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  1. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    PF, I’ve noticed lately that we agree on several topics but I disagree here. Yes, the early inception of QDM and associated APRs was too one-sided but you honestly can’t elevate age structure by killing so many yearlings like we do. It would take ONE year for hunters to notice an uptick in average size and increase in Buck/Doe ratio. In two years those bucks would be branch antlered deer. Yes, fawns are tender but I’m pretty comfortable with stating the difference in meat quality between a 1.5 year old deer and 2.5 year is more dependent on the taking and care of the game. But all this doesn’t matter anyway. We put 400,000 plus hunters in the woods every November to manage the population by harvest. That’s it; that’s all the DNR is interested in and we’ve grown comfortable with the plans familiarity. Even if we took a year off from shooting yearlings, the 2.5s would be gleaned right off the top with the gauntlet we field each year. And by popular opinion, the general hunting public in this state is OK with it. I’ll argue to my death that is why people who actually care about quality deer hunting in a state that is well suited for it have to go outside the regular FA season at a minimum to get it. And better yet, acquire as much manageable property as one can and build their own herd. Which in turn further limits access to others, helps overcrowd public land and lowers the bar even further. Pretty much everyone I know that pursues deer enough to go out if state, get into archery, buy or lease land knows this state is capable of a more developed herd. And I think that is the point Satchmo is trying to ge to here. It’s just a really big issue with a really big group of opinions weighing in. And so many who believe there is no “Issue” to resolve. **This post typed before Satchmo’s above.
  2. Dnr landowner list / gaining access

    I think that depends on a few variables. I agree it won’t help with some but that still leaves some that could. It’s an interesting question. On a related note, I was offered a chance to request access through a relative of a land owner last season after it was under way. The request was made but the answer was NO because someone using archery gear already had permission for the season. Admittedly they didn’t know when the hunter was coming/going or even if they’d been successful yet. And they weren’t going out of their way to find out. “Maybe check next year before season starts”. Disappointing but that’s how it goes. Well, I put the ask in this year already and mentioned I’d be happy to help with some chores if needed. Also I made it clear I wasn’t asking for exclusive permission. Waiting for a reply. I don’t even know how good the property is - it’s just a chance to get out, meet some folks and see something new. I believe last year’s hunter (I know who they were) had permission on multiple properties and used them based on activity. Yep, a great scenario for any hunter! But if we all collect as much as possible for our exclusive use and don’t release anything even after getting a bird, it really shuts other hunters down.
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    Nice perspectives in your post above. Yes! It’s quite early for woodies and I’m still scratching my head over that one. A lone drake, flew right over the top of me and headed down into the woods like they normally do here. Been wondering if it was mistaken identity with a hooded merg but two days later a hooded drake merg flew over me in the opposite direction and it was different. As days go by the question persists but I was immediately skeptical when I saw and heard the woodie approaching and couldn’t disprove it as it passed by. I love the days in life when this is one of the biggest questions to think about!
  4. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    This is exactly why nothing changes with our regulations. The general MN hunting public too afraid to try some changes that are aimed at improving the age structure and breeding buck/doe ratio in our herd. It would take 3 years max to figure out the effects of the changes but the general public won’t tolerate even a little bit of sacrifice for a short amount of time. It’s too disruptive to what is known. The general “MN hunting public” is the FA deer hunter. Based on license sales, that’s what we do. Sure, many of us buy some other licenses and do other things but the FA deer season is IT for a large percentage of the MN hunting public. And for good reason: it’s the easiest and most social hunt of the year. That’s all it is. We take what we can get for a couple weeks and pretty much forget about the woods the rest of the year. Sometimes taking 1 step back to take 2 forward is a good plan.
  5. Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    FB NEVER!! Well maybe someday but I hope not. Here’s one: APRs don’t have to mean 4 points on a side. I don’t think it’ll ever fly for the whole state but what would the harm be in letting spikes and forks walk? Heres two: Shut down the cervid farms now! Buy em out with the money we’ll spend on CWD testing for eternity if we don’t. Heres three: Stop party hunting bucks.
  6. Spring Is Upon Us

    Drake mallards this afternoon - no suzys. More Goldie’s, commons and a couple hooded mergs. Almost entirely drakes of all species. Geese are getting stronger.
  7. Spring Is Upon Us

    Common Mergs today.
  8. Dnr landowner list / gaining access

    I thought they were required to allow access. Not to anyone/everyone who asks, but at least someone. Difficult to prove compliance but maybe a few spot checks by the C.O. would show a trend? I agree though, if allowing access is a condition of being in the preference drawing, that's how it should be or no program. I can't say I've had any personal experience with that list but don't doubt getting permission is tough in some areas. It's been getting tougher every year it seems. And now more hunters are using archery and claiming their properties for the entire season rather than a week long stretch and letting someone else play for a season. That's what I'm running into.
  9. I have to look up ramps on the interweb to see if I have any to try. Never had them before.
  10. Spring Is Upon Us

    I just talked to someone who was in NE yesterday. He said the amount of ducks and dark geese he saw was UNREAL!
  11. Spring Is Upon Us

    Just watched the first two flocks of goldeneyes whistle by. + 5 minutes I get to call the first woodie!!! No kidding.
  12. Spring Is Upon Us

    @smurfy Don’t sweat it. The Sillytowner’s have been bored lately... Hmmm, the ‘s the correct application there?
  13. Spring Is Upon Us

    Well, count me in for robins now too. Just took a walk outside. I see two pairs of geese are hanging with the swans and one pair seems to be locked down on the prime nesting spot in that area. It’s always the first one picked and probably the most contested spot within my viewing area. I’m north of Little Falls for area reference.
  14. Spring Is Upon Us

    I’ve had swans using a small open spot on the Miss for a couple weeks now. The roost usually has 16 birds on it. Yesterday 18 were there. Every once in a while a few honkers come by but haven’t stayed. Last Monday I walked the ice near shore to check things out. Wednesday I couldn’t walk the same path with the ice giving way. I made a private prediction I’d see breakup in about a week. It’ll be close I think. Then I can start watching all the cool diver ducks migrate north again. Too bad they don’t use this route in the fall.
  15. Mower needed

    I don’t have any experience with the Hustlers so I can’t compare them. I picked up a used Z track with a 60 inch deck and am glad I did. I mow probably 3 acres though and a lot of it is a flat meadow as we call it. It’s the bomb out there. When I get up closer to the house and have contours and trees it gets a little tougher. The front left deck wheel sometimes gouges into the turf if I turn too sharp in certain spots and getting between some trees is a challenge with the 60. If I didn’t have the big flat to mow I’d look for a 54. Either way, don’t turn truly zero turn your zero turn. You’ll twist a hole in your turf if you don’t keep that pivot wheel turning at least a little bit. Other thing to note: I added a power flow bagger with 3 bags for fall clean up. It’s a life saver IMO. But it doesn’t clean as well as the (2) bagger on the 48 inch rider. That thing is like a vacuum but it takes way longer due to dumping frequency. To do it over again I would consider a tow behind bagger for the fall but still don’t know if I’d want to use that for regular mowing.