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  1. B$G 10 Hockey

    Redirect your anger toward NCHC because its their fault this game is not televised. BigTen network and FSN offered to air it, but NCHC chose to keep it "in-house". Its all a money grab. They are hoping that people flock to their streaming service at the tune of $25 just for this game. Nope, I've got better things to do.
  2. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    They don't save cap space that is the whole point. The money is still spent. What it allows them to do is go OVER the cap during such time a player is on LTIR. It doesn't give them relief at all, it just allows them to go over the cap. We already have Coyle on LTIR so it wouldn't do any good to add Parise to that. That would mean two moves would have to happen when they are both healthy. The Wild could do that too, but what sense would that make because they would be forced to be compliant once Parise is healthy. Hossa is likely going to be LTIR all year. At this point I doubt Parise will be out that long. Russo did a very good writeup on it last night for TheAthletic. You can also read up on it on CapFriendly.
  3. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    This is a common misconception with LTIR. I too, thought it meant we "saved" money until I read up on it recently. What LTIR actually allows is for a team to go OVER the cap during a player(s) on LTIR, but once they return, they have to get back under the cap. So, true, it would allow them to spend more, but over the long haul it wouldn't be something they could go out and get someone to fill in without haven't to do something when the LTIR players return.
  4. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    James Neal in Vegas is the MVP right now IMO. 3 game winning goals in 3 games. I'm already worried about the Wild's roster options with injuries this early. They are so strapped against the cap right now they probably cannot even bring someone up from Iowa. Parise should have been placed on LTIR. The strange thing is no one is saying what his injury actually is, but Zach has said it is NOT his back. ?????
  5. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I didn't know much about Soucy's game before seeing him play this preseason and whoa, he is a big dude! I really liked what I saw, he played well against Winnipeg I thought and held up against Byfuglien behind the net which says a lot because he is a mass of humanity. I don't think he's ready yet, but he will certainly get some time with the big club this year. Certainly there will be injuries along the way. You guys see the D pairings? Looks like Chuck and Bruce's experiment with Dumba/Suter isn't going to start out together at least. I kinda liked the thought of that pairing because Suter you can just bank on him being sound defensively, but not little offense from him. Dumba would have brought a little more dynamic D play there, not that Spurg is lacking, I just would have liked to see it play out a bit.
  6. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    True, back injuries tend to linger and yes, it was the end of the 2016 season where the injury originally cropped up, but he was doing fine by all reports until right before training camp. I somewhat hope they put him on LTIR, it will save us some money, give us a chance at looking at some of the young guys for an extended time. I am impressed that Reilly has made the opening day roster. From what I read and the two games I was able to watch he looked very good. Disappointed that Kunin didn't stick, but with their current cap situation they couldn't have him up and Reilly at the same time, plus it will be good for him to spend some time in Iowa. He has impressed thus far!
  7. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Bear, I don't think he even participated in any training camp thinking back. I seem to remember Russo mentioning that he would be out at training camp. I know he did play in Da Beauty league at least once. Perhaps that is where he tweaked it.
  8. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Koivu has been very healthy the last 3 years, but that doesn't mean it will continue. I agree though, he has had a healthy stretch here and that is good because he has been healthy and played very very well during that time. IDK what to think about Parise at this stage. I am a huge fan of his, but he is really hurting this team if he plays injured. I hope he goes on LTIR. This would help in a couple ways, free up some more cap space to bring up Kunin (sent to Iowa today) and possibly keep Winnick around (Boudreau really wants him). Without that happening I don't think we are going to see much of Kunin and Winnick will sign elsewhere because we really don't have the money unless they move someone like Stewart (send him to Iowa?).
  9. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Come on BB, you are better than that. You as much as anyone know that ONE player doesn't make an NHL Team a Stanley Cup contender so why put that blame on him. Sure, a player like Crosby certainly helps, but we aren't talking about the money that Crosby is getting here either. Comparing Koivu's contracts to equivalent players with similar production is quite compelling. He has performed better than many of his peers for his current contract and with the lower AV of his new deal if he continues similar numbers it will be a bargain. I wasn't too happy about the NMC either, but I take that as a bargaining chip so CF didn't have to go with a longer term deal. 2 years is sufficient and I think it works well for both parties. You are right, there are many people out there with more knowledge about the market and what he could have gotten elsewhere and when it may have made sense to sign him, but the fact is you don't want to wait to sign him until after the season for if no other reason at all than to allow him to be a UFA and hear other offers. This will be my last post about the Koivu extension because clearly we don't see eye to eye on whether it made/makes sense, but I assure you there are a large number of "hockey minds" that are in agreement with me on this. Here is some afternoon reading for you:
  10. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    You know there are no guarantees that he signs here for less money. He certainly would have gotten more elsewhere after this season based on comparables. Who are the replacements for him? We have guys that may be a year or two removed from being a top 6 guy, but this buys us time. Worst case he slides down to 3rd or 4th line and one of our young guys still on an ELC elevates if his game drops. He could also be consistent with his last two seasons, a solid #2 center and allow the likes of Kunin and Ek to develop down the lineup.
  11. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I agree. Koivu is worth it, I was hoping for less, but there are so many haters that look past his stats to really see where his value is. Didn't he just lead the league in +/- last year? mid 50% faceoff win %, very prominent on penalty kill, etc. I love the Cullen signing, but he isn't the same player Koivu is. I was vocally negative on Koivu 3 years ago, but since then he has strung together 2 very good seasons. Apparently he listened. :-)
  12. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Yikes, if Parise is to be a 3rd liner at this stage, what will he be when he is nearing the end of his contract? Afterall, he is signed through 2025. I do agree though, his game needs to change, but I don't think putting him on the 3rd line is a good idea. Those guys tend to be more physical than 1st or 2nd liners. Unless the coaches are doing the matchup shuffle and the 3rd line is against the 1st, etc.
  13. Gopher Nation

    Thankfully the run on middle-aged men playing College football is a infinitesimal sample size. I don't think you will have to worry about whether or not you would mesh with Fleck as your coach. :-) I also liked when the player thought he could outrun PJ in a drill and PJ called him out on it. They did the drill, PJ lost and he said "best 2 of 3". Lost again! LOL This was a big one-just-like-silly-me lineman and PJ is pretty dang fast at his own right. He also lined up as wide out on a play to show the player exactly how he wanted the reverse run. At full speed no less. It may be corny, old, annoying for us old guys, but I think this will work for the kids.
  14. Gopher Nation

    Yep, I saw the episodes. It certainly changed my view that it was an "act". That is how he always is, certainly not an act. I am hopeful he can bring this program to relevancy. I would be happy with BigTen titles and a shot at a top tier bowl game in a few years. Some interesting developments yesterday with Croft. I wonder what went down there, but as of right now, not only was Rhoda named the starter, but Croft isn't even with the team. Hmm
  15. Gopher Nation

    When was the last time the Gophers actually handled, let alone blew away a team they should have? That was an impressive win against a team they obviously should have beaten. Last year they only beat them by 3 pts AT HOME! That was also with a significant number of seniors on the roster. I admit PJ is a little hard to digest at times, but this hire could certainly be the shot in the arm that this program needed. Not punching a ticket for the Rose Bowl yet, but he could bring these guys to the next level.