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  1. Side-Imaging Depthfinders

    I have the Humminbird Helix 7 G2N Chirp SI that networks to my Terrova Trolling motor. Trying it out for the first time on softwater this weekend. The newer Helix's come with Autochart Live which allows you to create your own lake map with depths and contours. Pretty unbelievable. I fish some remote lakes in Canada and this is going to be very beneficial. I also use it for ice fishing and have been very happy. I wish I would have gotten the Helix 9 but wanted portability for the snowmobile. I can see myself getting a 9 or 10 next year for just the boat.
  2. Anyone use the new Clam Spear

    I like it! Where can I get one?
  3. Anyone use the new Clam Spear

    When I first got into spearing I bought one of the laser ones from GM and told my buddy who got me into spearing that I didn't like how heavy it was. He said you want a heavy spear so the big ones don't swim off. Just let them sink to the bottom with it. I have never looked back since and think I will be happy with it. I see a lot of people talk about the lazers sailing. Has anyone tried to weld some fins on it like a "+" to make it fly straighter?
  4. Anyone use the new Clam Spear

    It was $119.99. I do like the weight already. I feel like there should be a laser sight on it.
  5. I was at Mills today looking at decoys and saw the new spear by Clam. This thing is a beast and decided to pick one up. I was wondering if anyone has used one yet. It is nice and heavy at 8lbs. Hoping to break it in on Lac La Croix over New Years.
  6. Thanks guys. I should have looked there first.
  7. A guy at work said that if you did not fill your rifle license you can use it as a Muzzleloading license? I tried to call the DNR but they are closed. If it is true another questions is can I take a doe with it in a area that had a lottery? Thanks for any guidance.
  8. Track ID?

    My guess is possum
  9. My Wolf Encounter Video

    We had a pack of 11 cross the ice on us ice fishing up by Crane Lake. Supposedly there is a pack of 30 upthere but I find that hard to believe. We were going to hunt up there for wolves but decided to stick to our deer hunting spot for opener. I talked to the CO today and he said there was plenty of wolves in Nemadji. Hopefully we can take 2 out next weekend.
  10. My Wolf Encounter Video

    Thanks guys. I thought you might like it. I have come across quite a few packs and even owned a Wolf Hybrid for awhile. They are more curious and are merely trying to get a scent from you more then wanting to attack. The only time my wolf got wild with me is when I tried to take away a deer carcass I gave him. That was the last time I did that. I am hoping it is this easy next weekend when I go back for the 2nd season.
  11. I took Fri off and headed up to Nemadji for the last weekend of deer hunting. I had a long walk out as I had to get through some clearings. I had just come to a clearing and stopped by a down pine tree in the trail. I looked across the clearing down the trail and saw something at the edge of the weeds that looked odd. It was a wolf looking my way. I stood still and 2 other proceeded to follow him and when they hit a low spot I pulled out my phone. It was very interesting watching them.The front one got with in 45 yards but was never afraid. The wind was blowing pretty good and they were down wind. I watched their behavior and when the first one stopped and looked at the other ones to go around and flank I thought wow this what they do when they hunt. Just then I realized I had clipped on my Tink's 69 scent wafer to my jacket and it was probably me they were smelling. Luckily the wind changed at that moment and they went down wind in the new direction. They never saw me wearing blaze orange from head to toe. They probably thought the bush was on fire.LOL I can't wait to go back next week for the wolf opener. They were small but a wolf is a wolf and I am not going to get picky.
  12. Best hub style for spearing

    I have only been spearing for a few years. I started out using my X2 lined with black plastic. I sold that and ended up getting the Fatfish 949I and highly recommend it. Me and my buddy spear out of it together and go face to face which is nice as he can see what is coming underneath my side and I can for him. If you watch my video that was taken out of my Fatfish. It was -15 when we were fishing and only had the big buddy heater on low. Nice thing about the insulated is the moisture doesn't build up inside. If you only plan on having 1 person in the house I would go with the 767I. I did use my 949I to sleep in for opening deer hunting last weekend and it worked great. We kept the Big buddy on low and were more then enough comfortable in it. Only issue is they are not waterproof so we cover it with a tarp incase it rains when we sleep in it. My buddy just picked one up at Cab last weekend with all the deals and discount was only $183.
  13. I ended up video taping my buddies big one last year. He was dang near hyper ventilating and had to talk him down. We are both kind of new to spearing but I don't know what he was waiting for. Thought it might get some people pumped before the season.
  14. Chainsaw for ice?

    I just bought my Ice saw 2 weeks ago and look forward to using it. However when the ice is thick it is nice to get through it quick with the chainsaw. My plan was if it was too thick for the chainsaw I could finish up the the ice saw. Not trying to sound like a wuz but trying not to get all sweaty either. Does everyone use a auger hole to start with the ice saw or do you use the ice saw to chip a starting hole? Just thought using the ice saw to start will beat it up quicker.
  15. Chainsaw for ice?

    I used a Poulan (50cc?)chainsaw with a 20 inch bar I believe but came up short towards the end of the season. I was wondering how long a bar I could use with out burning it up. I got to think ice doesn't strain it like wood would so was hoping to at least go to a 24 inch bar.Any insight would be appreciated.