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  1. Plugging in pickup

    If you want it for lights look into a photocel timer. Mine turn on at sundown for 2,4, or 8 hours.
  2. Plugging in pickup

    Win some and lose some. I wanted my million dollar idea 'Uber shovels' to take off until I found out someone is doing something similar in other states.
  3. Wheel House Build Renovation

    Just be sure before you make any big changes to the interior that you can get your holes in the right places without hitting cross braces.
  4. Plugging in pickup

    Pick yourself up a remote outlet for 10 bucks. Leave the remote inside with you and just flip it on an hour before you go out maybe?
  5. Another speaker question

    If your speakers can take the wattage, depending on how your radio is setup you can also double up channels and run two to each speaker. That will increase the wattage coming from the built in amp. Another thing to look at would be a 40 dollar motorcycle amplifier. Very cheap and easy to setup and they can really increase the volume and bass over some lower end car stereos.
  6. Register Wheel House

    Interesting. We are in MN and about a year and a half ago registered one that was completely home-built and we didn't need a weight slip and we didn't have to pay sales tax on most of it because we had already paid the tax on most of the items we bought. Just wheels and a couple other items bought online that weren't taxed.
  7. Wheelhouse speakers

    No problem, if your looking for something pre-made just google 'speaker spacer rings'. There are a million options for different sized speakers all pretty cheap.
  8. Whole house humidifier

    Not just heat, if you have central air it will run off that also though not as well. Usually no real need to have a humidifier run in the summer though around here.
  9. Wheelhouse speakers

    You can buy shallow mount speakers for a couple extra bucks, but making a bumpout inside isn't to bad. We put ours in the corners in the back with a 45'd wood box. The front are in the bathroom wall so there was room there. Going to throw in some outside ones next summer and for those I'm planning on shaving out the sprayfoam and just packing insulation in behind them. They will be mounted behind cabinets so shouldn't lose to much heat. Outside if they don't fit I will be buying the plastic pre-made spacers, don't want wood out there.
  10. New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    I like seeing that gas line open in the bathroom. I saw a couple manufactures at a show this summer that had them hidden in the wall and that absolutely terrifies me. If something were to happen with it they would be sol.
  11. Rookie Wheelhouse question

    Right to the ice for us unless there for a few days, or if it’s warmer out then going to freeze quick. Nice thing about using the slush from the holes is we didn’t even have to bank the house the first day. Nice to get fishing right away
  12. Rookie Wheelhouse question

    We do half way down also and just squish it down on the slush pile.
  13. Fish House Build

    We do the exact same with ours... too bunk, throw it on the roof when you get there.
  14. New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    We have that one and it worked at -10 from a cold start.
  15. my over 60 year old dad does too.