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  1. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    Barred owl in the tree here at work (394 & 100), if it wasn't for the crows, would have never even known it was there.
  2. Spring Is Upon Us

    The dog shiat is starting to appear. I will say that the Cardinal's have been pretty loud lately. Local suburb sleugh is opening up in spots, but the geese and mallards could be local. Will see some divers and and non-city ducks there when they move through.
  3. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    The young guys are starting to find that fire inside of them. Might be one of the only positive things to come from Jimmy going down.
  4. Duffman solo in pics

    Thanks Mike, it was a great time, but alas........I am back. Went with an old co-worker who left about 6 years ago to go work for Garmin and their lake depth acquiring and mapping boats. He's a great story teller, and he had plenty of stories to tell about his travels around the country collecting lake data. Including the night he partied hard with Mama June and the Honey Boo Boo clan. lol
  5. Duffman solo in pics

    It's laker fishing leech, you know how that goes. Had a guy ski by camp in the morning to fish a hump about a quarter mile away. After 5 hours he skied by again and said he only had one looker. Next year we might go back to targeting stream trout, a little more predictable. Looked like slush was an issue recently in spots. Plenty of snow and ice still up there. But now I am ready for spring.
  6. Duffman solo in pics

    -8 on Saturday morning. And I supposedly winter camp in March for the warmer temps. False flag, didn't catch a fish. And I shook my head watching my buddy feed my hound a piece of Kobe steak, at least I had a taste before she did.
  7. Duffman solo in pics

    Drove home from the Park and Go last night at 11:30. (after digging out) *grumble grumble*
  8. Id

    Grey Duck
  9. Id

    Dutch hookbill? Nevermind, I zoomed in on the bill. Looks to be some sort of hybrid.
  10. Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

    Found the pic......
  11. Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

    I'm still going with a trotting k-9.
  12. Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

    I must have deleted it, but I took a pic of my dog last winter as it was walking/trotting down the bike trail in front of me and it had just started snowing 15 minutes prior. I took the pic because it was the same sort of swishing back and forth type tracks in the pic above, she has what I call "Elf paws", very furry. So the paws were not actually touching the whole time, but the paw fur was sweeping the snow on the blacktop. I am guessing fox or coyote with a healthy winter coat.
  13. Super bowl goodies

    Never been a fan of Deviled Eggs, maybe I'll give them another try someday. (My tastes have changed over the years) For now I would rather eat those counter top Milk-Bones. (Driest crackers EVER!)