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  1. Fish House Build

    Cooperman, i did use adhesive but don’t think I got it warm enough to properly set up. It help in some areas but some not at all. I’ll probably just put in a few staples in areas where it’s not held down and on the seams to be sure.
  2. Fish House Build

    Yes to hide it and it’s also surrounded by fire resistant materials now. I got the suburban NT-20SEQ.
  3. Fish House Build

    Did a little trim work today. Also made the box for the furnace and got the exterior part done, just isn’t hooked up yet.
  4. Fish House Build

    I did buy the mounting brackets for putting it on the roof and those are mounted on permanently. It’s just 3 nuts to take off to remove it from the brackets so it’ll be easy to take off. Still not positive if I’ll leave it on when I leave the house on the lake or remove it every time, mainly worried about someone stealing it. Although a friend of mine leaves his on permanently and hasn’t had a problem yet so I suppose we’ll see.
  5. Fish House Build

    The stereo I’m putting in is just Bluetooth and radio. Decided to put in under the dinette, easy to wire as the batteries will be back there. Looking back now I probably would have left that out and got a nice portable speaker. Oh well it’ll be nice to have in the end. I really liked how the counters over the wheels turned out. Still have another coat and then a clear coat. Doing the V counter also like this, window and door casings will be the same stain as well. Also got the satellite dish mounted today, the dish tailgator. Starting to count the steps to when it’s done which is an awesome feeling!
  6. Fish House Build

    Worth every penny! Usually go on sale every once in awhile too.
  7. Fish House Build

    Picking away at it a little each day. 120V system is done and works, 12v system is mostly done but have to install the outlets and the stereo/speakers, then go get the batteries, probably two AGMs. Thinking of moving the speakers to the V below the counter so I don’t have to build boxes for them on the ceiling and I didn’t wire them how I should have, so now trying to decide if I want to cover the ceiling holes where the speaker wires are dangling or put a small light in each of the 4. Seems a bit excessive so might just cover them. Countertops will be simple, just 1x’s stained and finish nailed on. Same with the table for the dinette. Still have to install the furnace as well. Then the bunks and the small finishing touches will be last. Hoping by the end of the coming weekend it is competely ready for the lake!
  8. Fish House Build

    Gonna go with leech’s advice and do the magnetic light. It’ll be a good summer project to add the other light. Didn’t get to work on it today but got a bit more done yesterday.
  9. Fish House Build

    Blackhawk, wish I had read that earlier as I won’t be tearing it apart now! Seems like a pretty petite thing though and I’d be surprised if most LEO would give a ticket for that, I guess I’ll find out. It’ll only be on the road twice a year though. Here’s what I got done today! Really happy with the looks of it so far. Adding the fiberglass insul behind to fill the studs so should hold heat nicely!
  10. Fish House Build

    Yes, it should go the other way. Didn’t even really think about it until I had already fastened it down. But it’s 3/4” so if there’s any flex it’s pretty minimal. And the ply does go to the edges, whoever made the frame made it 8’3 wide so there’s 1-1/2” on each side filled in with scrap. Got the lights hooked up tonight, should start paneling tomorrow!
  11. Fish House Build

    Leech, I hear you! I actually got the dinette cushions on hsolist for what I thought was a reasonable price, I’m really excited about them too! trailer lights put on and new wheels my dad used to install floor covering in his younger days so he was a huge help with this part. Have the next few days off of work so should be able to get a decent amount done this week!
  12. Fish House Build

    Been reading on here for a couple years now and following others build threads that motivated me to build my own, so posting this to hopefully motivate someone like me to get started on their own! Started it this summer and put it aside for too long but but back at it. It’s a 8x14 +2’V. Here’s some pics Bought the frame from a guy on hsolist for a pretty good price last winter. coated with a rust remover and then herculiner Spray foamed the floor but put 1” foam over the frame to hopefully keep from having cold spots, didn’t put foam across it all as I’d rather have the spray foam attached to the floor ply than foam insul. 3/4” plywood for the floor. 2x3 studs for the walls Even though I spray foamed the inside, decided for whatever reason to put 1/4” ply up. Doing it again i would probably leave that out to save a little weight. Pro rib steel with 2’ diamond plate. HDPE in the wheel wells. Rubber roof Sprayed it myself with a kit. Thought it turned out pretty well but a few areas didn’t get it as thick as I wanted. I’ll be putting a layer of the fiberglass insul behind the paneling to fill the studs completely. Here’s where it’s at today. I’ll be installing the rubber floor and finishing up the wiring today. Plenty of work left but it’s starting to look like a fish house! Thanks for reading along and I’ll try post updates as it goes from here. Hoping for two weeks from today to be done with everything!