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  1. Day late... never saw this ha, just swapped it out with a queen from home.
  2. Not looking for your spot but more so just curious if anyone in the area has much luck on public land at all? Went to a few small lakes and saw a couple but nothing much. Public pond that we walk in and usually get one or two woodies but its a bit of a hike in and would like to try and see a little more action. We have a spread or woodies, mallards and geese but all we ever see is wood ducks and when we do see mallards, rarely do we get to call them in very close. Have a small camo boat but no blind over the top. Welcome any pointers from folks in the area! Already antsy for summer to clear out.
  3. we got ours at garelick steel I think? a pneumatic nibbler cuts them no problem. Think we paid 40 something a sheet but the ends were damaged and I know cost depends on color. If its taped on you can cut out the tape, otherwise 3m makes a solvent to remove their tapes. Not sure how well it works but worth a shot if your committed to replacing them.
  4. The truth comes out!
  5. Looking at some burnt ends in the smoker this weekend. to lean and stringy for me. I suppose I could just cut it with some pork fat??
  6. Anyone know where I can find it? Checked a couple grocery stores and even a butcher and nobody has it? Also what's a decent price if I do find any?
  7. I have a 30x20 foot section that I have raked down to black dirt now. Mildly sunny but will get a good amount of shade. I'm looking to rake it one more time then fertilize and lay grass seed. Question is should I use a lawn blanket for it? not much slope, gutters from the garage will wash out one corner so I think I'll redirect that until it grows in. Any other tips/ tricks? City has a water ban right now but I couldn't take the dog's and kids tracking the mud in anymore so they gave me a watering permit for new grass. I don't think it should take to much water as it is pretty shady there so I'm going to keep the watering as sparse as I can. As FYI- I'm not looking to send out any soil samples more just curious about the use of a blanket and if anyone has had good luck with them. Thanks,
  8. Randy!! Thanks for your timely answer!
  9. Dogs can get Lyme just like people. I got it when I was young, my daughter got it and my dog had it. Mine went without symptoms for a bit and some people can have it for months or years without symptoms until it has done a good amount of damage. Test is not always reliable and can take some time, and on top of that,in my experience at least' DR's seem hesitant to even check for it. From the DR's I have spoken to about it, a lot like to treat for it even if there is a possibility. The treatment isn't typically much worse than some people get for typical infections. Just very glad my daughters was caught quicker or was more mild than mine. Not fun when you get in the thick of the symptoms.
  10. we have three other ones already.... but of a hoarder I guess lol
  11. Kept getting pushed back from moving into the new house, but finally heading up to open the camper tomorrow afternoon. Bought a new leaf blower to keep the outside rugs clean. On mega clearance at Wally world for 10 bucks... Told the Mrs. it would've been foolish of me NOT to buy it. She wasn't impressed.
  12. On the cheat meal issue. There is only a minor setback physically if you limit to once a week. What most people don't look at is the psychological benefit to a cheat meal. The truth is most people who run a diet(excluding athletes and those that maintain a fit lifestyle for prefessional reasons) sneak snacks hear and there. Sure some dont or dont for a time but most do. The cheat meal gives you one day or meal all week to look forward to with those snacks to splurge. This is by far easier than someone saying the diet is three months, or even better, 'I'm never eating processed sugar again'.
  13. I thought those were typically run to the floor next to the furnace as an outside air combustion source. If its truly just a fresh air intake, personally I would just install a damper in it rather than removing it all together. Close it off and see what happens but if you start seeing moisture problems one way or another, then you can just reopen it without having to cut in a new line. The combustion line used to be code in some areas(not sure any more). As to the height off the ground, any intake should typically be higher rather than lower in case there are any heavier than air gasses that build up for any reason(i.e. sewer gasses) so that you aren't pulling them back in.
  14. We have bought and sold three houses in the last 5 years. We use the same agent every time because he took his time and ultimately marketed and sold each of our houses for more than what we were expecting. Because he didn't just go for the quick sale on each, he got commission on two more houses due to us being so impressed with his work. I sincerely hope we are in this new house for the rest of our lives, but I can promise you one thing, if we list again it will be with him for taking his time and getting it done right with our best interests in mind. Alternatively, there is another agent trying to sell my grandmas house, who has done next to nothing and just wants to drop the price every 6 months until it sells. He will be out of contract in a couple months and will be dropped immediately. just my
  15. Where did you wind up getting the best deal on the rubber floor?