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  1. 2017 Fish House rv Build

    I have not. I need to.
  2. 2017 Fish House rv Build

    Excellent job! Where did you get your bait/livewell from?
  3. Wheel House build

    Looking good! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I have Lindells, Ultimates, and Catch Cover rattle reels and would rank them in that order. The Ultimates work fine but the Lindells are just as good for less money. Not a deal breaker but I actually prefer the bigger spool when bringing lines in to move etc.
  5. Hydraulic Frames

    Looks great! I've been procrastinating on a few things I'd like to do to ours before summer. I did something similar for a livewell and I'm glad I did. It was a hit with the kids. ...on the table bases. I'm considering skipping the bases all together and making a table that folds. Haven't drawn it out yet but I'm picturing something like a glorified TV tray. Just a thought....
  6. Fish House rv Build

    I sprayed in place and sanded with 200 grit random orbit between coats. Sanding sealer as the first coat isn't necessary but in my experience saves sanding time and usually ends up smoother. I didn't worry about sanding in the grooves.
  7. Changing onboard 3bank charger

    Have seen this on some larger capacity chargers at work. Never have been completely clear on why it's needed either. Similar purpose to the temp sense on most cordless power tool chargers is my best guess. If the battery temp is above or below a set temp range it won't charge.
  8. Diamond plate

    Bought my diamond plate from McNeilus. They sheared and bent it for a very reasonable price. I had some pieces that were an afterthought. Since I had lots of drops leftover I attempted to bend some myself with surprisingly good results. Clamped the work piece between two stout straight edges and slowly made the bend with a deadblow hammer. Sounds crude I know but it really did turn out. Made several bends this way up to about 3' long and every one looks good. I wouldn't plan to do things this way but for things you forget or add, it's an option.
  9. What heater are you using

    Natural gas? Do you convert it to propane then?
  10. Horizontal aluminum panels

    Unless you have a source for 14' sheets you would end up with vertical and horizontal seams. No real problem with that, that I can think of.
  11. Lake Winnibigoshish questions

    Thanks! I do have navionics, just didn't see any of those spots listed.
  12. Lake Winnibigoshish questions

    We're planning to visit Lake Winnie for the first time. I've found several fishing reports listing off some areas of the lake but can't find a map that actually shows where these spots are. Snaghole Bar, Hunter’s Hump, River Bar Horseshoe Bar, Moses Bar, and North Moses Bar. Anyone familiar with the lake that could help me out? Also, looks like High Banks and Nodak Lodge may be good places to head out from with a wheel house? Is there a preference? With the Mississippi running through the lake does a guy need to avoid that channel with the vehicle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!
  13. Toy hauler build

    Was thinking the same about the foam. Looking great!
  14. Fish House rv Build

    Thanks for the info guys! Haven't pinned down the light problem yet but it's looking like a vehicle issue. Trailer tail and left turn fuses blow when hooked to my truck but not when hooked to the wife's. More fun tonight
  15. Fish House rv Build

    No, don't want to charge from the truck harness, just wondering if not having everything at the same potential would cause any issue. I didn't wire it that way, just questioning myself. All connections were soldered to prevent issues down the road and here I am troubleshooting the darn lights after the first time out. You might be surprised at the aluminum trailer cost, no finishing cost involved. Also forgot to mention...was a little disappointed after stopping at the scale. Fully loaded 5400lbs on the axles 6200lbs total. Does 800 seem like too much tongue weight to you guys? There is a lot of stuff build into this house but comparing it to the Yetti with similar features and rubber/wood roof I'm questioning what I was told they weigh. Wondering if tongue weight wasn't added. Oh well, it is what it is.