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  1. Anyone can make a 10'x14' yard look nice. *snicker*
  2. The only thing positive about the Wilds situation is that this is playoff hockey, and coming back from 0-3 deficits is not impossible.
  3. How about my three best from March?
  4. Hmmmm.......interesting. I am a cover every square inch of yard with the leaf blower from 2 inches away guy.
  5. Need veteran's for next years playoff run. Serious young talent on the Wolves right now. Just need to mature and figure out the nuances of the NBA. Then those close losses become wins.
  6. They are being competitive so far, that's all I ever ask from them.
  7. MN and picked up a three day IA licence for this weekend. Will also do a weekend trip in WI for salmon come mid summer. Possible AZ for an Oct trip. And had a Belize C&R license in Feb.
  8. Trout fishing up in the Bdub one winter I saw that a eagle was circling within a quarter mile or so after I caught a white sucker. Walked about 30 yds away and set it on the ice. Buddy asked "What are you doing?" "I'm just feeding a bird" It was one of those dead still quiet days where you talk to yourself every once in a while to make sure you are not deaf. I still remember the sound of the talons scratching the ice and the wingbeats as he cleared us by about 20ft after securing lunch. Buddy says....."That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen and HEARD!"
  9. I'll go with another loss in overtime.
  10. I know, I know................and stay off your lawn.
  11. RH1 was a great poster and is missed. As are all the foodies who bailed.
  12. Now you need a new black truck. Very nice boat.
  13. Yep, trekked out of there yesterday afternoon.
  14. I've found Bald Eagle feathers before, but nothing compared to this over 21" massive feather found yesterday. The hound kicked up a grouse in a super thick bush by shore, the tale in the snow was telling, there was both eagle and grouse tracks on the lake........and feather marks. An attempt at a meal had been made unsuccessfully as far as I could tell, and a feather had been lost in a rock crevasse. Probably had happened within an hour or so. No.......I didn't keep it.
  15. Those are jackrabbit's. Last time I have seen jackrabbit's in MN was when I was going to school in Mankato over a quarter century ago.