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  1. Mille Lacs.....

    I am just an outsider looking in, so I have an opinion and that is all it is not fact. I have fished Mille Lacs quite a bit over the last 3-4 years. The fishing has just gotten better. I don't know if it is because the fish really are lacking a food source or if there are just that many fish in the lake. This past Monday we were there to chase smallies. While we did do OK on the smallmouth we did happen to catch 6 walleye up on the rock in 6-12 ft. All looked fat and healthy. Seemed unusually shallow for this time of year. I don't care if this lake stays catch and release only. It is a blast catching 10-15 walleye over 20in in an afternoon. I just hope that "IF" the walleye population is on the decline that politics and special interests, including the tribes, will be able to step back and allow the lake to be managed as necessary to keep this incredible fishery alive. Just my opinion.
  2. Have to log in to read Lake Stories?

    Bobby Bass, just wanted you to know that any more the only reason I come to this sight is to read your posts. I was a long time member before the change, NIBowman, Had to get a new username and password after the change and didn't use the sight much after that. I have read all your posts and at times I will go back and reread older stuff. Still puts a smile on my face. I wish you the best with your health problems. I would love to meet you some day and have a good Dominican cigar and cold Hamms with you. Keep up the good work. Look forward to your next post. Thank You
  3. Final resting place

    Beautiful mount.
  4. Gps app

    Yes, you do have to have at least a weak cell signal and battery for the GPS to work. I know that can be challenging at times in the woods.
  5. Gps app

    My family has LIfe 360 on our phones. It allows you to know exactly where that phone is at all times. My teenage kids were not to hip on the idea until my wife explained that you either have the app or you don't have a phone. It already saved a phone. My son dropped his phone in the middle of a bean field last summer. We were able to use the app to drive a wheeler to within 10ft. Well worth it.
  6. Slabs, slabs and more slabs in ne Wisc

    Great pictures and even better memories.
  7. Gps flasher unit combo help

    I use my Helix 5 when my son is along and wants to use the Vex. Works great and doesn't make my eyes bug out after a long day. Sometimes I have problems picking up small tungsten jigs past 10 ft but may have more to do with water clarity. Need to get a chip for it and I'll never leave it at home.
  8. Kdrill or Nils

    I don't seem to have trouble with shavings left in the hole with my Nils. I just continue to run the drill while I lift it out. Cleans out quite well. Usually less than a handful left. Don't hardly use my scoop any more.
  9. Kdrill or Nils

    I have the Nils in the 6". Amazing!!!! Drilled 12-15 holes Saturday through 16" of ice with no obvious slowing down. I would guess about 15 seconds per hole. I'm using a Dewalt 20vMax drill.
  10. Nils or K-Drill

    Ordered myself the 6" Nils. Now I just have to wait for UPS. Thank you for all your input.
  11. Nils or K-Drill

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll also be using a 20v DeWalt drill. Do you have any idea how many holes you can drill with one battery?
  12. Nils or K-Drill

    I'm in the market for a new auger. Always had a Mora hand auger and I'm ready to move into the modern day. If there is anyone out there with experience with either of these products I would appreciate your opinion. Also am I better off going with the 6" or 8" drill on my cordless. I am not typically a hole hopper. If I drill 10-12 holes in a morning that's enough. That might change with a powered auger. Thanks for your replies.
  13. Ixtapa Mexico fishing

    Just got back. We actually stayed south by Zihautinao. Fished near shore one morning with a local guide. Fishing was slow. Mostly Dorado (black tuna). He did take us out to a shrimp boat to purchase fresh shrimp. We ate the fresh shrimp and Dorado at local restaurant on the beach. All and all a good time.
  14. Ixtapa Mexico fishing

    Leaving Saturday for Ixtapa Mexico. Buddy and I would like to do some fishing. Condo owner has connections with charters down there. Any suggestions or experience would be appreciated.