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  1. Devils Lake nd

    ok thanks for the help
  2. Devils Lake nd

    I am thinking about going to devils lake and I have never been there before I would like to bring my 8X16 ice house. I have been looking at some websites for some of the resorts but they do not post very much information about ice roads and such. So does anyone have any suggestions on where to access the lake safely? And possibly a good area to start trying to catch fish? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Elite Premium Fish House

    A bit more than that its not an ice castle
  4. Elite Premium Fish House

    here are some pics of my elite
  5. Elite Premium Fish House

    I just got back from having my warranty work done with elite. The issues were small but fred and his employees fixed everything, even stuff that I broke. So I would say things are in the right direction and I hope elite can stay in business because I would like to by another one in 20 years.
  6. Elite Premium Fish House

    Hello everyone, I had a couple of forums going earlier this year about these same issues. I have a finished elite premium ice house I got it back in January I did wait a long time to get it, I also drove there unannounced to make sure my house was being built. Communication is key and that is what drove me crazy wondering if I was getting a ice house or a lawyer. But in the end the quality of my ice house was worth the wait. I have taken it camping a few times this summer and people flock to it to check it out even people with other brands of ice houses. But back to communication, it has improved the best way to contact elite is via email. I have had a couple of minor issues with my house and fred has been very helpful and responded in a timely manner. I am actually going there in a few days to have some warranty work done. He made this work with my schedule and I do appreciate it. But to anyone looking at elite premium you will have to wait but you will be happy with your ice house.
  7. What was your outcome with Elite fish houses?  I have spoke to the owner (Fred) and he does seem lethargic in a bisiness sense. but he is building the type of fish house I want.  

  8. Leech lake

    how much ice did you have? I want to bring my sleeper there was 18.5 in walker bay
  9. Leech lake

    fishing was slow last week on leech. I am going back on Thursday morning is any one fishing the main part of the lake. I was wondering how the fishing was by pelican island?
  10. Leech lake

    thanks again
  11. Leech lake

    Thanks for the input
  12. Leech lake

    I am going to leech lake for the first time on Tuesday morning any suggestions?
  13. Elite premium 2

    Hey everybody my original post on elite premium will no longer let me post so I am starting a new one. I did finally get my house on the 17th of January. I am very happy with the quality of the Ice house it is very fisher friendly and the craftsmanship is exactly what I was looking for and expecting. The only thing that I still have an issue with is the length of time it took. There should not be such a large deposit required if you have to wait so long. A small deposit would be ok to hold your spot and then pay more when it is actually started. But to let everyone know If you do have one ordered you will get it and you will be happy with it you just have to wait.
  14. Elite premium Ice House

    Must be nice I am still waiting!!!! Nothing but excuses I have gotten 4 completion dates none of them met. I was told it would be done this week but I am not holding my breath. When you pick yours up let me know if there is a 8X16 High gloss white one sitting there
  15. Elite premium Ice House

    Thanks everyone for your input. I did drive to elite s shop last week, he is building ice houses. He is really behind on building them. I did not get to meet the owner but I did meet some of his employees. They do seem to know what they are doing and were very helpful. I did not like the fact that my house was still not started. So thats all I can do is hope that the owner will make it right and get my house done by ice up. I do have a purchase agreement. And in the agreement completion states agreed upon between buyer and seller.