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  1. I drilled about 20 over the weekend. Still fully charged
  2. I made a video but no luck getting it to download. I'm pretty sure you all know what it looks like to drill an ice fishing hole.
  3. Real happy with the Nils. Works pretty slick.
  4. All set up
  5. I run mine horizontally. No issues.
  6. "They" As in Milwaukee?
  7. I go over the snow
  8. All set up; ready to drill on Monday
  9. I built it. It's 6' x10' aluminum skid house. Figure about 700lb
  10. It's going to depend how important floatation is to you. In the pic I'm going across a grassy meadow and the snow is well over 2' ATV is only sinking in maybe 8"
  11. I agree, the reason for tracks is for floatation. The wider track is going to give you way more. My brother and I both run Camso T4S on our ATV's
  12. Well I couldn't resist; picked up a 8" Nils auger blue with red blade for $120 Now to make a power adaptor for a power drill
  13. Thanks for the info. Jim I understand the differences in the adaptor end but wonder differences in the business end (blade and flighting) I plan on using the auger inside a house with a drill. Do you stick with the orange premade setup or if I find a good deal on the blue auger do I pick it up and make an adapter? Maybe the blue auger doesn't work good with a drill.
  14. How is the Nils for redrilling partially froze over holes? What is the difference between the blue and orange 8" Nils as far as blade and flighting? One longer than the other or have advantages over the other? I can make the power adaptor for the blue auger if needed.
  15. Hmm, nobody has tried these augers?