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  1. thanks to borch and hso for puttin on the contest a big high five to team 5 teammates for going 5-for-5 and a special shoutout to dillon for taking youth honors some nice toms taken by hso hunters this season i was fortunate to pull that big boy away from his harem. he fell victim to some sweet notes from a woodhaven copperhead diaphragm (which has become my favorite call the past few seasons) will be the envy of my huntin buds when stylin my hso hat at the local pubs
  2. way to go, guys yep, the toms not about to give up even though its close to closing time have seen several strutters the past couple weeks and heard gobbles yesterday while fishing
  3. great job. makes it 5 for 5 for team 5 congrats on a nice tom, 57 and that willl give our team score a boost
  4. i've made the Walleye Cakes with Blue Cheese Aioli recipe in the "old thread" above for years its from an old Walleye Insider and the recipe was from the Nisswa Grill in Nisswa, Minn one of our favorite change of pace fish recipes gotta cook the fish first and i dont see why you couldnt substitute pike for walleye
  5. congrats, great bird and pix
  6. so ... dillon has a bird to enter and 1957 is still hunting? looks like we are in good shape, but lot of guys still hunting in MN and WI, i assume ended my season friday. got the blind set up before the shower started. it quit right before sunrise time and there was lots of gobbling on the roost a couple hundred yards away but none where i heard them close by when scouting a couple days earlier. a few distant gobbles on the ground, then nothing after the rain and wind picked up again. finally saw a hen step out of the woods about 830 and start heading toward me. soft yelps kept her coming, then out steps a big tom and several more hens heading my way but when they got to an opening in the fence from the stalk field into another timber, the tom paused, i had the bead on him, decided it was too far, and then they were gone the rain quit a half hour later and i ramped up the calling with some louder yelps and cutts. a few minutes later a head comes over a rise in the field and its a solo tom. he ignored the dekes and headed toward the fence gap where the others went, stopped and fanned without gobbling, but some soft yelps, clucks and purrs kept him coming my way. dropped him at 40 yards after stepping it off to where he lay, i kept going to where the other tom left the field and it was 55 big steps, so glad i didnt shoot went 23, 10, 1 but the rain cut loose again on the way back to the truck so i didnt take pictures
  7. nice tom and cool pix, congrats
  8. congrats, guys, those are a couple really nice ones
  9. awesome. way to go, guys
  10. nice bird and pics wallydog
  11. oops, looks like i forgot the beard picture
  12. great job, hoyt. big congrats every year i think about carrying my bow or 20 gauge featherlight, but i just cant give up my 12 gauge 3 inch cannon for spring longbeards
  13. been a fun season so far put up blind along some brush yesterday since there are no good trees to set up against in this spot finally got one to gobble a few times, but he went silent about 150 yards away. 20 minutes later he cut loose 10 yards behind me. he was strutting for the dekes out in the field and when he turned his fan toward me i stood up so i could shoot out a back window and got the gun ready. my arms were starting to shake from holding the gun for so long before he finally cleared some brush gave me a shot
  14. welcome to the club, zach. sounds like you're hooked . congrats wtg, scoot and morgan, too
  15. those look impressive. lot of good broadheads out there nowadays. when i'm turkey hunting specifically, i use NAP gobbler getters. have shot two fall archery season toms in IL that made it about 10 yards before collapsing. i shoot wasp hammer 100 grain out of my mission sniper lite xbow when deer hunting. was on a sit last fall, made a few gobbler yelps, a flock of toms came in and one got hammered. shot thunderheads for years out of compounds with no complaints, and the 125s shoot dead on out of my xbow. main thing is fine tune whatever broadhead you shoot with your bow/arrow setup due to the small killzone (body or head) on a turkey