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  1. Uggh, Lug nuts

    Couple things to keep in mind. Various wheels will require varying torque settings and it should be ON the wheel, or in the owners manual. If you are in a shop make a point of TELLING them what torque settings you want used on your tires/wheels. And of course big difference if you have steel or cast aluminum wheels. Years back, believe it or no, some Dodge trucks would tighten turning LEFT and then on the other side they would tighten turning RIGHT! You need not ask me how I know this but it all took place in the middle of the Yukon Territory.
  2. New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    So am I.
  3. Not knocking any duck shooters, but have you ever noticed how much prettier birds are in flight than when they are piled up in the mud or on the deck of a boat of tossed in the back of a truck? When you get to be an old guy, with eighty seasons behind you, things like that occur to you. Still love to see them coming in fast to the decoys in early light!
  4. Super Bowl lii

    And Tom Brady walks right off the field without even shaking hands with Eagles QB or anybody else on the other team. Way to go with a class act Brady.
  5. Do big bunches of redheads still hang out in the basin right in Rockport?:) And how is poor Rockport looking these days? It really took a beating from the big storm. Didn't ever get around to hunting the area but spent two or three winters there a few years back. Lots of good fishing and pleasant weather most of the time. BUT it can get chilly!! Glad you had fun; it's always nice to see flocks of ducks even if you don't actually get a shot at them.
  6. Before anybody buys an M-1 Garand they should be required to lug it ten miles in the rain and mud and then shoot it twenty times to make sure it's alright. Then tear it apart and clean it thoroughly and then do the whole thing over again. Ha Ha Ha!!
  7. I believe the Japanese pistol you like is the Japanese NAMbu. I have shot one a few times. No big deal.
  8. I hope there is a follow up report so we can learn more about the old double.
  9. Regardless where you take it, without proof marks of some kind it will be extremely difficult for ANYBODY to state with certainty WHO made the shotgun. To me it has the look of an an inexpensive German gun. I still say your best bet might be research on your own. Check the time period for pin-fires and common makers of that time. But without ANY kind of proof marks it is going to be tough sledding. If a gun has NO markings, not even PROOF markings, it is really at the bottom of the heap. Heck, it might even have been something made right down the street from where you grandfather lived!! Hang it-Don't bang it!!!
  10. DON'T even think about shooting this gun. Leave it as is and hang it on the wall. Maybe put a little plaque with it identifying it as "Granpa's gun" and the dates of his time on earth. My guess is the gun was fired very few times after he arrived in this country. Hang it up-don't BLOW it up!
  11. You might be better off trying to do some research on your own on the old shotgun. I think it would be a waste of time taking it to Cabela's since most of the folks who work there now think any gun made before 1970 is an antique. The gun surely is made in Europe and might have originated in one of the English or Belgian or even German "guild" shops, little outfits that cranked out inexpensive guns that did not even bear maker's names since they were made by a "bunch" of guys. Your best bet would be to trace or photograph the proof marks and go from there. That is, I'm assuming it has proof marks :).
  12. For an exciting adventure in shooting grab an old "trapdoor" Springfield and rattle off a few rounds of 45-70 or 45-90. If you're of skinny build and little weight it'll give you a THUMP you'll remember! Perfect deer cartridge for MN though since that big ol' bullet will go churning through the brush like a D-8 Cat until it hit's it's target. Have been around the old '94 30-30 since way back when and while it is handy it is not that accurate and lacks the knock-down power of many, many of today's rounds. But if you just have to have one as I always say, it''s your money. Keep in mind you can buy the .35 Remington in a pump action, which a lot of MN duck hunters find easy to use come deer season.