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Ryan Becklund

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  1. Ryan Becklund

    Bowhunting for turkeys...last 2 seasons

    Been watchin the gg and bullhead videos on youtube. Wow that is cool. Might have to get a bullhead setup and do some practice. I am getting pumped for archery turkey hunting!
  2. Ryan Becklund


    what about the magnus bullhead? anyone have that and shot it? It says there is no straws needed on that one
  3. Ryan Becklund


    check out some of the youtube get a good look at them and the damage in there.
  4. Ryan Becklund

    Bowhunting for turkeys...last 2 seasons

    Thanks for the reply. Last spring was a tough one for me with the shotgun. I had birds everyday at least a couple a day close but just could not get things to work out. I get so mad.....drives me insane...but I keep coming back and get more excited everytime I think about it. Last year I had at least 6 times when they came in silent behind me and then busted me just as I noticed them. No clue how long they were watching.....see how addicted I am....psycho
  5. For those that didn't get drawn (including me) and are going bow hunting one of the last 2 seasons. I have never bowhunted for turkey. Just got my bow last summer and am now addicted. I was going to bowhunt for them no matter if I got drawn anyways. I guess my question for all is is it a lot harder calling them in in those last two seasons? I will be hunting private land but they will already have been hunted by others as well. Just wonderin what I am getting myself into...thanks!
  6. Ryan Becklund

    MN Results now posted on the DNR web-site

    good call!
  7. Ryan Becklund

    New Bow

    I would suggest trying as many bows that you can in your price range. I have done this this winter and I am set on the Martin Moab. Awesome shooting bow and fast for a single cam. If I can afford it when I go to get my bow I might go with the Martin Firecat. I will have to do some more side work as of right now tho. Don't get brainwashed into the top name bows. They all have great bows now. Some just feel better to the users. Good luck!
  8. Ryan Becklund

    MN Results now posted on the DNR web-site

    moved to separate post
  9. Ryan Becklund

    Blue book of gun values?

    I guess I don't really know what stock options they had...been a while since I looked at it but if I remember right it loads thru the stock and has a white diamond on the forearm....if I remember right.
  10. Ryan Becklund

    Blue book of gun values?

    I have a buddy that is selling a nylon rem .22 cal rifle. Anyone know the value of this gun? Sorry to hijack Thanks
  11. Ryan Becklund

    So close...

    Awesome story! I am glad you got her out. I have to say that I was not real in favor of the new age law that the dnr put forth. I can see now that it can work out well. I am glad I read your story because until now I was totally against kids hunting without firearms safety. When I first brought my son out 3 years ago he was 11 and could not shoot a deer. I had him in the same tree with me in a portable that I hung right next to my ladder stand. All I hoped for was that a deer would come in and he would get to see me harvest it. A ok sized 8pt came in and I made a out of my *** shot at it thru the brush. He thought that it was the coolest thing that he had ever seen. It would have been a easy shot at 10yds if he would not have been asking all sorts of questions when it can sneaking up to me I might But I think that is why it is so memorable to me. We were actually enjoying our time out in the woods and enjoying time with family. You never know how long the kids now a days will stay in tune with something. I hope he will hunt for the rest of my life and his....A great family tradition! Thanks for your post!
  12. Ryan Becklund

    Letting small bucks walk?

    I totally agree. It should be the hunters choice...or the landowners choice if he has a preference. No bashing here to people that shoot little bucks for the meat. I have shot enough in my life to qualify in the meat hunter side. Down around where I hunt there are some big deer but they are rarely seen by me. Up north where I rifle hunt there is a better chance at getting a big buck...but it is a bonus area and if I want meat I can shoot a couple does...all personal preference.
  13. Ryan Becklund

    Letting small bucks walk?

    Thats a bad deal all around. I don't own the land that I bowhunt but the landowner is nice enough to give me a area to hunt. I cant complain about the buck getting shot, nor do I really want to because I know there are others in the area. I just need to be in the stand when it decides to come thru. It is a rush to have a decent buck come thru within bow range and let him pass right on by. Was a awesome feeling that is for sure!
  14. Ryan Becklund

    Letting small bucks walk?

    A buck that I passed on at 15yds got shot the first weekend of slug hunting. I passed on it cause it was too short for tine length. It was out just past the ears but real short. Too bad it did not get a chance to see next season. Oh well....I am sure he was a trophy for someone.
  15. I talked to a CO a year ago about the light and shotgun law. In the law you must also be using a electronic caller...not a mouth call. I know it does not make any sense but that is how it is written. Good Luck!