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  1. Madison bugs the dump out of me. I think her son has the makings of a real survivor on this show. Unfortunately Madison will likely have to stick or the plot will really start falling apart with losing ties to the characters.
  2. Yeah, I am with you Bear. I don't like the position we are in and there is going to be some swirl today and tomorrow before the deadline. Unfortunately I think Brodin is going to be gone. Lots of talk about Brodin to Montreal for Galchenyuk. I personally don't like that deal at all. Some people are all over it, but his numbers don't impress me and he's been in the doghouse with both of the recent coaches there. We would go from a guy you never have to worry about (Brodin) to someone that you wonder if you are getting everything from him (Galchenyuk). Pass.
  3. He is a badass!!!
  4. I'm very interested to see if Pominville is on the "available" list. To me, he will win some praise from Wild fans who have been riding him because that would mean he waived his NTC and we would be allowed to protect someone else.
  5. I have heard that about NJ as well, but I think its going to take more than just a player to get that #1 pick from them. I don't think any of the top 3 players projected in the draft are going to measure up to Mathews or McDavid, but those are generational type talents. Patrick is a beefy center though and that is a position of need for us. There is also rumors about the Wild and TB swinging a deal to bring Drouin here. Over a year ago it was rumored the Wild were courting a trade for him, but at that time the asking price was too high (Dumba). Now, that trade may make sense. We will see.
  6. Well trade talk is getting hotter and the Wild have been getting some steam. Whether its legit or not remains to be seen. An interesting scenario has surfaced, but I wouldn't put any stock in its current form. Brodin to Boston for 1st Rd pick (18th) and Ryan Spooner. IMO there is no way the Wild do this deal as it currently sits because trades of players at this point require each receiving team to protect that player. No way the Wild would want to protect Spooner. But, I do see something that could work if you pull in a team like LV. We could do the trade with Boston for the 1st Rd pick, but send Spooner to LV for a 2nd or 3rd Rd pick (or whatever its valued at). If I understand things correctly this is the only way something like that could happen and the Wild wouldn't have to protect that player is if you involved LV. IDK, Brodin is a solid player, but sometimes you have to get better by losing one of your better players too. I am not sure that Olofsson is ready to step in and he has been injury prone. Reilly has shown some things, but again, not consistent. They could rotate the two of them in and be serviceable. I think the Offensive upside of either of them is higher than Brodin, but they have a long way to go on the D end.
  7. I actually find it better than many of the recent TWD episodes. Travis' death I certainly didn't see coming. It will be interesting to see how this relationship plays out with the preppers.
  8. Yeah, Hischier. He was very impressive in the World Juniors last year. Well, we know ONE of those 3 will be there at 3. :-) There was some health scare with Hischier last year that might make him drop. He claims it was a misdiagnosis, but it will likely still linger. CM is kinda funny story, but at the combine he couldn't even do 1 pullup. Not that I should talk at my stage in my life, but that is pretty funny considering the physical condition he must be in with all the hockey he plays. Clearly that is not a greatly used motion in hockey.
  9. I think the decision between Dumba/Brodin, likely is value in return. Dumba has the highest upside and Brodin is what he is. He will never be a high point-producing guy, but he is a guy that shuts people down and doesn't make the plethora of mistakes that Dumba does. If the rumors are true about the Stars shopping their #3 pick, then I might entertain that if I felt highly enough about the top 3 guys. The only guy I know much about is Middlestadt, and he probably wont be there at 3. Nolan Patrick has great size, but doubt he is there at 3 either. There aren't really any can't miss guys in this draft and its not very deep. I would rather have a top draft pick in next years draft, but there are no guarantees there.
  10. Yep, its a guarantee one of the guys we are used to seeing in the Wild sweater will be gone next year. We don't have a ton of cash to go shopping around and we have some guys who have been key to us this past year that are due new contracts. Its inevitable that changes are coming. What those are will remain to be seen. I think it would be a sign of panic to make significant changes. This team is too good for that and I think it would send a terrible message to the primadonnas in the room.
  11. So, the Pens are on their way to likely their 2nd Cup in a row and they are achieving this how exactly? It certainly isn't with their physical play.
  12. Exactly. Your D men should be a compliment to your forwards. Unless they trash the majority of their speed from up-front going to a more physical D corps would be a huge mistake. The D should be an extension of the forwards. Getting pucks up with stretch passes to defeat the trap that all these teams try and do so successfully. They need to be able to skate with the puck to free up space too. It doesn't hurt to have a guy who can hit, but unless they make significant changes at forward they shouldn't make huge "strategy" type changes on D IMO.
  13. I had never even heard of the show until I saw someone share a post on Facebook about "saving it". I don't know the premise behind the show, but its probably not going to be on my radar to watch. Too many good programs on and House of Cards is coming back next week so I don't have time. :-)
  14. Granlund broke his hand in their last game. Zucker must have been playing through his injury, not sure when it first cropped up. Its amazing what some of these guys play through. 3 years ago Coyle played with 2 separated shoulders in the playoffs. Erik Karlsson is playing with stress fractures in his heels right now. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the toughest playoffs in Professional Sports. It doesn't surprise me that the "best" teams don't have that great of results. The game seems to change come playoff time. What works in the regular season doesn't seem to always translate to the playoffs. If you get a hot goalie that can totally tip things in your team's favor. If you can shut down their top line, it really makes things easier. The Preds walked through the Hawks with all their Cup Cred and experience and top tier players. If they make it to the Cup Finals and win, they would be the lowest seeded team to ever win it. They are the #16 overall seed. When LA won it as an 8 seed a few years back, they were actually #12 overall. Ive been watching nearly every game of these playoffs, at least part of them. I will tell you that Shattenkirk really screwed the Caps. Sure Ovi didn't produce when it mattered, but Shattenkirk looked terrible out there.
  15. I wasn't able to catch it live and when I tried finding it after the fact it wouldn't play on my laptop for some reason. I do admire Bowman for being visibly ticked about their early exit, but I think that may get pushed a little too far. You tick off Q and he might just walk out the door. Bowman just fired one of his buddies and Q isn't too happy about it. We will see how that plays out. I think the Hawks are in a tougher position cap-wise than the Wild and have been for a few years. The difference is they had been getting no-name guys to emerge and contribute. They could be on a very slippery slope in Chi-town. We will see how that plays out.