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  1. I use a separate battery for my lights and have them wired to switches. I have the Clam battery pack thing that includes the bag and charger.
  2. The V front gives you extra space from a square front, so how would you better utilize the space as you are actually losing space? At minimum you could just wall off the V and put a door so you can use it for storage. The IC Northern Pike model is that way, but uses the front as a bathroom, but you could use it for that and/or for storage. Worth looking into IMO.
  3. Yep going in you know you aren't going to get the same hole count out, but that's wouldn't be an issue for me. These things seem tailor made for wheelhouses given the no fumes. If you only move once or twice a day, you won't need to get that many holes, but most people I know that fish in wheel houses prefer 10" holes.
  4. Main thing to look for is what kind of wires are coming out of the lights. You'll want to make sure to get ones with thicker wires. Some just have the thin speaker wire and they are prone to breaking.
  5. Its good to hear stories like this about companies today. Customer service is what will build a company, so sounds like they are doing a great job. Now if we could get them to sell augers with the 10" bit up front I'd buy one in a heart beat!
  6. My biggest concern with them would be how they will trailer down the road given how light they are if there is any sort of a wind. Buddy of mine used to have an extremely light all aluminum house and with any wind that thing was an nightmare. numerous times it would be trying to pass you up and would get to the point he'd make sure to always put bags of salt in it when pulling it around. Granted if you have a four wheeler in it, that would alleviate those concerns, but what about the times you aren't bring the 4 wheeler with?
  7. I used some foam I had laying around and cut them into squares that fit in the slots of my tackle box. Made them so basically touch both the lid and the foam, so they can't bounce all around. I can now shake my tackle box and all you hear is the rattles from all of them. Takes time, but should protect them all.
  8. If the 18 is the only option, it would be an awesome upgrade to the 8. The zoom features are awesome. But if you can get a good discount on a 20 or 28, I'd recommend one of those. The screens are much easier to read. I have a 20 and I don't foresee needing anything for a long, long time!
  9. DTro, That's the backup if the engine keeps running, but they recommend using the switch first. Below is from their manual. 10. After using this machine, STOP the engine by allowing the engine to return to idle and moving the switch to the OFF position. If engine fails to stop, press the decompression valve in to shut off the engine. If the ignition switch has failed, DO NOT OPERATE until the ignition switch has been repaired by an qualified mechanic.
  10. I'd recommend a Clam Rod Locker, the newer blue ones. Not quite a hard case, but pretty close. If you are only going with 4 or 5 you can get the standard one. I have the bigger one and like it so far.
  11. Most Ice Castles are located up there as well. We have never had an issue with it before and haven't heard others mentioning it, so I don't think you'll have to worry about it.
  12. Agreed, all brands make pretty good auger. There will be some lemons and I think a lot of the "issues" are due to operator error. My Solo Lazer Pro is going on 3 years and couldn't be more happy. Follow what the manufacturer says to do and you'll be alright.
  13. Sounds like the wind skirt would be a must on the lake by the sounds of it. Thanks for the reviews.
  14. I'm looking for the best way to fry stuff up on the lake and I've seen the Fryin' Saucers on TV and other places, but wondering if anyone has tried using one out fishing and how they worked?
  15. I had reflectix in my old frabil flip over and it worked to keep it warmer. I even cut pieces for the side that I'd put in on really cold days once I had it set up. But I upgraded to a full thermal otter and it is significantly better. Not only does the full thermal keep it much warmer and no condensation, but the thing I haven't noticed anyone say is how much less flapping there is from the wind as the fabric is much heavier. So I'd say reflectix is a cheap solution to get you by a little bit until you bite the bullet and go thermal. You won't be disappointed.