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  1. Nice!
  2. Hang in there!
  3. I know......but the gentleman asked for tips on Tonka. The replies were sillytownish. My apologies. With that said wont hijack the post further than i already have as i am not a source of info on Tonka.
  4. Hang tight gunner, someone who actually fishes instead of sit at home and post jibberish all day will reply with some useful info!
  5. Just call the hen over, simple as that! Lol, good luck!
  6. Steinbrenner himself couldnt have assembled a better team! I have 3rd and 5th here in zone 4.
  7. Feel free to include specifics such as spinning vs casting and presentations, but what are you guys buying for general 4-8lb mono? I have been a sufix and stren voter the past few years, looking for other good options. Most of my mono fishing is on slip bobber rigs, otherwise usually chucking braid for muskies.
  8. Fished with a guy last year who had some, looked pretty good in the water.
  9. This is newbie world for me, sounds like you can go vex/marc style battery or 12v battery pack. Gots me a a garmin echo 151, kayak to follow! What are you guys doing?
  10. Great topic!!! I dont have the answers but pulling line off your reel and stretching it helps, as does making sure your jig combo is rigged as straight as possible. I havent tried the inline reel option much, the few ive used did not impress. Again great post! Looking forward to input from the savvy group we have here.
  11. Outta curiousity did you try hsolist? I mean e. Bay?
  12. Anyone have one? Last year they ran them on sale for $200 at the local farm n fleet. That happens again i might have to gets me one!
  13. Great report! Love those successful days fishing especially when a youngster is involved! Soooooo, what was the hot jig n plastic combo?
  14. Im finding perch to be a fan of the berkley swordtails on a drop xl