm. Since the early 60's I have carried one around AK, in a Shultz & Larsen w/mannlicher stock; in a custom rebuild from a Swede carbine and another S&L. I cannot recall how many critters I have taken with a 6.5 but none of them, as I recall, went far or traveled at all after the shot. The S&L rifles of the 60's and 70's were gorgeous and amazingly accurate. I had a 7X6l that a pal, a better shot, put three holes in a target you could honestly cover with a dime! Also had a .378 Norma mag I called the Tank Buster because that baby would lay low anything that walks on earth!! While I am not that familiar with this "new" cartridge I have little doubt it will do what they say. Am out of the big game and rifle world now but fondly recall carrying a 6.5 across the tundra and the forests of AK and only recently sold the little custom and it broke my heart. But I think it hurt my brother worse! Ha!
  4. I have, give or take, 500 non-tox shotgun shells in .12 and .20 ga. Most in shot sizes 4-6. They are Bismuth, Heavy Shot and other brands but all premium shotgun shells, safe for use in most all shotguns. They are appropriate in older shotguns and non-tox is mandatory in some areas. I'm looking for a reasonable offer. My hunting days are over.
  5. Oh yeah: Remington, Winchester, Hornady and Federal all make 9mm in several variations and there are perhaps other's who load for 9mm. I do not plan to routinely used the Russian stuff-just surprised at how accurate it was. It actually LOOKS cheap and dirty! Ha Ha!Maybe it's all in that big ol' Italian pistol.
  6. Couple weeks ago I posted about my disappointment with Fiocchi 9mm ammo. Others seemed to find it satisfactory so my experience out of the ordinary. I happened to be given several boxes of a 9mm Russian made cartridge with grey metal cases, pretty cheap looking and of course it has a reputation for being pretty "dirty" stuff. But oddly enough it seems to be accurate as heck out of my new Beretta 92FS. First, I must say the Italian made pistol is beautifully done and is very, VERY accurate (more accurate than I am), sometimes putting holes into holes on the paper. But the supposedly "crappy" Russian ammo is surprising. I do not plan to make a regular diet of the stuff because there are many alternatives. Just thought I'd let you guys know in case you are avoiding it. And frankly, I am not finding it all that much more "dirty" than other stuff. Very impressed with the BIG full sized 92FS.
  7. Keep in mind that snowshoe rabbits, cottontail rabbits and hares (jack rabbits) are different species. At least that's what my poor weak old mind remembers from it's better, snappier days! Ha Ha!
  8. Which reminds me I have about 500 rounds of .12 and .20 gauge non-tox shot I no longer need if somebody wants to make a reasonable offer: Bismuth etc. in 4's and 6's. And I see no shortage of .22 and other stuff in my neck of the woods.
  9. Well, I'm happy to hear you fellas are seeing a few of them. My guess is agricultural practices have much to do with the lack of population, driving them to more uncultivated parts of the country side. As I said, don't recall ever talking to a person who ATE one , but there would surely be plenty of meat . But it might be a little tough!
  10. When was the last time anybody you know saw a jack rabbit? When I was a young tiger we would see them all the time while fox huntin or chasing cotton tails and while I have been gone from MN for many decades I am now in an area where there SHOULD be some of those big long eared speed hoppers. Don't know whether they are edible-don't recall ever hearing of anybody eating one, but something has killed them off, but what is it?
  11. You will often discover that birds are picking very small insects from decks and other woodwork around your house; they do the same with trees and any other structure that might hold the bugs. We see them often on our decks and they usually pick a little bit and then move on, perhaps just checking to see if there is anything edible there. These rascals also love hummingbird or oriole nectar, sunflower seeds and of course suet in winter. We have discovered many species that will head straight for the nectar for orioles or hummingbirds and also plunge their beaks eagerly into the grape jam bowls orioles love. Birds will eat a greater variety than you might think. We have found they do not like limburger cheese, hot dogs, or Makers Mark bourbon. I am thankful for that.
  12. Reminds me of a memorable morning at our place when THREE male's landed on a front picture window ledge and just sat there for a few minutes looking in. What a glorious sight! They were likely just moving through because we do not see them during a normal summer. In fact this summer we have noticed a decline in many species; no bluebirds at all, only a couple doves, fewer swallows, not as many wrens (but still plenty of them) and for the first time a pair of cowbirds. Normal mornings are like a symphony around here just about daybreak.
  13. Well you guys, I really like the Sigs and the Walthers but they are too heavy for my purposes and the Kimber's and Browns etc. are absurdly priced and beyond what I need. Spent most of my life in Alaska and generally speaking the nastiest thing you'd be likely to come across was covered in fur. Or too drunk to find a weapon IF he had one. But I always made sure I had a little something tucked away. And I actually KNOW a man who killed a really big bear with a .44 magnum. But it took the entire gun load to do it and the first thing he did when it was over was change his pants. I defer to you guys as the pistol experts around here.
  14. Ha Ha Ha! And I don't like the "improved one". But they are all fun. The LC is a perfect pocket pistol and I like the little Bodyguard too with the right loads in it. And I'd buy back my 4" Python in a heartbeat if it was ever at a reasonable price. A 1957 and they don't make pistols like that any more....and it shoots as pretty as it looks. Have never owned a .40 and have no real use for it. My guess is you are very familiar with them. Traveling the Southwest off and on a man is a fool to walk around with only his smile.
  15. Oh yeah, I'll probably try it again because as you say, it could have been a bad batch. I note you have an LC9. Nifty little pistol isn't it. First thing I did was get the lazer OFF it. And I actually LIKE the long long looonnng trigger pull. You'd have to be an one-who-thinks-I-am-silly to make it fire "accidentally" with that trigger. It's typical Ruger....solid and dependable-have never had a hiccup with it. There are lots of nice pistols out there but the 92 IS an impressive piece. Just so long as you don't try to carry it in your pocket!