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  1. If height is the issue couldn't you just order it with taller side walls?
  2. Strut is $15 per 10' at Menards. I've bought the trolleys from Mcmaster Carr before. Looks like they are $25 each on there for the doubles.
  3. Just to clarify, the Berkon trailer will have brakes on the axles but it will not come with the breakaway controller or least mine didn't. I looked for the pine at menards and ran into the same trouble as you. They stopped carrying the type they used to have. The link that was posted is what they now have but it just looks different. Each plank has a "bead board" type profile. Just thought I'd mention it since it will look like bead board not carsiding in case you care. Ooops...didn't read far enough, nevermind
  4. Jealous
  5. Thanks guys! Any chance you have a brand, model or picture of these? I think I get what you are saying just haven't seen them before.
  6. Has anyone used "soft close" type hinges and drawer slides on their cabinets? Wondering if there is enough resistance with these to stop them from opening going down the road. I've seen the little clip/peg retainers that IC, Yetti, etc use. Just looking for a different option. Other ideas?
  7. I just pull some slack out and leave the bail closed. No slot on the tube just on the black pipe and then the clear tube stops at the reel base
  8. I use those tubes on my bucket. Cheap and easy! They fit nicely over black plastic underground water pipe too. Can't remember the size.
  9. I haven't used mine so I can't comment on that part. What I can say is don't waste your time ordering one online. I ordered a total of six ranges. 1 never showed and 5 were delivered damaged, badly. I tried ordering Atwood and Suburban from various dealers and two came straight from the manufacturer. Finally the 7th was purchased at an RV dealer locally. I know....I'm a slow learner I guess.
  10. Before I ran lines I searched the web for similar questions. Most info I found was on a RV type forums. Most recommended black pipe for main lines and flex copper for appliance connections and only a short rubber hose from the regulator into the house. Most discouraged from using rubber more than that. No idea how reputable the sources were but it's what I went with. I have a black pipe riser that supports my regulator. That 90's to a threaded tee just inside the wall which then converts to 1/2" flex copper.
  11. Very nice! I like the curtain magnet idea
  12. They mostly build frames but I think they build a few complete ones.
  13. Look up VHB alternative. There is a company called High Bond Tapes that I bought from. I used1" x 25 mil on the seams and 1" x 45 mil on everything else. I can't comment on the performance compared to 3M but can say that the High Bond stuff sticks well enough that you would deform/destroy the aluminum before pulling the pieces apart. They'll even send you samples if you want.
  14. Since you're on to newer versions of the in floor heat have you looked into the tankless any more? You mentioned that residential style tankless venting was an issue. How so? I purchased an Aquah brand tankless direct vent for hot water in mine. These are typically installed in homes but when I contacted the dealer I was told they have installed these in RVs and sold to dealers. They have either 2.65 GPM or 3.7 GPM at 45 deg temp rise models.
  15. Like he said ^. This frame actually had more of an upwards curve to it than I think the frame builder planned for. I think because it is aluminum which acts like that. Before welding the walls in place I attached the tongue to the truck to hold the front down and then weighted the back down to flatten it out.