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  1. I had never even heard of the show until I saw someone share a post on Facebook about "saving it". I don't know the premise behind the show, but its probably not going to be on my radar to watch. Too many good programs on and House of Cards is coming back next week so I don't have time. :-)
  2. Granlund broke his hand in their last game. Zucker must have been playing through his injury, not sure when it first cropped up. Its amazing what some of these guys play through. 3 years ago Coyle played with 2 separated shoulders in the playoffs. Erik Karlsson is playing with stress fractures in his heels right now. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the toughest playoffs in Professional Sports. It doesn't surprise me that the "best" teams don't have that great of results. The game seems to change come playoff time. What works in the regular season doesn't seem to always translate to the playoffs. If you get a hot goalie that can totally tip things in your team's favor. If you can shut down their top line, it really makes things easier. The Preds walked through the Hawks with all their Cup Cred and experience and top tier players. If they make it to the Cup Finals and win, they would be the lowest seeded team to ever win it. They are the #16 overall seed. When LA won it as an 8 seed a few years back, they were actually #12 overall. Ive been watching nearly every game of these playoffs, at least part of them. I will tell you that Shattenkirk really screwed the Caps. Sure Ovi didn't produce when it mattered, but Shattenkirk looked terrible out there.
  3. I wasn't able to catch it live and when I tried finding it after the fact it wouldn't play on my laptop for some reason. I do admire Bowman for being visibly ticked about their early exit, but I think that may get pushed a little too far. You tick off Q and he might just walk out the door. Bowman just fired one of his buddies and Q isn't too happy about it. We will see how that plays out. I think the Hawks are in a tougher position cap-wise than the Wild and have been for a few years. The difference is they had been getting no-name guys to emerge and contribute. They could be on a very slippery slope in Chi-town. We will see how that plays out.
  4. BB, I cant say I disagree with any of those observations. They didn't produce when it counts. That is what really matters, but it isn't the first time that teams excel in the regular season and flop come playoff time and it certainly isn't something that is isolated to the Wild. The Hawks get some slack because they have won 3 cups in the last 7 years, but fact is they have been bounced in the last 2 1st rounds too. By that, they are no better than us. We will see what happens to the Caps. They have a tough draw with the Pens this round, but its not a stretch to say they will get bounced 2 years in a row and be the Presidents Cup winner. Lots of teams have that issue. Anaheim has had that tendency too. Playoffs are a whole different animal. The team makeup that works in the regular season usually doesn't translate well in the playoffs. I agree the Wild need more beef. Staal certainly helped, but they are far from a heavy team especially on the back end with our D. Early on I thought we had one of the deepest D corps in the league. Looking at them in this playoff series they looked weak. We needed a guy like Folin to step in and play some minutes and make a difference, but he was shell-shocked in his first playoff game. I don't think we have much help in that area in Iowa either. The heaviest guy we have Seeler, is a liability big time and I don't know if he will ever make it up to the big club.
  5. Come on BB, you don't have to be positive or a homer to realize this team is light years better than they were 3/4 years ago. The results haven't changed, but that isn't saying they haven't improved. 3/4 years ago we had young guys like Brodin, Haula, Coyle, Nino just getting their wings. This year they had career years in many cases. That is precisely what we have been hoping/waiting for them to do. The way you talk it seems like you forget that the NHL playoffs are best of 7 series. That's a long grind for any team to make and you have to have a lot of luck and some guys playing out of their mind to make it to the finals. I'm not happy they lost in 5 to the Blues, but I'm not giving up on this team either. They do need to make changes, which will reshape this team for next season. Pump some more youth into the lineup and we could certainly have some up and down next year. Like I said before, go back and see our predictions for where they would finish at the beginning the of the season. I am pretty sure I said they would finish like 5th place. Finishing 2nd all things considered, was a pleasant surprise, but guess what, everyone whined about it! LOL
  6. The sad part of the whole thing, is if they would have somehow found a way to get one in OT to win Game 5, I think they finally got to Allen a bit. The forward D zone coverage was terrible in the game and for much of the series. Those goals that start out with a player against the boards skating in front of the net are a sign of a forward breakdown. The winning goal was on Zucker. It happens. I know we were pressing a bit, but that killed us. Now, for the offseason thread! :-) I would be willing to bet Haula isn't back. Ek, I think is going to be forced into the lineup and play a significant role next season. I would actually like to see Hanzal signed. I was a fan of the trade at the time and still am. I think as a 4th line guy he would be a nice addition. Perhaps Fletch can convince Pominville to waive his no trade clause to free him up for the expansion draft. I certainly don't expect Vegas to take him, and he wouldn't want to go there, but this would allow the team to protect one other player. We would have to eat some salary if we are able to ink a deal with another team, but I think that is doable. Russo actually was saying the same kind of thing in a recent interview.
