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  1. Boat Cover

    I bought a snap down travel cover through Lund which was made by Shoremaster Fabrics.I have had it for seven years and it still fits like a glove. Their site has a list of boats they make covers for.
  2. Look what the DNR just sent me.....

    Hmmmmmm,never have seen a trailered tugboat.
  3. Potential move.....

    I lived there for 6 years in Greeley which is 30 miles from Fort Collins. There are walleyes in several lakes within 30 miles of Fort Collins that I can remember. Each county has it's own fees for camping and boating out there and I had stickers on my camper and boat from every county I fished and camped in. Things got too crowded for me and I moved to SD in 1977. I never looked back and have never had to stand in line since. It baecame too crowded for me. I hunted deer close to Meeker and everywhere I looked I saw orange vests and rifle barrels flashing in the sun. I hope you like it, but it wasn't for me.
  4. SD Pheasant Reports

    I'm staying home from the first ten day circus and may try hunting after we get some snow. For some reason getting my rear chewed every time I pull over to the side of the road no longer thrills me.
  5. SoDak Pheasants

    Lots of standing water and submerged roads around here so getting around could be tough. Kind of a case of "you can't get there from here." lol Farmers will be grumpy about hunters tearing up the roads as usual. But if ya want land owner contacts, just stop on a gravel road, fire your shotgun and you will meet one within about two minutes. Personally, I will spend about the first month of the season hiding in my basement where it is safe. Have some fun for me.
  6. Bubbles in screen

  7. To embarrassed to post

    Beautiful day here today and I have two boats and a camper to get ready for the summer. One boat is ready and today I start on the camper. Too many toys I guess.
  8. 1997 Merc XR6 150

    The reason that I asked the question is that I got tired of him bragging about what his motor is worth. I have seen his boat which I believe is a 1996 and I don't think it has ever been washed let alone waxed. It sits outside without a cover and the plywood in the floor has delaminated so bad that it looks like a mountain range and all the seats are ruined. His kicker motor is a 15 4 stroke and it vibrates so bad that I expect it to fall off the back of the boat. I finally got tired of hearing about what good care he takes of his equipment this morning at coffee and told him he would be lucky to get $3,000 for boat, motors and trailer. I didn't want to tee him off, but he thinks that I'm foolish to clean my boats up after I use them. My last boat was 13 years old when I traded it and looked almost as nice as the day that I bought it new. Sometimes people just get me wondering why they don't take care of anything.
  9. 1997 Merc XR6 150

    I know a guy that has a 1997 Merc XR6 150 that has never had the plugs changed, probobly never been winterized, has the outside of the engine cover scratched to the point that you can hardly tell what engine it is and smokes so bad that you can't breath within 50 yards of it. He claims that a dealer told him that it is worth $7,000 to $8,000. I figure this is probably the cost of it new. Any opinions as to what it is really worth? I have no idea how many hours it has on it.
  10. How to land fish

    I have several ways that I land fish. but if they look like supper they get "the net".
  11. Fish House Removal Dates

    The date has been corrected.Ice houses may not be left on lakes overnight after Feb. 25. Ice houses may then be used if they are removed daily. Exceptions are on lakes in Day, Grant, Marshall, and Roberts counties as well as Deerfield Lake in Pennington County where the mandatory removal date is March 5.
  12. The thing that I have heard is to have a good 4x4 and a couple of shovels or two 4x4s so one can pull the other one out if one gets stuck. I have also heard that if you lose momentum while driving or get off of a trail, you will get stuck pretty easily. I haven't been out there this winter and probably won't go for this reason. I'm getting to the point where there may be a bunch of ice fishing stuff for sale fairly soon.
  13. It did and it is still snowing in that area. I have had to blow snow for the last three days and I'm getting about ready to do it again.
  14. Ice Fishing

    Call Sportsmans Cove in Webster he has day houses and sleeper houses. He also has a place to stay right at the baitshop. I don't know what he has available at this time. 605 345 2468.