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  1. We have the lip too and are going to have a piece of diamond plate bent to create a small ramp. Not ideal but looks more fluid.
  2. That was probably me with the jacknife. I'm sure you could find a way to mount it to the wall!
  3. Not last year but the year before that we had one that followed us all through deer season. He would hop up on our knee while we were sitting there, and the little bastard would grab my glove and try to run off with it. He was almost dinner many nights.
  4. With ice crapping out already I'm already looking to summer. First on the list this year is my front door. When you open it with the awning out it scrapes on the bottom of the awning and I always figured we would wear a hole in it sooner or later. Well turns out there is a little bracket you can mount to the top with a roller ball on it to catch the awning. That'll be my first fix this year. Second is to bury black pipe from the rv 100 feet over to the holding tank. I wont have a good slope but the pump should push it through no problem. Just hoping once winter comes again that my compressor will have enough juice to pump out 100 feet of potentially sloping line.
  5. What lake is that again??
  6. likely for access to connections after the house is built. I ran all of ours through moulding along the top of the house for the same reason. I can always pull the moulding and get at all of my wires and connections now.
  7. Url

    Anyone been or going to upper red recently? Heading up tonight and driving out in the morning. Hearing mixed reviews on the lake lately, not sure if the steady temps will help this weekend.
  8. Well there's an idea!
  9. First round of lights are on and they are bright!!! Underglows should come this week then I'm off fishing. Will probably order up the radio in the next couple weeks. So far very happy with how it's turning out!
  10. My cable modem and router all in one was just shy of 100 if that helps. Would assume there is something comparable for dsl.
  11. Holy smokes!! So the red tail lights came the other day and they were pretty darn bright, but the white lights I'm using for the head lights and fog lights on the roll bar just came. I plugged one into my flasher battery and it lit the whole kitchen up! I have either 5 or 7 of the white going on, two of the red and two pink led strips under it. This thing is going to light up the whole neighborhood!! Might start wiring tomorrow...thinking that'll take a couple hours so will see if I can get it done before the game.
  12. download is you main concern and should be tracked at several times over a couple days. One reading wont give you much due to usage spikes.
  13. just pick up a grounding bus bar from the store. Ground from converter to the bar and from the bar to the battery. Then all your other grounds can feed out from there. your 12v grounds should be separate from your 110 grounds from what I was told.
  14. Some punk in our neighborhood thought it would be funny to ride down the side of the street the other day on everyone's yards. Worst part is it was when it was warm, so the tires sank in and ripped a line down to my inground fence and tore hunks of the ground with it. I wouldn't mind as much as normally I would just pop some fresh dirt and seed in when spring comes, however we are looking to list the house in the next month. Anything I can do to make this hopefully not look like garbage? I have all the chunks of grass that came out and can lay them over the track but it still looks terrible.
  15. ours is cheap, but we put it in the bed of the truck and put the topper glass down with the tailgate open. Seems to cut a chunk of the noise down.