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  1. Well, because its a bullseye. Liking it or hating is of no relevance. This one is easy, I don't even have to stretch out, I reject any attack on my character. It is the highest level of irony and hypocrisy that the permanent residents here; the ones who make their living off of cutting down everything and everybody with vigor and passion, not in days but years - YEARS, has one of their own come under attack and now pound sand yelling to the HSO heavens for a code of morality, law and justice. It is beyond humiliating you moon bats are running in circles, thinely veiling your shoutouts for action. You are not going to get any. You created this, all of it. The punishment fits the crime. You should of seen it coming. I'll let you have your proverbial coffee shop back ol' timers, as this arena just is not what it appears to be. Good luck.
  2. Ok,drama queen. There is no mama or Polish jokes, having a go at wives and children. Stop yelling rape because someone accidentally brushed into your b.o.o.b at Costco. When on the defense down here, being egregious is the last resort for most when cornered. Only second to calling out for martial law that once exisited in these parts. You want to live by the sword, well, you know how it ends. As for personal relationships, unless you boys are neighbors and all groomsmen then I wager this is nothing more then a geriatric Tinder site, doubling as a support group. Online relationships can be anything they want it to be, except reality. You either are going to get the what and why of what I said or or you're not. It was no mistake and very intentional. As I said, not a rip but an easy observation. Im not down here to make pals and build lasting relationships as the very idea of that in this setting is a contradiction in its self. (misery loves company cliche applies) Im just giving in to a guilty pleasure which has almost run its course. In closing, it's game here. Not a discussion or a debate. A perpetual cat fight. Ideas and opinions are made without ever directly stating them and they carry the same weight as if they were to be. Just be aware enough to catch it. If you do not like my brand of Vodka. That is ok with me, it's not for everyone. I respect the voicing of it, I encourage. But just know, down here, all of you are get away drivers but hold the same culpability as the one inside robbing the bank.
  3. It is anything but a conversation. You can try and spin, bend it, fit it to your narrative but make no mistake, these are not conversations. Many here lack the stones to put their mouths where their money is, always in a position of plausible deniability while trying to push their agenda and attacks in cryptic posts, predictable straw man retorts or just plain old word twister. A game of men way past their prime. Worth comes in many forms down here. Yours has no value with the company you keep.
  4. You are a miserable 1 footed SOB. You should believe in G!d as it's a miracle of miracles someone sticks around in your home with ya. That's not a slam, it's an easy observation. You're first statement, twist words, jab. Second, twist words and toss haymaker. Third statement. Lie I don't even have to retort or defend your latest post. That is how far out there you're responding now.
  5. Curious to the see how the big guy handles the ridicule and satyr of Ivanka. She has graduated to a level of angst among people, just haters tho. I'm more prone to give her latitude then her old man. I'm not going to write her off due to her silver spoon birth, given opportunity and possible shot calling in the Oval.
  6. I don't feel like writing paragraphs so I pack 10 pounds in a 1 pound box. I'm ranting about non-denomination groups who base their doctrine on the Old Testament. As they require you not only to adhere to how they worship but also how they lived. Short of flesh sacrifice but they get you to think money is an alternative. They point to that is while these groups have odd practices, many others have distorted and bizarre rules. Small and large organizations. If I was Catholic, I'd be burning in the end due to my teenage years surfing the Sears catalog, as I'm not repenting for that. I said I take lessons from the bible, not lessons I deem fitting for my life style. I have not memorized it chapter and verse, a lot I am not familiarized. The book of Revelations doesn't hold much for me, unless I was to be sitting in a room being pulpit pounded and finding I'm missing out on the return of Christ. You're mantra of Christians being hypocrites. However, that idea can be held to all areas that man is involved in. This one just happens to fit your issues with this group.
  7. Back to BD2 point. He is correct, no doubt. Many organizations, denominations, leaders and Christians condemn such an idea and can be thought of as the works of Satan. For others, It is a place of tolerance, acceptance and love. As no man is without sin. If I was looking for a place, that is the criteria I would be looking for.
  8. Those 'Fellowships' are small and tend to be more on the eccentric side when it comes to the small particulars. The top two on the Do list are mandatory church attendance and tithing. ( Non sabbath based and pro Trinity) Some range in the 10s thousands. You ask for 10% of gross income, some ask for more then one tithe, you can build up a pretty serious bank roll of the back of the paychecks of your terrified membership. You just got to speak in the manner of ever improving and in all aspects. You'll always question your salvation if you're under the mind control. These cults, sects are shocking and further give regular folk a black eye on religion.
  9. Here is a shining example, while not a Church of God, its a close Word of... Just happen to be in the news today for abuse and attempted asst DA tampering. The check list for being a member
  10. Old testament. You obviously are not familiar with '...' Church of God's and splinter groups. A lot are based on Old Testament, even if they claim they teach New. Ideology of the Israelites wandering 40 years in desert with Moses. 7th day sabbath/ Saturday, tithing based, the one true church, denounce the Trinity and so on. Tithing is the crippler and you need to do a real good job of instilling terror into the fellowship on always striving to make yourself into a better person or you lose your salvation and part of being holy is giving and not questioning. Lives are ruined financially out of fear. I base mine on lessons from the bible, both ends, not actually living how and following the stories and way of life literally. Pretty sure they touched on slavery when the Hebrews were in bondage by Egypt for generations.
  11. Maybe he is a secret Gap Creationism guy ? Which can tie into Peaty 2 Pistols end post. While these maladies you speak of are not crowd favorites, I would say they are complex and beyond mans creation. As then they fall into that classification. I agree. Even more specifically I avoid all bible based, ' Church Of God' type religions. They base their theology literally from the Testaments.
  12. I disregarded those words. You don't seem like the man to admit being wrong. You have no intentions of being wrong. Those words are used just as a salesman would.
  13. Wrong. I am the only one here that offers up I have flaws and imperfections. You make that claim yet? Nope, it's like acid in your mouth. So keep fronting. Because all I'm hearing from the other side/your side is I and me. Your belief is wrong, mine is right. I do what's right for the right reason, you don't. I know what's right, you don't. I get it, you don't. You know what that sounds like? The very institutions and groups you condemn and tear down. That's hypocrisy.
  14. Well, for one, I'm being completely honest, open about my short comings in that post. There was no interpretations. Just a confession. Now you're twisting words in plain sight to fight your narrative. A concept you do not practice. You couldn't stomach to admit fault. Pride, lack of humility. That's what you think? You think everyone else is being lead by a carrot? Who say's your a good person, besides you? You don't get to decide that, it's not up to you. This snippet of your post speaks volumes. Pride, self righteous, condescending, braggart. You are one of seven billion. You are a nobody, a nothing. Time forgets you tomorrow if your heart stopped today. For you to say you, YOU, do the right thing because it's right and natural and that's how you are and everyone else falls short and needs incentive, well, you're not the man you think you are.
  15. No picking and choosing. I am made of flesh and blood and have my sins and faults. More importantly, I know thy self, maybe the most important. I have areas of improvement. Honoring the sabbath is tricky. I used to do it. Sun down to sundown. No work, sports, tv,, anything that is not resting and worship and fellowship. Tuff to follow. Bible study language is not HSO language.