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  1. Hmm, nobody has tried these augers?
  2. Watching YouTube videos the Nils auger sure looks smoother and doesn't seem to throw the shavings as much as the Kdrill does which is a plus
  3. For those that have tried both which do you prefer and why? Looking at the 8" augers to use with cordless drill
  4. How is your sheeting attached? I don't see any screws?
  5. The unit I listed above are waterproof and can be cut to size. Suggest you give them a call. The recomend that light for boats, utility trailers, snowmobile trailers
  6. Kind of sidetracking this thread but I thinking of getting an Ion auger. I carry my current gas auger on an ATV and sometimes the powerhead gets covered with snow and then will not run properly. Any issues with the Ion in this type situation?
  7. This is what I installed in my 6 x 10 One 10' strip, good light
  8. Interior is not finished off. I want to fish out if it for a season and plan a layout. I do have a Superior direct vent heater and LED strip lights which run off one of my boats trolling motor batteries. I plan to build a cabinet around the heater & battery which will also serve for storage and table. I also plan to build a 2' x 2' x 6' box to mount to the back of the house that will house the propane tank, ice auger, shovel and other essentials. Looking into solar panel to help maintain the battery These are all future summer projects, as for now I have the house on Red and fishing out of it
  9. Pulling the house across this grass meadow the snow is a couple feet deep. No issues with plowing, house stayed on top.
  10. All good points I've considered. When I built the hitch I didn't have my tracked ATV around so expected I may have to reengineer the pointed end. When in sharp turns the tracks can hit the tubing. It is working good enough for this winter but will make some adjustments for next.
  11. What would you like to know? In a picture I posted Nov 24 you can see the rafters. They're spaced every 20" Just welded two pieces of tubing in a slight V. Have about a 4" rise in the middle. The sheeting was done in two pieces. One was 10' x about 30". Bent it so it overlapped the wall sheeting by an inch. The second sheet was 10' x 4' and was bent the same to overlap the opposite wall and also bent to lay over the peak and overlapping the first sheet.
  12. Hitch is made
  13. This is what I used. The stuff is very sticky. Plan ahead and make sure you have the sheeting where you want it because it's not coming off. Clean install. Just make sure you degrease material before assembly
  14. Getting the siding on