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  1. Yeah I know it always adds up. I have done some construction work and a bit of home wiring and plumbing so I can usually come pretty close to price. The parts that always kill me are when I need to go back to the store for a 30 cent bolt or something really small that just kills ya to make the trip ha!
  2. Kind of crude image but here is what I'm looking at.
  3. Access is in the middle but I'm not overly concerned with that. I can seal it up and cut a new one. I'm thinking about slide channels mounted on the wall with a steel or aluminum frame mounted to the channels that can slide up and down with a electric winch routed through a couple pulleys.
  4. It's a garage listed as a loft build. 2x6 floor beneath the trusses to it will take a good amount of weight and I'm not putting much for weight up there more so just a bunch of bigger boxes spread out. I will be good as far as weight goes. Budget would like to be a couple hundred but would go to 5ish if I throw in stairs. And the fire pole may be the best idea yet!
  5. Yeah I could do that. I guess ultimately I'm looking for something a little easier up and down with a large volume of boxes. I may look further at a winch platform to lift, could do many at a time that way.
  6. Lol at 3 I think I got a little time
  7. I just took my daughter to tractor supply to see the baby chicks and she asked if those were fish sticks. Only 3 years old but on the right track! We were talking about chickens the other day but leave for the cabin every weekend and didn't want to leave them alone... with this contraption we could hit the highway and take em with us! New meaning to fast food!
  8. Not a bad idea, I didn't think about that. Only problem is it comes down in an area where my workbench will be and If I have that out on the floor I know I'll trip daily. Plus, we will be in and out of the attic frequently for storage, holiday decorations etc. so I'm thinking I would like to get something in place thats a little easier to carry totes up and down than that ladder. Would like my wife to be able to come and go without worrying about her trying to get a box down from there.
  9. Lol I do was just joking.
  10. Alrighty, so we are moving in about 3 weeks. House has a two car attached and 3 car detached garage, both heated. There is very little storage in the house aside from closets. The three car detached has high rafters with a large open attic. My issue is, it has one of those pull down stair cases that looks to have been mounted about 4-6 inches to high, so it doesnt touch the ground until you put weight on it and then is very rickety. We will be using that attic for 90% of our storage so I'm trying to figure out a better way up. One option is to build stairs on the outside with a small storm door going in. Another option is to try and see if there is a better pull down staircase that I could haul totes and boxes up easier, and third would be building a platform, fixing it to rails on the wall and mounting a 110v winch in the ceiling to hoist loads up and down. Anyone have any experience with any of these, or any alternatives the would recommend? This will be a relatively soon need for us because everything we have in storage now needs to go up there. Thanks!
  11. Maybe just a leaky valve in the upstairs toilet just kept running??
  12. I have to make the first trip of the year by myself to dispose of any unlucky freinds that made it in over the winter. 6 cans of pest control spray foam and I think I filled all the hole but I'm sure the little monsters have found another way in by now. I also have poison everywhere so first trip up will also be without the pups. Took pics of all the poison to make sure I remembered it all though so should be quick.
  13. Forget where but we took ours to a guy in the south metro and for smaller pieces like that I think it was like 5-10 a break with a minimum charge if you didn't do much. Guy we found didn't even really offer it to the public we just happened to call and said we would pay so he quoted us on the spot. Have heard some people try to go homemade with steel bars or 2x4's and the results were always terrible.
  14. We have the lip too and are going to have a piece of diamond plate bent to create a small ramp. Not ideal but looks more fluid.
  15. That was probably me with the jacknife. I'm sure you could find a way to mount it to the wall!