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  1. Polaris is shutting down Victory motorcycles?

    As a victory owner its sad to see. I've really enjoyed my bike and will continue to ride it. I don't get how they compete much, more like they are taking away their less profitable bikes to sway people over to their money makers. Until they change the looks of the Indians I will never own a Indian. I was at the Spirit Lake plant a couple years ago and while yes half that plant seemed to be the victory line they had the Indian line right next to it along with I believe was the GEM electric frame or some government contract frame. Hopefully the workers their can keep their jobs.
  2. Questions for can am w/tracks users

    I'm no expert but I did a bunch of research on tracks recently. I just bought a Polaris sportsman and the polaris tracks. First off the Camoplast tracks are the top of the line none better. Look up and call they are great guys and will answer all your questions. The reason I went with the polaris tracks instead of the tatou 4s's was because the dealer had the polaris tracks in stock and most of the components on them are made by camoplast, Polaris and Camoplast designed the new polaris tracks together so I'm hoping they are similar in performance. As far as removal and installation the anti rotation bar or what ever you want to call them usually have a mounting plate that attaches to the A-arm or frame. The tracs bolt right where the tire was removed and the anti rotation arm gets bolted to the bracket on the A-arm. So its a pretty simple deal as long as the toe-in is adjusted correctly it shouldn't take much more time than swapping tires. As far as $ it seems the Tatou 4s go for around $3400-3600 new so used Id say worth $2500 in good condition?
  3. Garage planning

    True about the roof height but maybe you can get a variance. Barn style buildings with a loft as said also add a ton of useful space without going super tall
  4. Garage planning

    Why not just add a second story? its cheap to do when your building it all from the get go.
  5. Yamaha 75 hp four stroke top speed

    Yep that's about what I see with my 17' alumacraft and a 75hp merc 2 smoker
  6. That's surprising my guess is it was defective too. Pick up a makita, better quality imo
  7. You should be fine. I can cut 4-500" of ice on a single charge with an 8" auger on my makita with similar specs.
  8. Pouring my own quick swap sinkers.

    what model mold is that? Do-it mold?