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  1. Oh, I see now. The Feds bowing out completely, zero control, regulation and placing it in the hands of the citizens, effectively ending the war, will flip the script and it will correct itself. Crime down, prisons emptied, addiction to new lows, family saved. Stfu. You have no idea or plans to swap in after decriminalizing. None. Nothing.
  2. It was a satirical post directed at the political elites and political byproduct celebs. Clearly I operate on a different plane.
  3. I'll go along with you as long as no references to Hitler or Nazi are made.
  4. and after he says "But as for the accusations about drugs, that portion was “filled with the usual leftist, bigotry, hatred and gibberish. And you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about!” - Rush November 2013
  5. Why should he? Wealthy, powerful connections. It's one of the perks, sometimes, not being a middle class schnook. You green horn.
  6. So would the 100,000,000,000 the has ever existed. But I have a sneaking suspicion your genome originated from the same frozen bacterial booger stuck on that meteorite from another galaxy that BD's did.
  7. No and no, I read it closely, but down here I shoot first then ask questions.
  8. Nice try. You want me to rip apart your beloved Portugal? There are hole everywhere. First thing is first. This is a government policy, so this comes into play faster then a bullet.. " ...many of the problems stemmed not necessarily from a disagreement over the facts but a disagreement over which facts matter when it comes to interpreting the effects of decriminalisation." Just like you Dave, only using the facts that fit your narrative. HIV - down yes. Due to eradicating drug dens, availability of needles, health awareness. Deaths, over dose - yes (arguably) Due to access of real drugs, not designer, dangerous synthetic weeds. Homicides - yes/no Also there is no data collected for drug related homicides. Drug users are not deemed criminals but as sick. Which immediately becomes a public expense. -"" Goulão himself is skeptical of some aspects of marijuana reform in places like the United States, which he says can conflate medical use with recreational markets. "Sometimes I feel the promoters of this discussion are mixing things together using a lack of intellectual seriousness (Big Dave & Purple)," he said."" This is just in 5 minutes, I'll go on doing this all day long. Leave you laying on the floor. By the way, you just cut and paste articles. In no way way have you presented an intelligent reason why decriminalization would curb drug use. Keep pasting,
  9. WTF!? Drop the criminalization on everything under the sun and cut out social services, welfare and assistance? Jesus, don't listen to the PF&BD BURN OUT HOUR talk show. You'll start thinking it can all fit together nicely. Next thing you'll start talking bout is the cultural and social similarities between Portugal and the US. Just shut your trap about this. You have ZERO proof the statistics are not an anomaly. Even the architect is on record saying so. ON RECORD. HAHAHA. You have the brain mass of a Halloween jack o lantern.
  10. I agree to an extent, however nothing compares to how lucrative drugs are, specifically to the minority communities, here in America. Legal or not, the status quo remains. Money will continue to be spent. I'm not blind, I do see clearly to the negative impact of the trillion dollars spent and where that money could of been allocated to to help all the citizens. There needs to be better course of action than a war or legalized.
  11. That I can work start to work with. A little. I don't know why you think the bad guys are going to go legit if it were to be legal. That's the idea right? But I think its more. I think you guys don't give a flying care about people in general, and I mean at all. Its a "get the heck out my decisions government". No matter what the fallout is. Nope, nope, not quite. It is only close minded from you view point. Really dude, your post was countered and all I had to do is quote the architect of the very plan you used to make your point and you throw a tantrum and pull a Donald T on it? Yikes, you're rolling around on a thin thread.
  12. Oh, I see. I missed it. You legalize it and all the wrongs are righted. The bad guys, the murder, the money laundering, the stealing goes away. How did the entire country miss that simple solution? I'm sure they would be lining up in Columbia the second that happens with their $800 to get a FED ID number and set up a LLC. You go to do better. Anybody with some fertilizer can grow weed. It's a little trickier when your cooking mass scale meth. Where is all the toxic by product going? Someone going to pay $200 a gram? Nope, it still is easier to sell it illegally. And now since it would be legal, there is no longer the looming threat of harsh penalties. Makes it even more enticing to sell to your crappy kid behind the 7-11 for half the cost. FAIL.
  13. You present no guarantee solution for the problem, except to basically say eff it, not my problem. Smoke up. Great logic there. You type of people have no business leading anyone, anywhere. "" - Drug use and drug deaths are complicated phenomena. They have many underlying causes. Portugal's low death rate can't be attributable solely to decriminalization. As Dr. Joao Goulao, the architect of the country's decriminalization policy, has said, "it's very difficult to identify a causal link between decriminalization by itself and the positive tendencies we have seen."" Tried sneaking that one by eh. Nice try, you fumbled it. My text was in response to basing choices off of outdated and wrong information. Not a free will response. You baboon. Secondly, it is in your dark nature, which is obvious you have, to just stand idly by and watch people make wrong or poor choices and never offer help,advice. It is whats wrong with atheists like you. No human emotion, no empathy, no sympathy. Just stand there like the garbage you are and watch people suffer. Then say, I told you so. Ish.
  14. Yeah, so that's what we are doing now? Holding onto bunk information from the past. Well, in that case Abe Lincoln used mercury to treat his depression. I'm on down cycle today, should I crack the top of thermometer and suck on it.
  15. Don't even try to make a connection to weed use and the other serious drugs. There is no comparison. Zero. Availability? Oh you really think Norco, Fentanyl, Benzos and so on are just laying around anywhere? Combine that with the usual cast of drugs and it is a hassle getting your fix and it certainly not cheap. Even the idea of having 5 different color of crystal on aisle 5 is the worst thing you can say. You lost the internet award today. Yes. There will be a ever on going battle against. Period. Legalize schedule 1 drugs and all is well, just look at the extra tax revenue pouring in. MY GOD. ...and don't even give me the speech about, do you like the government telling you what to do and not do. Ever since a larger, stronger ape biatch slapped you off your mound and took your female and mated her eons ago have people been telling us what to do. That's life. This slap is one I can stomach.