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  1. awesome. way to go, guys
  2. nice bird and pics wallydog
  3. oops, looks like i forgot the beard picture
  4. great job, hoyt. big congrats every year i think about carrying my bow or 20 gauge featherlight, but i just cant give up my 12 gauge 3 inch cannon for spring longbeards
  5. been a fun season so far put up blind along some brush yesterday since there are no good trees to set up against in this spot finally got one to gobble a few times, but he went silent about 150 yards away. 20 minutes later he cut loose 10 yards behind me. he was strutting for the dekes out in the field and when he turned his fan toward me i stood up so i could shoot out a back window and got the gun ready. my arms were starting to shake from holding the gun for so long before he finally cleared some brush gave me a shot
  6. welcome to the club, zach. sounds like you're hooked . congrats wtg, scoot and morgan, too
  7. those look impressive. lot of good broadheads out there nowadays. when i'm turkey hunting specifically, i use NAP gobbler getters. have shot two fall archery season toms in IL that made it about 10 yards before collapsing. i shoot wasp hammer 100 grain out of my mission sniper lite xbow when deer hunting. was on a sit last fall, made a few gobbler yelps, a flock of toms came in and one got hammered. shot thunderheads for years out of compounds with no complaints, and the 125s shoot dead on out of my xbow. main thing is fine tune whatever broadhead you shoot with your bow/arrow setup due to the small killzone (body or head) on a turkey
  8. all right! big congrats dillon your turn, grandpa
  9. way to go, moose
  10. first of many for team 5 ...
  11. a few were found down here in WC IL over the weekend from what the "experts" (dnr biologists and noted shroomologists) say, soil temp 53-55* is when they start popping we had that sunday but its dropped back near 50. i checked a few trees while turkey hunting today and didnt find any heres a site that tracks soil temps farm bureau soil temperatures
  12. on the board didnt hear a gobble in first spot, even on the roost. decided to head down the road with a couple hours left to hunt 5 minutes from the truck struck a gobble, 5 minutes later BTD!!! my biggest by weight by far - 27.5 pounds. scored 69
  13. checking in, guys just got back from a scout. lots of gobbling, about 20 came out into the field including 7 strutters my season starts monday
  14. i'd stay away from magnetic sights and get something with set screws to lock the sights firmly onto the rib. i'd also go with a front and rear fiber optic sight combo. i still shoot turkeys with the mossberg 500 i bought when i started hunting turkeys in 1991. the barrel had a front fiber optic bead and a iron bead about midway down the barrel. i got a true glow fiber optic sight pair and mounted them directly in front of both beads. i then removed the iron bead. gun always has been dead on out to 50 yards shooting 3 inch winchester xx 5s shoot some shells thru the x-full choke you got and see how it patterns. you can always upgrade chokes if you think you need a tighter pattern and/or at longer range sounds like you got a turkey slayer
  15. thanks for posting the recipe i've made it a couple times, once with bluegill filets, and it got 2 thumbs up both times thickened it up a little more the second time with a can each of cream of mushroom, celery and chicken might add wild rice to the mix next time