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  1. Wild Offseason 2017

    Quincey should be a solid guy. I don't recall watching him play, but by looking at his stats over the years it appears to be an upgrade over Scandella.
  2. Wild Offseason 2017

    There are no restructuring of contracts in the NHL. They are guaranteed. You can sign an extension, but that is just added to the end of the original term and the beginning remains the same.
  3. Wild Offseason 2017

    Unfortunately, we are stuck with Suter and Parise's contracts as they are until they expire. Koivu on the other hand could give us a hometown discount when his is up by signing for less. Problem is, he has been playing some of his best hockey the last 2 or 3 years. It would be nice if the cap went up a bit, but that is a good/bad thing. It would certainly help us but it would also help the Hawks. I certainly don't want them to have any extra cash to bring in guys.
  4. Wild Offseason 2017

    Thankfully after next season we have some big contracts expiring, Vanek's buyout is complete, so we should hopefully have some extra money to bring in some stud. We do have a logjam of guys in that middle single digit range of salaries. We need someone to come out of nowhere on an ELC type deal to produce big numbers for us. Hopefully that is Ek/Kunin the next couple years. We don't have much room.
  5. Wild Offseason 2017

    Wild locked up Nino for 5 years at $5.25M per. There is no NMC or NTC so that is great. I think this is a decent deal for him. Unfortunately that means we are going to have to pay more for Granlund I am sure. I want to see Nino elevate his game. He had a strong season last year and hasn't been injury prone so we can count on him being in the lineup. There is $10.5M left in cap space after signing Nino, with Foligno and Granlund left to sign for sure. Could use some other depth as well, mostly a center for the 4th line. I don't think this team is better than they were a year ago, but I didn't have high expectations of that team going into the season and regular season-wise I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. Fargo

    To this point there has been some sort of connection between each season. This season was the "deaf" guy which connected to Season 1. Last season it was the little girl who I believe was the young child version of the female cop in Season 1.
  7. Fargo

    The deaf guy is the same guy that was in season 1, Mr Wrench I think was his character's name.
  8. Wild Offseason 2017

    I hope the Wild make a play to get this guy on Aug 15th: He was drafted by Toronto, refused to sign last year to return to UMD. Now Toronto cannot sign him due to the number of contracts they already have in play. He is a big kid and a center. A position of need for us.
  9. Wild Offseason 2017

    You can say that in hindsight because we now know how the season ended. My point is it was a great decision at the time. It added precisely what we needed. The players that were impacted were just bit/role players that had no benefit to chemistry in the locker room. I would do the trade again. Heck, the owner even said he would probably do it again right after they were bounced from the playoffs. It added depth. Now, looking at what is transpiring with the trade, it will be interesting to see what evolves with the new found money. I certainly hope Fletch doesn't sign Nino/Granlund to $6M per type deals. Neither are worth that and we will be in a serious bind. We have roughly $18M in cap space with 9 roster spots. There is work to do. I wont judge this off-season until the roster is full, but I would like to see someone like Boyle, Foligno and maybe Kunitz.
  10. Wild Offseason 2017

    Come on, you are smarter than that. I proved that your theory of bringing in young guys wasn't the answer because it wasn't working when they were here. Chemistry? Of course chemistry "looks" good when the team wins, its more important what happens when they are not winning. If you are foolish to think bringing in White and Hanzal caused the slide I've got nothing for you. Their play was sliding before the trade, the bye week happened and then all hell broke loose. I applaud that trade because it sent the message that Chuck was going for it by adding those pieces which really complemented what we already had. Who was pushed out? Graovac? Yep, he wasn't producing and was already in the doghouse with Boudreau and now he's been traded so you can clearly see what the team thought of him. Schroeder? Yeah, he had his moments, but there were games where White sat too and Schroeder was in the lineup. White brought physical play. Schroeder brought speed. The ying for the yang. The two guys most impacted with minutes are no longer with the team. I hardly see anything about chemistry in the locker room. By all accounts I read the players embraced having them on the team. Nothing negative, but people want to nitpick something that wasn't there and point blame at that trade as to causing the slide when it was already happening before they came.
  11. Wild Offseason 2017

    They tried spelling guys from Iowa and that is what forced their hand to make a trade. Did you not see the Graovac experiment? Horrible on faceoffs which, especially in D zone, are crucial in playoffs. Hanzal was key to winning a lot of faceoffs and allowed Boudreau the flexibility to not be forced to put Staal or Koivu in all of those situations. It also strengthened the 4th line by effectively moving Haula down a line at Center. This trade certainly made the team MUCH stronger down the middle, but it didn't work out. How many times do you see teams that win in the regular season bow out early in the playoffs? I don't really care about how their regular season record goes so touting them as "1st in the West" is irrelevant. Ask the Capitals how winning the President's trophy has treated them.
  12. Fear the Walking Dead

    IDK, I am kinda liking this show more and more. Its much better than the first season. Yeah, Madison has her quirks, but there are some interesting characters and this whole conflict with the indigenous people now is intriguing.
  13. Wild Offseason 2017

    IDK, people pick apart the Hanzal/White trade as a mistake, but I don't. I think it was totally worth the shot to make a solid push. Going in everyone who did any analysis knew the first round was going to be full of 2nd round talent so losing a 1st rounder this year wasn't giving up much. I also don't think Fletch should make a trade for the sake of making a trade either. That is a desperation move and not one fueled by focusing on getting the team better. I would be shocked if someone like Scandella isn't moved in order to make room from Granlund, Nino, etc. We are really tight now with the guys we want to keep and have a few holes to fill beyond that so something has to give.
  14. Fear the Walking Dead

    Madison bugs the dump out of me. I think her son has the makings of a real survivor on this show. Unfortunately Madison will likely have to stick or the plot will really start falling apart with losing ties to the characters.
  15. Wild Offseason 2017

    Yeah, I am with you Bear. I don't like the position we are in and there is going to be some swirl today and tomorrow before the deadline. Unfortunately I think Brodin is going to be gone. Lots of talk about Brodin to Montreal for Galchenyuk. I personally don't like that deal at all. Some people are all over it, but his numbers don't impress me and he's been in the doghouse with both of the recent coaches there. We would go from a guy you never have to worry about (Brodin) to someone that you wonder if you are getting everything from him (Galchenyuk). Pass.