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  1. Hydraulic Frames

    You can get longer but at a premium, and I'm not a huge fan because of the different firmness from back to bottom along with the groove makes sleeping awkward. You could make one easy enough or modify a futon. Find a used one and gut the hardware out to make your own that will blend in better.
  2. Tv Setup

    They make mounts where the TV sits out a little further and you can mount a couple smaller appliances to the mount behind the TV with straps. Not an option for some as the TV may stick out a few more inches but worth considering if you don't want a separate cabinet.
  3. Wheel house help!

    I would fur it out another inch, then spray foam and finish to the furring strips. No vapor barrier needed at that point.
  4. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

  5. Recent purchase for the wheel house

    whats the wattage on that?
  6. Wheel House build

    Foam is pretty darn rigid when dry, it may actually help prevent sagging if your worried about it.
  7. Remington 30-06 springfield 150 gr. Core lokt has never let me down. Not sure about expansion but a good shot through the lungs doesn't hit much meat as long as you stay behind the shoulders.
  8. Wheel House build

    I don't know if I go around to posting pics recently, I'll try and get a picture of the finished bench in the next week so you can see. Nothing to elaborate, just a wood futon type slide out. I may be swapping it to an aluminum frame on rails at some point so its a little lighter and slides smoother. Definitely check into IC nutz for your winches though. Running a drill to go up and down is really nice. @Hawg can probably give you a good review there, he seems to love them.
  9. Wheel House build

    Honestly love it. I just wasn't a fan of sitting sideways out of the dinette while jigging. It has also opened up more floor space during the day which is huge when your cooped up for 3-5 days. I think we will eventually look into small pedestal tables but for now we have the arm rests and shelves along side the couches which have been great. My wife is usually calling be back in by fishing season to look after the girls... Mind you by the time Ice comes I have usually already been gone hunting for 3-4 months.
  10. Wheel House build

    Dont know how high your bunk in the back will be but if it was me I would move the back window as high as possible so it sits just below the bunk. Nice to be able to look outside while standing without crouching down. Build looks good so far! I would highly recommend spray foam on the walls and ceiling. It takes a ton of the flex and bounce out of the house.
  11. Smaller brisket smoke method

    I think I would have just told the Mrs. that it was time for an upgrade and went out and picked up a new one.
  12. Daylillys

    So where can I get come of this agent orange??? Just asked at Wally World and all the sudden the cops were asking all kinds of funny questions.
  13. Doe permits are out.

    Brown and down... Used to be white and down a couple years ago... Dogs jumped out of someones truck at the gas station and went wild. They were taking down deer and other peoples dogs... Think a hunter finally took one during deer season and the other one didn't last on its own.
  14. Wild Violets!!

    Do you live behind me?? I have the same area... going to lay fabric and rock it now that its cooled down. Hoping to only have to hit it once a year with grass killer then.
  15. Daylillys

    I keep getting grass and weeds growing up the middle of them. I like a decent lawn but as far as gardens and plants I'm a shrub guy. I dont like a ton of maintenance. I think that's the plan. . Roundup in the soil and black tarp over the top. Boarders my neighbors yard though so I'm hesitant to put to much down. I was more some hoping for some one to say "Well gee, they just came out with an extremely effective weed killer that kills daylillies and nothing else!!!"