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  1. From what I was able to find it looked like they all originated from the same manufacturer. Cheap ones have been working great for me. We have them in our shack, in my portable, in the shed at the lake, and I plan to start putting them up in the garage at the next house when I move in the spring.
  2. Nah, we were set there, really only needed a 30 dollar nibbled and I splurged on a $100 multi tool but that has already paid itself in other projects!
  3. Slap an additional 250-500 on top of all that if you decide to just 'Wing it" on your first house.(Not recommended!!)
  4. Aren't you getting the itch again?? I'm sure you could fit him in before your next build this spring!!
  5. Curious how much walking you guys are seeing? Only used our a handful of times last year but I never saw any movement from when I put the blade on the ice.
  6. What kind of flooring did you use? Not worried about slipping from water/snow?
  7. No second tank needed. Mine works fine on both sides. Purged the line for about 45 seconds and it fired right up.
  8. Looks great!
  9. Outside of the plumbing I like the fish house Idea for your usage, however I would call around to some other RV dealers too if that is an option. We bought new a year ago, and the couple dealers we went to said we could swap out any tables, desks, chairs, beds etc. and the only cost would be the cost of the new unit. No labor. They also were willing to give me a buy back credit for any furniture I was taking out. Also, some RV toy haulers have the door that can be a ramp but can also lower flat to the ground, then lift straight up without tilting. They also make great porches in the summer as some of them have built in screen tents. Alternatively, If you went the fishouse option, I would look into raising the entire bathroom up high enough for the plumbing, then look into a small platform, that your could wheel onto then use some kind of electric jack system to raise you up the 8-10 inches to the bathroom.
  10. Looked into it and with a 20# tank you dont need a regulator if you are using the regular connect but you should have a filter. But is you are using the quick connect you do need a regulator on your line. If you are using the regulator, no need for a filter as well. Also, if you hook up to a 20# tank, you need to hold the pilot on and bleed your line for a minute or so to get the air out before it will light. Did that and it fired right up without issue. Went outside to try it in the wind. Again started great.
  11. Update, humidifier went on sale even further. With two rebates and the sale it came out to like 80 bucks. Done deal, have since turned the temp down a few degrees in the house and it feels much better! Our oldest daughter is usually the one to go with itchy skin when it gets dry so we'll see over the next few weeks if this does it but so far feels great!
  12. I guess thats not my experience. Fishing with the big buddy on low was about perfect, and with my hub being uninsulated on the walls, I dont see 3800 BTUs keeping it very warm, and for 20 bucks more I could get the portable for 80ish? Plus, definitely want to be able to connect the 20 pounder for less in propane costs Did you mean the actual little buddy or the portable(smaller of the two large buddy's)?
  13. To many but none with as high of a dollar amount as I would like to spend!
  14. one twenty something at cabelas now so may just pick it up. Thats where my giftcards are to anyhow.
  15. definitely getting the hose, just wasnt sure if I would need that much output. The idea is that this is just for early and late season until we can get the shack out on the ice.