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  1. Outta curiousity did you try hsolist? I mean e. Bay?
  2. The lovely lady who stood by her wonderful husband for a shot at greatness! Just trying to troll up some butthurt snowflakes, fishing stunk today, perfect way to end the day!
  3. Perez edges out Keith X and declares Trump the worst president ever.....hurray for the left!
  4. The criteria with the prior admin was you had to pitch pre selected softballs. Didnt hear you whining then, no warnings for the people then. So what should the criteria be for wh briefings?
  5. What is the criteria for whom is or isnt allowed at a WH press conference? The title of your post should be freedom to attend wh briefings. Or maybe "another example of the left finding something to whine about because they lost, not because they care"
  6. How is the most qualified ever doing these days? Someone that great must still be out there saving the world.
  7. You dont care about his statements on the 2nd amendment or his ties with radical mooslims as you put it?
  8. He has a troublesome record to say the least, he is an elected official in your state, thought you might have some insight to share.
  9. Anyone have one? Last year they ran them on sale for $200 at the local farm n fleet. That happens again i might have to gets me one!
  10. Actually no one from either side, none, notta, zip.
  11. The medias job is to control our minds, just ask that fraud from mslsd. And trump is a jew hater, he cant stand his daughter and grandkids. Yet Keith X is next in line to head the dnc. The unhinged hair on fire butthurt continues, as does the donald walking the line. Speaking of keith x, anyone from mn want to inform me about the guy?
  12. Great report! Love those successful days fishing especially when a youngster is involved! Soooooo, what was the hot jig n plastic combo?
  13. The 'report abuse' option was removed from snowflakes like bobby, they kept getting it confused with the safeplace wambulance button.
  14. What will economic growth be with hussein outta there? Guess we'll find out. And no immigration is a strawman.