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  1. Wanderer

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Well I guess I could close the loop on my water heater since I finally had time to look at it. I haven’t pulled the element yet but have filled the water and run through everything with my meter. I’m 99% sure it’s the element. I have 120V to it and it Ohms out at 2. I figure that’s the water giving me that reading since the elements should Ohm out at 10 or more. Basic rule I learned in shop: Power to the load; load don’t work; load is broken. Looks like a $15 part. What I did enjoy learning is getting the propane part of the heater operational. Never had that before since the wire harness was apparently always disconnected from the ignition module. I plugged that in and she fired right up. Now to get my sealants put on tomorrow and clean and lube the bumpout gaskets. I bought some LED light bulbs to try also. And time to get a bigger TV installed in the main living area. That 13 inches just doesn’t cut it with my eyes anymore!
  2. Wanderer

    So is this forum dead?

    Prespawn might be a stretch but I bet you see them on the beds. Late start/almost no spring in these parts but the water has warmed quickly once the ice finally left. Last weekend, at about the same latitude as OTC (assuming that’s where you’re headed) the males were all over in the shallows. Didn’t see many bass beds yet and didn’t see any big females but they’re getting close. Didn’t have a way to check temps so I can’t tell ya that, just what I saw. Heading to Ely this weekend - I’ll have temps and observations from there next week.
  3. Anybody shooting any leagues this year? Shotgun, rifle, handgun? I’ve shot trap and skeet in the past at Metro but am now in Sporting Clays at Rice Creek. I’ve just been using my field grade Citori with factory chokes and have been happy with simply getting and staying tuned up for the birds of fall. I’m totally convinced this helps a guy save shells in the fall and make cleaner kills. But getting beyond that, I’m thinking I might like to start changing chokes at different stations for those tougher targets like fast minis and distant high risers. Those high, arching birds are my nemisis. Once they start dropping I’m in trouble. Anybody got any solid tips on leads for those? Any recommendations on after market choke choices for a Citori? I’m assuming extended, hand tightened chokes are the way to go but a knowledgeable recommendation would be appreciated.
  4. Wanderer

    Canoe Makeover

    Sweet job there!
  5. Wanderer

    Woodstock nests

    Yes! And I wouldn’t waste em on the dog either! ‘Cept the mergs - if Rover wouldn’t be too offended!
  6. Wanderer

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Sitting on the patio tonight my wife says “Looks like these two are gonna... yep, a pair of Downey Woodpeckers makin’ babies.
  7. Wanderer

    Woodstock nests

    Not speaking for anyone else but I really enjoyed the woodcocks that I’ve eaten.
  8. Wanderer

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    @DonBo Some guys make it look so easy. What a fun season for you!
  9. Wanderer

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    Strictly from a resource conservation stance, I’m all in with this comment! From a CO on patrol, you never know what you’re gonna get. Best CYA move is to at least call first. Put the TIP number in your contacts. The CO that calls back will make or break your case. I’ve recently been exposed to situations that scream revenue over resources and no longer assume anything when it comes to CO patrols. CYA, CYA, CYA....
  10. Wanderer

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    At first glance through my blurry eyes she looked like she was wearing her cap and gown for graduation. Sounds like her school work isn’t the only education going on right now. Enjoy your fishing time off from turkey hunting. Don’t let the fun wear out. Good luck!
  11. Wanderer

    Northwest slam

    When you’re hot you’re hot!!! Thanks for the pics - you always have good ones.
  12. Wanderer

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    That’s where I’m getting my butt kicked too: time. 1.5 days so far is it for me in the blind.
  13. Wanderer

    Woodstock nests

    Those little buggers have always intrigued me. That would be cool to see. I flushed one a couple weeks ago on a quick walk along the river. Always happy to see them!
  14. Wanderer

    Bait for the opener

    Its not already???
  15. Wanderer

    Bait for the opener

    The bottoms of the leech ponds are still frozen according to the report I just read. Shiners are still “wait and see” for the suppliers. The bait shops are HOPING to have some sort of selection on hand but it might just be wishful thinking at this point. A point on leeches this early - it’s still early to be using them. Leeches don’t fish as well in cold water as they do in warmer summer water. I’ll probably be chasing after a turkey still so I’m not too worried. Get your plastics ready and good luck!