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  1. I tore mine apart and found no real smoking gun. It works fine in the driveway. If your having issues with it stopping while turning pull off the very back cover and one above it. All the control buttons on the handle are fed back and connect to around 9 butt splices on the left side of the trolling motor you may have a cracked wire. The wire gauge is very small for the connectors they use.
  2. I have mapped but never submitted it to be processed. However I have downloaded maps from insight and used them. They work good if your willing to go thru the extra step to download them. If I remember correctly you will have to choose them in chart options or it will just show your regular insight map. The real nice thing is they are free! I mostly use Navionics I find I like them better than the insight maps & its easier to download user generated maps.
  3. Possible but I'm not sure who owns what patent.
  4. Your best angle of attack should come like this: Do you need to control your trolling motor with your sonar? if so you have 2 choices. Lowrance uses motor guide and H-bird goes with Minnkota. If that is not a requirement than the field is wide open. IMO don't go with a screen smaller than 9" with side imaging there is so much detail that its hard to see on a 7" screen. I'd stay away from garmin or any unit that doesn't have a true down scan ducer that uses software to produce a down scan image there is just too much stuff lost without it.
  5. Anyone messed with a minnkota vantage? I've heard the end button can cause problems. I was out this week and was using without issue, then I couldn't get the prop to turn on for anything. Put it up and down checked the breaker no issues found. Fast forward to today and messed with it in the driveway and everything worked as it should. Anyone torn into this? Looks like all the controls are only sold together in the handle assembly. Are there contacts to clean or is it time to bite the $170 bullet for an new switch? Really don't want this to dump out when I really need it
  6. I made my own with a hunk of plywood and a close pin glued to it.
  7. Convert yours to the LX9 or just rig up a ram mount behind the LX7 to hold your display.
  8. I believe you can do this with the Lowrance HDS 9 and above.
  9. You want the best bang for the buck? just string these led's around the top of your shack even 1/2 of one of these will light up the huge Clam 6pack Buy this and this The dimmer is nice because it will save your battery+ you really don't need them running at full brightness.
  10. With wood studs your going to have to seal them before using the VHB tape. FYI you can also use PL premium to glue your sheets to your studs but it is somewhat of a pain in the you know what. I overlapped mine an inch as well but made sure I had at least 2" of the sheet overlapping a stud or backing.
  11. Been using my lowrance on the ice for 3 seasons. I do not leave it out exposed in the cold if I'm not using it and have not had an issue. If you have touch screen it can be a pain in the winter with screen grounding issues and having to pull off your gloves... that said I love my lowrance I think I also prefer it over my Marcum LX9. Yes mapping will work fine at least from my experience especially when moving slow its when your zipping across the lake at 40+ that some units will have issues keeping up with mapping. Also something to keep in mind is if you ever decide you want a bow mount trolling motor that can follow contours or control via your graph you have two choices. Minnkota uses Humminbird and Lowrance uses Motor Guide. Just another thing to think about in your decision. Honestly I don't think you could really make a bad decision in sonar right now. All have features that are very close to one another and in 2 years your unit will be outdated and selling for a 10th of what you paid for it.
  12. Not sure what one your looking for but this unit may fit in between the ribs on your siding. I put this unit in my shack and it seems pretty nice.
  13. I got my sheeting from this place they had what I bought in roll form so I could have purchased any length I wanted but it was only 4' wide so I really didn't see the point of running it horizontal. You must listen to the Half a$$ morning show
  14. I use a lowrance and Youtube has been helpful in getting it set up for the ice. I can't really help much with your cute little bird.
  15. Does the 625 have the direction arrow? If not go for the 825. My friend has the 825 and I have the LX9 pretty much the same thing both are usable in the day as long as you turn so the sun isn't shining directly at the screen. That said I think you would have that problem with most any screen. I've been happy with marcum and had bad experiences with aqua vu's so my vote would be a marcum.