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  1. Vikings VS. Saints

  2. Vikings VS. Saints

  3. Trout Photo Gallery

    Yep, went home with a couple.
  4. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    If they continue to improve at this rate, they will be a dangerous team in the playoffs. I know it's a hard thing to do, but if you could just instill Butler's fire into the rest of the team, especially Wiggins, watch out.
  5. I'd like your opinion

    Kershaw fan here, since I bought my first in '82. And I dig the Ken Onion assisted-opening models. Thought I lost one camping one fall (looked everywhere) and that model is no longer made, the Scallion was the closet to it, so I picked it up. Then the following fall I found the first knife rolled up in the tent. I tend to use the little caping knife as my main knife on camping trips. Everything from gutting/gilling trout to cutting cheese and a ribeye.
  6. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    There's been a vast improvement in gear and clothing since 2000 for ice fishing. People will enjoy an activity more if they are comfortable. I have noticed that FF commercials are way more numerous since the buyout. Don't know if that adds anything to the conversation, but it used to be more of a word of mouth store. And they did fine back then. Maybe with the downturn in sales due to poor inventory/word of mouth, they felt the need to get the word out on their own?
  7. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I understand where you are coming from. And I am already thinking ahead to possibly getting a spare head now that this is my sole auger. That and an extention maybe next year. I'm the guy who always kept a spare set of Lazer blades in my center console. I'm the guy you go to on a camping trip when you forgot spare batteries.
  8. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    It's just the blade head, 10"×10"×7" box would probably cover it. Does anybody know offhand how much that it is costing to send it up and back for sharpening the days? Including sharpening. It was a very nice quick experience getting it done by Surface Tension. FIL over the holidays said he could sharpen it. He was given a fair warning to NEVER touch it.
  9. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I knew what you meant, the hole has always looked a tad larger than my 8" Lazermag. Never have measured it though, figured metric, maybe it's 21 or 22(cm) ?
  10. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    NHL hockey..........make the playoffs and be playing your best hockey of the year at that point, the Wild can still achieve that. We shall see.
  11. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Yep Cuts through the ice "Like butta". Less than 10 holes, spot on the spot type of situation. Don't know if and when I will actually test how long the battery lasts with the way I fish these days. Oh,,,,,Big Dave, quit dissing the Lazermag until I get around to selling mine. LOL
  12. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Nils 8" with drill plate. Milwaukee M18 drill with 5.0 battery. (Plus spare battery) Cold Snap blade this year after cussing out the factory cover for the last 15+ years.
  13. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I'm just saying besides propane, I'm done with fuel on the ice, no more possibility of getting gas or white gas on the hands. But you knew that.
  14. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I was all smiles on the ice over Christmas weekend. No more gas augers or gas lanterns for this guy.