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  1. Where did you wind up getting the best deal on the rubber floor?
  2. This guy knows what hes talkin about!
  3. Lol. new house so I wont have time this year. Maybe next. Who knows, few years out and I'll end up like the "honey I shrunk the kids" movie suspended above the lawn on a cable with magnifying goggles on...
  4. Surprisingly enough, I'm sure my neighbors thought I looked ridiculous but I took my pressure washer out last spring and lightly hit my yard with it. Loosened everything up and I was the first lawn in the neighborhood that was dark green.
  5. Had the b-day party a couple weeks ago and she loves it! She actually did a lot better on the first ride than I though she would so once we're moved into the new house I'll be upgrading the battery and may not be as long as I was planning to bump it up to an 18 or 24v...
  6. I'll look into the lime. As note, the rest of the lawn is golf course green and looks great so I dont need to rehab anything, I have a spreader and typically just go with three treatments a year, so may just try that. Anyone have experience with pine needles and a bagger? Will it pick them up or do they get to embedded in the ground? By the way there are no lakes or streams anywhere near me. Living in suburban america again so closest we would have would be man made ponds which get pretty dank in the summer anyhow.
  7. I'm thinking I may just try and pull down all but one of them to try and open it up a little back there. May be a project for next summer.
  8. Well, 2 years later, what did you go with and how did it turn out??
  9. Moving into a new house in a little over a week. In the pictures from last fall, they yard looks great, trying to get an idea of what or when to fertilize without knowing when they did last. Should I just go with a normal spring feed? Not looking to have the ground assessed. Also, there is an area in the back yard with pine trees that has about a 30 foot circle of very little grass and lots of pine needles. The low branches are a good 10-15 foot up but still enough shade make growing difficult. Any chance I can get grass to come in back there short of cutting 1 or all three of the pine trees down(which may be an option in the future)?
  10. If you do really like the in floor idea, but are worried about recovery, adjustable thermostats are pretty cheap. You could definitely have it warm by the time you get up there, I just wonder if cycling like that would even be worth it on a weekly basis vs. just leaving it at temp. The alternative is getting wifi and a wireless thermostat to just turn up ahead of time, but if just for heating, the wifi will probably bring you back up to the cost of the heating bill anyhow.
  11. I've also had good luck spray painting PVC. Biggest thing I found is to do lots of light coats, the PVC makes the paint want to run in a hurry.
  12. Ridiculous... but it would work. Sorry to offend, guess I don't get quite so fired up about concrete.
  13. I could see it for a pressure test, but if you fasten the pex in enough spots there wouldn't be any floating. Maybe expansion once filled but if it wasnt filled until the concrete set that shouldn't be a problem either.
  14. Usually they make ties or brackets that you can bolt it down with. Doesn't take much just enough to hold it in place until everything sets. Definitely worth filling first though for a pressure check at a minimum.
  15. Definitely need an insulated slab or you'll bleed our money, however I would guess if it was initially built as a 4 season they should have insulated the slab initially. If the existing slab is already insulated, i have heard people running their pex along the top of the slab and boxing up the floor with 1x2's and sheeting over it. Results sounded pretty good. Also not an expert.