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  1. I added lock and ride front and rear windshield for the fall and winter. Also I added polaris bumper, but without adding the thunderhawk radiator brace it is useless. I also added the RZR S rear cage extension so I could add the koplin gun boots. It tried the other one that mounts in the box but it bounced around too much.
  2. Trails in Breezy Point Area?

    Not sure about the area myself, but the dnr HSOforum lists only the "fort ripley connection". Spider lake isn't too far away.
  3. ATV riding Paul Bunyan State trail

    Here is the info. There are a lot of trails and roads to ride. You can get twisted around without a map.
  4. MN trips?

    Anyone stay at a resort and rent a cabin or hotel and head out trail riding? Where are some of your favorite areas or resorts. I want to get up to Wildhurst in Finland, but otherwise it is all camping type things.
  5. A friends daughter and boyfriend had a blue clam Yukon fish trap and other items stolen from the back of their truck at the granite city in st cloud. They were coming home from college and stopped to see some friends. Items were Yukon with trap link with a noticeable patch on the top left corner of the door. A strike master 8" auger, Mr. Heater/cooler with 20lb attachment and all their poles and gear. Keep an eye out if you could. The fish house door wont close all the way because of the patch. Thanks for looking!
  6. ATV vs SxS access?

    The trails in MN are bases on weight. All atv's or sxs that are less than 1000 cubic centimeters and less than 1000lbs dry are considered class 1 OHV's. Class 2 is considered anything with displacement of less than 1000 cubic centimeters and total dry weight of 1000 to 1800 pounds.* The RZR is the only sxs that has the 570 and 800 that fit the class one restriction. page 6 I have the rzr 800 and have had the DNR on the trail that they want me riding on the shoulder even though it is a class 1 because they said polaris was pushing the numbers on the 800.
  7. 2012 RZR 570

    My next one is going to be the 2013 570. The new ones have the turf mode on them so you only have one wheel driving when you want it to. You actually find your self on pavement more than you would think and with one wheel driving it saves bigtime on the rubber. I currently have the 800 it is a 2011 that I got last april and this weekend turned 900 miles on it. The stock suspension does need to be upgraded on these base models but once you do it makes the machine very comfortable.
  8. Bass Photos

    Wow, that is a beast.
  9. Where to begin? Buying my first ATV.

    This is a great post. I did a lot of shopping around before I bought my RZR. I have riden regular ATV's for years and decided to go the sxs route when I got mine. I wanted something that I could trail ride, hunt, fish and use for plowing. All of them would work out great for everything except the trail riding. I found that in the national forest trails you have to be at 50" wide to run those trails and the only sxs that does that is the RZR standard. The MNDNR has also listed that you need to less than 999lbs to ride on class 1 trails and the rzr is at 945lbs. The Can-Am is a sweeet sxs but it is too wide for the trails and to heavy to ride the same trails as my friends. Polaris now makes 2 RZR's that are in the class 1 range one is the 570 and the other is the 800. I have the 800. I have added a few accessories to it to make it more comfortable for winter but the list is really endless for after market parts for the polaris line. With the power of the 800 we use it for our food plots and it blows the sportsman 500 away, but I dont have the turning radius the 500 does. If you have any ?'s pm me. I really like my rzr but I would really like to have one Sportsman and a RZR. The RZR is like driving a car so you dont get the full ride enjoyment out of a long trail ride.
  10. Ranger front end sag?

    I know polaris has spring spacers that lift the front up a little to add to the lift of it. I have a 72" eagle v on my RZR and it drops a little but not bottoming out, but I do have aftermarket shocks on the front. search polaris spring spacers, ranger.
  11. Side by Side UTV's

    The law was the same last year. My 2011 RZR is licensed as a class 1 from last may. I was actually stopped by the DNR on the 4th of July in Paul Bunyan state forest and he basically stated that "you and I both know polaris isnt stating the truth on weight". He said no DNR officer will say a word if you are driving on the shoulder or on the gravel. He wanted me on the side of the road instead of the ditch. I stated the tag says Class 1 and that is what the state say so I will follow the law for class 1. If you are worried about it you could upgrade to a RZR S or a RZR XP they are both class 2.
  12. Buying Parts Online vs. the Stores.

    I have found that I can get my parts quicker online than having the dealership try to get it. I blew a radiator and called a few shops in the area and 2 of the 4 told me that I have to go online to get it. They didnt even offer to order it for me.
  13. What is the Best Snow Plow?

    For those of you with Eagle mounts try the motoalliance mount instead. you may have to do a little grind to the mount but it blows the eagle mount away with the strength. Motoalliance on the left and eagle on the right.
  14. pictures of your wheeler

    2011 standard rzr 800
  15. Fun Kinect games??

    I have the kinect sports 1 and 2. 2 is much better. in 2 you have baseball, football, golf, tennis, darts. #1 has Soccer, track, javelin, boxing, volleyball, bowling and ping pong.