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  1. RV furnace control valve.

    Thanks Trashguy ! I spoke with Ben at Verns' yesterday, and although he didn't have the valve assembly, he was very knowledgable. As a last resort I may take the valve out to him and let him try to rebuild it.
  2. I'm looking for a replacement valve for the furnace in my trailer / fish house. It's a 1960 Yellowstone camper trailer. The furnace valve is defective to the point that it's not safe. The gas stays on whenever the valve is turned on. The valve itself is labled as GENERAL CONTROLS and there's a number on it, but I've been unable to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any leads for old RV furnace parts ? Thanks for any ideas! Twitter
  3. Bio Spot vs. Front Line

    I've never heard of (or used) biospot, but I've had good luck using frontline for the past 3-4 years. The ticks are THICK in the area I frequent North of Grand Rapids and when I apply frontline to my lab it keeps the ticks to a minimum on her and the ones that re on her usually don't get very deep at all. I've purchased Frontline from Sams Club in the past for much less that what the vets charge for it. Good luck ! Twitter
  4. Haning a lantern in my voyager

    Is it just me that does this .....? I always carry 2 or 3 pieces of heavy insulated copper wire in my bucket or gear bag. 3 or 4 feet long each. You'd be surprised how many things it can be used for. -hanging a lantern from -tieing support poles together at the joint when it's really windy and the d^%$ things keep coming apart and landing on my head -tieing the portable to the wheeler to keep it from blowing away when you need to get out -I even spliced a couple together once and ran from by buddys vex battery, to my vex after my battery went dead.(forgot to recharge it the night before) We actually ran both vexilars for 3 more hours after that off his battery. The list goes on...... it ties and holds without knots, comes undone easily, and is quickly adjusted to any length. You can roll it up and throw it in your bucket and it doesn't take up any space. ....and if you lose it ..... get another piece, it's cheap !
  5. Oil bath hubs?

    Valv, Do you know what size axle they're for ? 4 bolt , 5 bolt ?
  6. Ice Auger Help

    D-Rock Center 175 Old Hwy 8 SW New Brighton, MN 55112 (651) 639-0446
  7. 311, Take it down to D-Rock and Gravel on Old Hi-way 8 in New Brighton. It's North of Cty Rd D. They're in your back yard. They'll know what to do, and won't put the $crew$ to you. Good luck ! Twitter
  8. I breast them out and filet the meat off leaving 2 "nuggets" of meat from each breast. Wrap each nugget with bacon and skewer like Kabobs and grill them. Once the bacon is nice and crisp, take them off the grill and serve over a bed of rice pilaf. Good eats!
  9. Eskimo Auger BROKE!!!

    Eskimo has EXCELLENT customer service. Call them direct or find them on the net and they'll reply quickly and professionally via email. I've worked with them twice regarding portables in the past. They're very responsive ! They replaced a 3yr old canvas free of charge last year for me. They're owned by ARDISAM . If you do a search, you'll find them. Good luck ! Twitter
  10. mr. heater cooker heaters

    It works fine. I've been doing it for years. It frees up a lot of space in the portable with the 20#er outside.
  11. StrikeMaster Auger parts.

    Mike, Try D-Rock and Gravel on Old Hi-Way 8 in New Brighton. They should have everything you need. They're in the phone book. Good Luck Twitter
  12. Vexilar transducer ???

    I had the same question and sent an email to Vexilar this morning. Here's the note and their response. My Message: I have a question reagarding the cord on my transducer for my FL-18. I noticed the cord is damaged. The insulation and outer braid is cut and exposed. The inner wire is not yet cut (I don't think). Can the cable be spliced together without affecting the perormance of the transducer ? The transducer seems to be working fine, but I don't want to get on the lake the next time and have the puck fall down the hole or have the unit stop working. I can't fish without my vex anymore ! Vexilar's response : If the transducer is working, the inside or outside wires have not be cut completely. The best patch would be to apply some clear silicone to the damaged area. Use just a small amount and let it dry completely before use. Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks, Mitchell Bennis Vexilar, Inc. I had an email response in 30 minutes. You gotta love their customer service !
  13. beef tongue

    Spud bar, Ma always used to boil it I believe and than peel the skin off. Than after cooling, you've got a nice tongue that you can slice thin for sandwiches or whatever. Most people are grossed out over it, but I bet if you made them a sandwich they'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from roast beef. I like mine with horse radish mmmmmmm... Twitter
  14. 2001 F-150 chugs, misses, hesitates

    I've had 3 coils go bad on 3 Fords over the last 5 years. I've always had 5.4's and they usually went bad at around 60-70K miles. Last summer my '03 started to sputter and hesitate after cold starting. It would usually sputter for a little while and clear itself after driving down the block. After a month or 2 of that happening, it finally wouldn't clear up one day and just kept sputtering like it was missing a cylinder. It ended up being a bad fuel injector. When it went, the service engine light did come on.