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  1. I learned something new - acid stain

    While they may look complicated and scary to work with, it is not too difficult. A little practice and creativity. First pic is done by means of hand tossing (or little different pattern is by spray bottle) xylene or denatured alcohol onto epoxy. Sticks, leaf blowers/hairdryers, back rolling/ Swedish trowels all give a certain pattern. You can see in pic 2 back rolling can give an acid stain appearance. Pic 3 is blown. Just a bummer product price is not super friendly. However epoxy can take quite a beating, including acids.
  2. I learned something new - acid stain

    Metallic epoxy and clear coating takes it up a few notches. Acid is alright, on the bottom spectrum of concrete coloring but more affordable.
  3. Game Day

    Wow, I wanted to have debate you but after reading this and a few other snippets I run, not walk away. You're an embarrassment. I mean, completely. That thing above me, garbage. Fooled none but yourself. I take my nickname back also. Ish.
  4. Amputation

    I have of money. That's not a point for me. But to say that without being terminal or a disease that will put you down in the ground and your family on the street and bankrupt. You don't know. What's wrong with health care aid after a lifetime of paying in? You a guy that lays money on a roulette table and walks away before the ball drops? I made my own way but my mother didn't raise a fool either. I don't pass on free money earned. That's a talk statement pal. All I'll say about that. I have attorneys that worry about that. Of course that is the mantra to live by. My brother died of cancer before his 10th birthday. There is not always a decision made that results in consequences to ones health. If you never take aid, good for you, but it's only worth something to you as no one else cares. However, I'm not listening to malarky about ones that do when it's time and have paid their dues, certainly wouldn't judge. Or how I see it in my bubble.
  5. Amputation

    Not me. If the wife or I fall ill when older, be darned if I'm depleting our life savings, retirement, kid's birth right before I get medicad I paid for over and over for a lifetime. We be getting a divorce. Period. No remorse. No guilt. But that's me. Not for everyone.
  6. Drinking while camping

    Nose beers is usually a good substitute. As if you can't stand up to your pals with the hooch, might as well get to the getting and take your medicine in a gulp not a sip. And expedite the final outcome a little faster. Disclaimer - **advice for those that just can't be saved** ***proper spam response ***
  7. Amputation

    I'm up early and I'm gonna slide in and be a crybaby on your thread since this is nothing compared to your trials. I got a bad tooth and she went early this morning. Gotta find a emergency dentist today. I look like a walrus with the swelling. I have a lot of dental to be done. I have dental insurance, platinum(ha) but that doesn't do much for me. I have a trip scheduled for Mexico (Cancun) early next month, as I need about 12 k worth of work to be done. Down there it's about 3200k. It's a recommendation. Pretty sure, as usual, today I won't even get a 'thanks for the business' scrip of hydros after. What is wrong with dentist today? They used to be a solid source of opiates. **sigh** Get a divorce, hand it all over to your ex (wink). Claim poverty. Free health care. Pretty sure you've earned it, as I'll put you on being a working man for your entire time here on planet Earth.
  8. Amputation

    IDK ya but sounds like you are handling it like a boss. Keep it up. Above ground and breathing air, nothing else like it. If you were my pal, I would of already gave you a bad ars nick name. Davey 5 Toes. Sounds like a guy in Chicago proper with a no show union job. Take care.
  9. New Years Eve

    Those were the times, everything was great, when gas was cheap and after you filled up, they gave you a glass for your beer so you could drive off with class.
  10. Garage floor coatings

    Stay away from box store white collar epoxy kits. They are junk while being financial appeasing to the eye. Commercial grade epoxy and/or chipping with epoxy clear top coats are worth the price. Easy as pie to lay down. Epoxy clear coat lays out with no back rolling. Broad cast multiple sized and color chips. You can also add logos between the broad casting and clear coats. Straight epoxy floors, a little trickier as you use a little different chemicals and a Swedish trowel, however color palates and patterns are unlimited. Floor prep as needed, if concrete has issues. Prime and Ardex as needed, buff accordingly. Superb quality and stands up to time. EX.
  11. Double ugly

    This smells of 2003, pre-Childress. Loving it. Call your dealer. We're sobering up.
  12. Teddy goes down

    Teddy pumped faked away another season.
  13. New "Good Morning" thread

    No, that's what you get for being a dumbo. Really wish the cops/fire department would just hang the phone up when people make these calls. Unless there is a baby locked in, pull out your credit card. Cheap skate. ***I'll allow a disclaimer if the person lives in a small town with nothing going on
  14. Share good music

  15. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    Yahoo is streaming 1 MLB game a day for free, 180ish for the season+, for you Twins fans with no reception.