  7. I know the Isles have a special place in your heart, so how long has Snow been holding the reigns (since 2006) and what do the Isles have to show for it? They not only lost every skilled player they had, but dealt away some of their key prospects for washed up nobodies. Look at Nino for Clutterbuck. Their playoff record is just as dubious as the Wild's (not getting out of the second round), but they have also missed the playoffs 2 of the last 4 years. I would trust Fletch every day of the week and twice on Sunday before Snow. He's a tool. Trust me, I want the Wild to win as much as the next guy. This team midway point of the season they had a legit shot to be a threat or favorite to win it. Back up to the start of the season however. What was everyone saying then? I don't recall anyone, myself included picking them to finish 2nd in the West and a franchise best in points and that was WITH a terrible stretch of games. What have we been asking for the last 3 years? Our young guys to take that next step. This year they did it. Its because of them and the addition of Staal that we had this season. I have no reason to believe this team will not be a contender next year either. Yeah, we are going to lose a guy or two, but we have a very good core. We have some of the best prospects coming up and if we get Kaprisov (he worries me that he will leave KHL) to come in 2018 we should be dominant. By then we will be free of Pominville's contract for sure. Probably bring in some marquee guy and then we will go on to win the Cup 4 of the next 6 years just so we can do it better than the Hawks did.
  8. I wish I could like Bear's post more than ONCE!!!
  9. Lungdeflator, I wish it were that easy. To my knowledge these contracts are essentially guaranteed and you cannot restructure them. I think the only thing they can do while under contract is extend them which could bring down the per year ##, but I believe that's it.
  10. I know what you are saying, but my comments were about the instant those 2 guys signed didn't mean we were going to win the Cup just by that addition. The roster before they came here was terrible. Risebrough pillaged draft picks, horrible trades, etc. Houston Aeros had no decent prospects. All of our good prospects were with the big club. They were not ready. Nino, Granlund, Coyle, Brodin, etc. They weren't ready for primetime yet. We just saw this year what their potential might be because they all had career years. We had missed the playoffs 6 of the prior 8 years before they came! Since those two came we have made it every year. Do I think Suter and Parise have their best years ahead of them? No. Suter is going to have a longer shelf life and be consistent for several more years. Parise gets the dump beat out of him and no way is he going to be producing at a high level long. The contracts are heavily front end loaded so buyouts at the end will not be nearly as hurtful. These contracts were done right before the new collective bargaining agreement so there is a bit more flexibility with them than there is now.
  11. I get it, but winning the Cup is the hardest trophy in sports. All rounds of the playoffs are best of 7. There are no byes like in NFL, etc. I will say that I am disappointed they haven't made it to the Conference Finals at least following that signing, but I still think the signing was a success. 2 players do not a team make. Without them we wouldn't have been competitive for a while. I think Parise shouldn't have played in the World Cup. He was coming off a season ending injury, no sense in pushing that and adding a couple more weeks of tough games to his schedule.
  12. Have I said how much I love playoff hockey? There are great games every night and it sure beats doing yard work. Thankfully I got most of mine done before the playoffs started. Now its just burning some brush in my campfire ring to clean things up a bit. I am the biggest Preds fan tonight! That Leafs/Caps series is fun to watch too. Edm should rebound after getting destroyed by SJ tonight I think. Certainly wouldn't suck to have McDavid!
  13. You cant just look at one team's terrible play in a series like this and not give credit to the team they are playing against for making them look that way. The Wild were the 2nd best scoring team in the league, but suddenly in this series they couldn't get to 2 goals for 3 games. Why was that? The Blues owned the D zone inside and the Wild never got quality second chances. If they didn't score on the first shot, they likely didn't get a second shot. Flip that and I think the Blues look like they do because the Wild have found their D game again. Scandella who was terrible for much of the season is an absolute stud right now. He was huge last night. I love his game right now. He isn't showing up on stats sheets, but he was a real difference maker last night. Its been the race to 2 goals in every game thus far and I don't see that changing. I do think that if there was going to be a blowout the most likely team to do it is the Wild. I honestly don't think Allen can keep this up long. Actually that second goal, while it was a VERY well placed shot, should have been saved and certainly the first goal was completely because of a bad bounce or oversight on Allen's part. Plays like that will get into his head. Get a lead early on Saturday and we could be in business for a rout! I agree with this. I was just making a point that I don't think they would go out and find some crusty veteran for any "savings" by buying out Poms. There are guys that deserve more ice time. The trouble is they are getting up there in games now some of them, they almost have to "stick" with the big club or you face issues with them having to clear waivers. They lost Dalpe because of this. So, you are certainly going to have to balance the good with the bad. So far I think Ek has paid off. He is going to be a nice player for us in years to come. Kunin, and Tuch might be ready to see some serious ice time next year too. Problem all 3 of those guys are Centers primarily. So, someone is going to have to play out of position which isn't an issue I think it actually helps the younger guys to be forced to play wing vs center anyway early on.
  14. Right, the only way I see them buying him out now is if they replace him with someone they are already paying (in Iowa) making it a wash which was said earlier. I'm just happy it was a well-played game last night and ended in a good result. Much better than playing pretty well or outplaying the Blues and losing. Winning is so much more fun. Its lame that the Wild get the 2PM game Saturday because Chicago MIGHT be playing Saturday. Losers. Ive got a ton of work to do this weekend and I cannot afford to be drinking that early in the day. :-)
  15. IDK, that is a lot of dough to cough up for a buyout. If the CAP increases I think it makes it more palatable, but if it stays flat, I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, I want him out of here in the worst way, but I just don't think buying him out at that rate is in the cards. Maybe it will get done, but that is a lot of money IMO to pay a guy to not play that hurts our ability to replace him. Here is what it would take. Might work, but we have 3 guys we need to worry about signing for next year and we will lose someone to Vegas. Maybe it works???