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  1. I No problem with that either will do that I can get around 400" of ice per 4ah battery. Eat your cake!
  2. I've had the nils 8" (orange) auger for 2&1/2 seasons now. I love it. Its light & the fastest cutting auger on the ice. Down side is you can't find cutting blades at most stores and its going to cost you $100. That said I have no regrets. I had surface tension re-sharpen my blade this year just because. If you have a wheel house I would say get the Blue nils because you can add an extension. The orange Nils you can't add an extension. I've never tried to re-open holes so I can't comment there. You'll want a good hammer drill with at least 750 in lbs of torque & a 4AH battery
  3. You haven't been in st. paul on the river lately
  4. what's the normal $ range on them? I searched but didn't see any prices. I'm not asking what you paid.
  5. Here ya go get warm white You can cut them every inch or so then get and this dimmer FYI these dimmers are great they work on PMW so you actually use less current so you can extend your battery run time by turning the lights down. Looks like a nice product, but man is that expensive!
  6. It's a 40 amp fuse. I have the exact same converter
  7. As a victory owner its sad to see. I've really enjoyed my bike and will continue to ride it. I don't get how they compete much, more like they are taking away their less profitable bikes to sway people over to their money makers. Until they change the looks of the Indians I will never own a Indian. I was at the Spirit Lake plant a couple years ago and while yes half that plant seemed to be the victory line they had the Indian line right next to it along with I believe was the GEM electric frame or some government contract frame. Hopefully the workers their can keep their jobs.
  8. Sounds like the fuse would be your problem. Put a capacitor on your amp lead it will prevent the LED's from flickering when the bass hits. That is not uncommon with high powered subs. Make sure to use your remote turn on feature of the radio so your amp isn't sucking juice when you don't need it. FYI if you need the fuse size I think i have the same unit at home and can look for you if needed.
  9. You could also install a couple of these meters. FYI you will need 2 of these to measure both consumption and charging. Read the comments on that page to see how to hook them up correctly.
  10. depending on the model your furnace should draw 5-8 amps Blown fuse? Bad battery? How big of a battery? is it a deep cycle? What Model is your wfco? Measure the converter output voltage per these instruction> I'd measure your current draw on every thing and move your other stuff to the panel instead of directly to the battery. Most meters will only go 8-10 amps so you may have to test things individually write it all down and see if your current draw exceeded the output of the converter.
  11. You would have to chop up the plastic base or just make a new base to be able to fit the hook7 in the soft case
  12. This the adapter your looking for? Lowrance sells a bunch of adapters not sure what plug is on the elite 3's I know they are different than all the other elites or hooks. I've used several lowrance units on the ice. currently use a elite 7ti. I've never cared for the layout of a regular flasher, so I can't really say how the flasher screen compares to another flasher. I strictly use graph mode and love it. I think I like using it more than my marcum LX-9 if that says anything. I would doubt you could swap cards from brand to brand.
  13. how many Ah battery are you using? Are you sure your battery is good? The biggest draw current draw is the screen back lighting, try and run it as low as you can stand. I have a elite 7TI (pretty much a HDS gen2) that I run on the ice along with my friend has the same unit as you and were both seeing 6-8 hours on a 9Ah battery.
  14. I've seen someone selling a step that folds down in front of the entry door that would take them some more time to get past. Nothing is theft proof. My name of the game is slow them down enough to make them not bother & try not to be the low hanging fruit.
  15. to add to that actually take a file to the paint on the end of the adapter and remove the paint. this will help with it slipping. I wish I had the video of me racing 3 other gas power augers. the Nils makes them all look silly.