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    The pelican Bay access is almost useless. Last week my vehicle and an F150 got stuck launching and this is our " tourist lake" in the area. The DNR's job must not include maintaining the accesses. It's miserable but government agencies are pretty much a joke so we can't expect them to spend 15 minutes digging it down a bit and clearing the sand/mud off the concrete ramp. . .

    I will be the fool out there with the coal shovel trying to shovel the depth down to at least 2 feet from the 10 inches it is now.

    DO NOT TRY TO LAUNCH on this side and when an F150 gets stuck, you do the math.

    TOURISTS- beware of this problem. Go to Rush or Battle instead

    1. snoopy bobber

      snoopy bobber

      O.K., let me say it like this. Ottertail needs tourists in the summer. Our local saloons are closed weekdays at 10:30 P.M. because no one is here. We have a terrible launch and WHO is responsible for taking care of it?

      The little effort it takes with the right equipment to make this launch useful, why wouldn't we want to have it right? People come here from out of state and we give them 10 inches of water and sand to launch in. It makes us look lazy or neglectful, as we are. It tells tourists we don't care, especially when the fix is fast and easy. Is that what we want people to see from us?

      I know I'm wasting my time here and I also know everyone is afraid to mention anything like this and I doubt anything will be done unless I grab my coal shovel and do someone's job for them.

      We all have to use the other launches. Amazing that one of Ottertail's most popular lakes has a useless launch.