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  1. Kenai River Chrome

    Nice work A C ! Sad to see it ending! Next its chrome on the salt!
  2. Surf Scoter

    Saw some great flocks of goldeneyes and a few scooters on prince william Saturday. Answered a man overboard call from coast guard. The men were rescued by coast guard and lucky otter outfitters and were very lucky to have made it. severe hypothermia doesnt take long... As always, be careful out there!! Great pic!
  3. 9-29 report

    hunted central mn, bluebird skies and no wind. not much for ducks.. shot a few woodies. Bluegills and walleyes were going great guns! Back in Chugiak today, hope to scratch a couple up tomorrow. thanks for the report!
  4. Duck opener

    Never hunted locally. Kenai peninsula where tides didn't play in. Also valley same situation. No sucks either outing. Have great places in Mn and nd so I've never pushed it here. Let's try to meet up sometime. Lots of great stories and fun times to share. Brent
  5. Duck opener

    20470. Crabtree st. Chugiak ak! Just off birchwood. On the slope for another week and a half. Brent. 320 760 1987 for text. Also my son will be with.
  6. Duck opener

    Going to try duck hunting on the 21st and then head to Mn on the 24th for a wedding. Good post. We will meet up someday!
  7. hey fisherking01

    Fishing halibut this week til wed. Working 13th. To 20th. Fishing 21st. To Aug 10th.
  8. Most fish seen in a day?

    uncounted and tough to say as many fish are seen over and over. Well over 100 fish in a day, repeats??? Best spearing I ever had was having 5 or more pike pushing 30 inches staring at the decoy at the same time, when they scattered it was game on for a big girl!! I had the fortune to spear some waters that hadn't had a decoy in for 30 plus years, and other landlocked waters that had no access for the public. It's fun, but spoiles you for the rest of the waters. 4 trips out this year and no pike, did manage to catch a few rainbows when I gave up on spearing.. btw I'm fishing Alaska... the good spearing is in MN from what I've seen so far. Will be flying into some remote lakes in January to give it a go!
  9. 2011-12 spearing has started!

    for the most part you can find cheap tickets to AK. Round trip on some deals for 400 bucks,, look to long range plans as short notice flights will cost way more. Open year around so spring before breakup will be killer for big pike pre-spawn. If you don't believe in harvesting big pike pre spawn, check out the alaskan view of pike which have decimated the native trout and other saught after species! I'm going to have a blast!
  10. 2011-12 spearing has started!

    Well, this may be a bit misleading, but my Son Taylor was spearing yesterday on Fire Lake, near Eagle River, Alaska! no success, but he is excited to venture farther and try new spots. We were able to acquire a full package of spearing gear from a guy that was moving out of state. Since all of our stuff is in MN, it was awesome to make this deal that put him on the ice so soon! I'm exciteed to get out myself. Since Pike are not native there are no limits and it is illegal to put a pike back in the water. This will fit well with extended week long spearing trips! Definitely exciting! Saw a picture of a 54 inch pike taken off of the backwater area of the Yukon river. Claims to have taken a 60 inch pike. I'd love to see that. good fishing to all the fellow spearfishermen in 2011-12! Brent
  11. Cold rolled for spear tines?

    I posted pics on here off and on. I moved to Alaska in spring and don't have much left from last season. I gave many away last winter getting some young spearfishers started in the sport, gave some to fundraisers and such.. I get a lot more satisfaction out of promoting the sport than exploiting the resource for profit. It's all about friendships and real life experiences! The people here are a great accent to being helpful and promoting! keep up the helpful attitudes! Brent
  12. Cold rolled for spear tines?

    As always good advise, but, cold rolled steel will provide you with a very workable metal that if not abused will not need straightening on any sort of basis. you can have the highest quality hardened steel and treat it wrong and wreck it. fish are soft and no cold rolled steel will bend in penetration or proper removal. Throw them in the rocks and the best most rigid steel will give way! Your first experience in spear making will no doubt look different than your 100th! With that said, I have built many spears (25 or so a year), many out of cold rolled 1/4in. and 5/16 in in both stainless and standard. Now I'm in Alaska and am contemplating building here. have fun with your project!! good fishing, Brent
  13. got a 6x10 2 hole 2x3 each, leave heat on all the time and never clean ice. Nice to go to a warm house!
  14. found 4 identical life preservers on 494 woodbury, would like to return them. saw another by annandale, too busy to pick up. no fun when you get to lake and no jackets!
  15. What age and how big is he? Most youth model .22 are very small and are outgrown rapidly. If he can handle a full size model, I would recommend that. That being said, there are several options available from many makers. Rossi break action is simple and reliable. The marlin youth bolt is a solid performer in a single and clip model. As I said there are a lot out there. It would be best to go to a major dealer and handle several to find the features you like best.