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  1. Fish House Build

    I didn't realize you could remove it from the bracket. Right now I've got the tailgator sitting on one of my bunks until I set it up each time out, which is kind of a pain. I'll have to order one of those brackets. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Fish House Build

    Did you mount your tailgator on permanently? I've been going back and forth on whether to permanently mount mine, or just put it out when I get set up and take it down when I leave. I think it would work great permanently set up for ice fishing, but I'm nervous about when we go camping in the summer. There will be more trees around to block the signal if I can't move it.
  3. Fold out bench

    Yes I made it. I assume you are talking about the top bunk. It's made from 1x2" aluminum rectangular tubing and unistrut strut channels and trolleys. The part number on the trolleys is P2750. It goes up and down easily with one person. LipRipper came up with the idea and has more details on his latest build page.
  4. Hydraulic Frames

    I like the trolley system, but I can't take credit for it. I stole the idea from LipRipper. He's got much better details on how to build one on his latest build blog. It only takes one person to raise and lower it. I planned to use linear actuators on a pulley system to raise and lower it, but I realized that would be completely unnecessary with how easy it is to do manually with one person. I have since used the wires I ran for that for another outside yard light in the back of the house. The last time I weighed the house it was around 5500#. I would estimate it at around 6200# or so right now. Whenever I get a chance to have it weighed I'll post it.
  5. Hydraulic Frames

    I originally built it as a toy hauler because I have a half ton truck and didn't want to overload my suspension with both the tongue weight and the 4-wheeler in the back of my truck. It was sagging pretty bad with just the trailer. I have since added air bags to my suspension that have taken out the sagging and I would be comfortable putting a 4-wheeler in there if I ever decide to. Beyond that, the table is a pain in the butt to raise and lower. I should have taken the advice of others on the board not to use the removable legs, but I already had the mounts put in the floor. The bench is much more comfortable and I was able to add another fishing hole. The main point is it turned the worst seat in the house to the best seat.
  6. Fold out bench

    I like your foam can coolers! I went back and forth for a couple days trying to decide if I wanted wood armrests or removable foam ones. I finally decided to go with the wood, but I may do a removable center foam armrest. Where did you get your foam from? My cushions are all bought pre-made
  7. Fold out bench

    I went ahead and made a homemade bench in the back. I used 1x1 square steel tubing for the bed frame. I would have liked to have used aluminum, but I have the steel on hand. It actually didn't come out as heavy as I thought it would. Here are the before and after pictures. I still need to put in the tongue and groove paneling, but other than that it's pretty much finished. The best part is, it allowed me to add another hole. Last year on trips, I'd have my buddies crowding me up front on the bench all day long because no one would sit at the dinette. Now they can have the front because the best seat in the house is in the back.
  8. Fold out bench

    I'm planning on changing out my dinette table for a bench in the back of my fish house that folds out into a bed. I can either buy one of the jackknife couches or build one homemade. I need it to be at least 78" long, so it would be comfortable to sleep on and most of the ones I've seen are much shorter than that. Does anyone know of a good jackknife couch that length or have pictures they would share of how you built your own? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hydraulic Frames

    Thanks Hoey. At that price I think I will just go with the foam board insulation. It's such a small area left to insulate and that way I can avoid the mess and the headaches. Plus I will be able to get it a full 2-3/4" thick throughout. My next project I think may be to replace the dinette table with a jackknife couch. Any idea how long those come? The longest I've seen so far is 72" which to me sounds too short for me to sleep on comfortably since I'm over 6' tall. Does anyone carry bigger sizes, or do most people build them so they sleep with their head on the armrests?
  10. Hydraulic Frames

    Last weekend I switched out my ramp door for a bay window. I'd like to spray foam it, but I'm sure I won't be able to find anyone willing to do it professionally in my area, at least not at a reasonable price. Last winter I had to drive an hour and a half to get the rest of it spray foamed for about $2000. One company told me they wouldn't fire up their equipment for less than 1800. For this small of an area I'm thinking I would be just fine with the foam boards @ 2-3/4" thick with the furring. Otherwise, does anyone know how well those Menards Froth Packs work? $360 still seems kind of spendy to spray foam that little area myself.
  11. Best Fish House

    I've got a 21' with a 4'v that I pull with a half ton just fine. It has the 6 liter V8, and I added air bags to the suspension to eliminate the squat. Stopping was always my concern, but as long as it has working trailer brakes that shouldn't be an issue either. I would assume you would be ok with a 5.1 liter, or whatever your half ton has, but I can't answer that for sure. How far will you be pulling it?
  12. Direct to Dish

    I use the King Tailgater portable satelite dish with Dish Network and it seems to work well as long as I don't have trees to the south of me. No aiming, just set it down and connect the cable.
  13. Wheelhouse flooring help

    My floor lays flat for the most part, but if it's really warm it will expand and get a few ripples. They go away after I run the air conditioner for a bit. Even when it's cold in the winter I'll get a few small ripples for a bit when the furnace kicks on right outside the duct vents. It's kind of annoying at first, but I haven't noticed it in a long time. Maybe others have had better luck, but as RebelSS said, everyone I've talked to has steered me away from using an adhesive.
  14. If you're using LED lights, 16 gauge should be more than enough. I'm assuming it would be plenty for the ceiling fan as well, but you may want to use 14 gauge because I'm not 100% on that. If you're running a furnace in there, I think the manual on mine said to run 12 gauge wire to it, but I don't remember for sure. I used 14 gauge for all of my 12v outlets. The main thing to remember is to use the correct fuse for the wire size you are using.
  15. Hydraulic Frames

    Thanks for the reply Papa Bear. I was beginning to think this site was deserted for the Summer! That's something I hadn't thought of. Not using the bases would make it a lot easier to move out of the way when I need to use the ramp door. I could just make 4 telescoping legs that can change from table to bed height, or fold up to move it out of the way. If I go that route though, I'll need to figure a way to patch the holes in my floor where I have the flush mounts now.