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  1. Wheel House build

    Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 18w 4" Flood Driving Fog Light Off Road Lights Boat Lights driving lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp,2 years Warranty
  2. Wheel House build

    Looking good! I also wanted reverse lights. I used some of the really bright light bars from Amazon on mine.
  3. Ice Fishing Sales - Post Here

    Was in Joes sporting goods last night and they had the 8" K drill for $219
  4. Inline reel reviews

    I have a couple cgi's that I use for pan fish but switch to a spinning for my walleye rod.
  5. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    You running the orange convertible shaft or the Blue? I've been thinking about getting something else for use with my wheelhouse Don't think the convertible is going to work well re-opening holes plus I can't add extensions.
  6. Here is a write up of how I wired my electric jacks to control them. There are other ways to do this, but this is how I did mine. Here's a shopping list of what I used. remote jacks.pdf
  7. Wheel House build

    Wow them bends look pretty nice!
  8. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I have no experience with the K drill but would like to try one myself. I have however been using a Nils with my drill for the last couple of seasons. And I've used a friends Ion a few times. With the nils drill combo its easy to pack away. Most of the time I take the drill off the nils unless I'm hole hopping. The ion is much bulkier and slower drilling. For running and gunning I don't think there's a better combo then a light weight drill combo.
  9. Wheel House build

    I've seen it both ways. I stopped buying lumber from home depot for a while because it was dried so much that framing nails would split the 2x4's 3 feet down. I'm a firm believer now that quality or lack there of is pallet by pallet at most all consumer home improvement stores. If you want quality lumber you have go to places contractors do.
  10. Wheel House build

    Looking good keep it up the ice is coming soon!
  11. Remote electric jacks worth it?

    So I about got this nailed using 3 atv wench relays and a 4 channel wireless relay setup. I’ll do a write up on for others in the future.
  12. Otter fishhouse

    Not sure if you got a house yet or are on face book but Dan Murphy has an add going for new otter flip overs for good deals. He posted in the ice fishing fanatics group.
  13. Otter fishhouse

    If you planning on doing any hand pulling at all then do not get the lodge she is a tank and would not fit in a short box. As long as your not 300+ lbs you'll be perfectly comfortable with 2 adults in the cabin. Also a cheap alternative to Hifax are a set of old downhill skis (normally $7-15 @ goodwill) I pull mine across parking lots all the time behind the wheeler and they hold up really well. An added bonus is if you cut them off at the end of the sled then they work great for loading and unloading the shack from your pickup box by yourself because the steel sides dig into the ground a bit keeping the bottom from sliding out.
  14. Otter fishhouse

    Its a great house. Yep its heavy, yep the cover is bulky compared to a single layer, yep I'd buy it again. You can always pull down a zipper or 2 (front and back doors) if you get hot. For what its worth I switched from a Clam Yukon TC (normal sides with a insulated top) both are a similar size. On below zero days in the clam I would have to use a big buddy. In the otter I use a buddy and rarely turn it on high.
  15. Minnkota Vantage

    I tore mine apart and found no real smoking gun. It works fine in the driveway. If your having issues with it stopping while turning pull off the very back cover and one above it. All the control buttons on the handle are fed back and connect to around 9 butt splices on the left side of the trolling motor you may have a cracked wire. The wire gauge is very small for the connectors they use.