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  1. New Ice House Frame

    I really dislike iOS photos always being upside down!
  2. New Ice House Frame

    A few more pics almost done!!
  3. New Ice House Frame

    Hers is a little update I have been working on my house off and on I finished the top bunk tonight and I will be doing the bottom couch/bunk tomorrow.I have all the 110v wiring and lights done I have to install the 12v lights still. I am looking for a 12 volt utility plugin that will go beside a duplex and I am having a hard time finding one. If anyone picks up the knotty pine trim and save make sure you get a bunch extra I had a few packs that I couldn't use a single full piece. Some packs are fine but you need to be careful picking them out next time I am going to use the premium but it sure is hard to pass up 6 dollars a pack. I plan on using car siding for the counter tops it looks pretty cool so far I just have a couple of pieces laying on top of the one wheel well I will just put a bunch of coats of polyurethane on them. Also I gave up on the froth packs it was uneven and messy I finnished with pink foam board it was cheaper and only took a few hours to do the rest of the house I don't think I will spray foam again other than the under side of the house I will always spray that.
  4. New Ice House Frame

    I do have quite a bit of polishing before it goes on the ice and trimming the foam is on the list for sure I will be using it as a bunkhouse this summer at my camper in Devils Lake and that will give me more time to work on it on windy days..
  5. New Ice House Frame

    Ok I understand that you are trying to give advice to help but your statement that foam under my house would be a problem and that it would freeze and then you say that everyone is using it now is a total contradiction ther is a reason why every one switched because it is a superior practice.
  6. New Ice House Frame

    The guy that did my floor quoted me 900 to do the whole thing and then after he did the floor he charged me 275 so that's why I decided to do it myself and I wasn't really happy with his work. If I was sure if the quality of work and I could have it done for $1000 I would definitely have it done. I think I can do the rest with two more froth paks or I might just get a 600.
  7. New Ice House Frame

  8. New Ice House Frame

    Minnesota law states Subd. 3. Door must open from outside. A person may not use a dark house or fish house unless the door is constructed so that it can be opened from the outside when it is in use. . And one thing I am sure of is sandwiching foam between plywood in your floor is a horrible idea it will seal in moisture and rot your floor that's why all commercial houses are spray foamed from underneath. As far as the winches go I have two friends with houses heavier than mine with one cable system and with regular replacement of the cables have never broken one if you are smart about not putting too much stress on it there shouldn't ever be a problem. Thanks for your input.. So I finished my wiring and I had a partial Froth-pak so I decided to start foaming I got the back wall and half of one side done and ran out. It worked awesome I would highly recommend them don't waste your money on a pro. One problem I had tho was I set the tanks in front of my shop light to warm them up and one of the hoses got too close to the guard and exploded and sprayed the A chem all over the place NOT COOL..
  9. New Ice House Frame

    For safety the back window is plenty big to get out of and as far as prying the door open it is actually way easier to kick the door in so I'm not sure. And if you want to talk about being legal all ice houses are supposed to float I'm not sure there are any houses except maybe the Zack shack that will float.
  10. New Ice House Frame

    I'm thinking around 3000 but I haven't touched the inside yet and I built my own trailer.
  11. New Ice House Frame

    Well I got the roof on last night and pulled it out of the garage and weighed it. It weighs 2500 lb with 400 on the tongue so if I keep the weight on the back I have 1000 pounds to work with. I took it down the road and it pulls great so far..
  12. New Ice House Frame

    Here is what I found to explain the product the best I could in all reality it's probably the best product that you could use and you can get it in red or yellow or any color so you could match your wall color or accent it if you want. I think you could even put it around the bottom of your house and use it instead of diamond plate because it's UV resistant and very impact resistant for rocks. High Density Polyethylene Sheet (HDPE) YOUR STRONGEST EVERYDAY PLASTIC. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet is extremely strong against impact, abrasion resistant, and exhibits a low coefficient of friction. The material is also moisture, stain, and odor resistant, and is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry (mainly for cutting boards). The material's durability makes it a perfect match for a variety of applications such as water tanks, chute linings, bottle/bottle cap production and numerous other industrial uses. Borated HDPE offers radiation protection in nuclear facility applications. SIZES ePlastics® carries all sizes of High Density Polyethylene sheet up to 96" x 240" and can cut to size or machine with CNC routers to any desired shape. PROPERTIES Rigidity and tensile strength of the HDPE resins are considerably higher than those of the low and medium density materials. Impact strength is slightly lower, as is to be expected in a stiffer material. Values remain high when compared to those of many other thermoplastic materials, especially at low temperatures. APPLICATIONS Mechanically ground HDPE resins are used to rotationally mold large, complex shaped products such as fuel tanks, trash containers, dump carts, pallets, agricultural tanks, highway barriers and water and waste tanks for RVs. Additionally, HDPE sheet is often extruded with a pebble finish and is used as a cutting board in a variety of industry markets such as meat packing, butchering, and more. I got some more tin on last night now for the back wall and then for the rubber roof. I did end up adding another window to the front. I have decided to put up a dividing wall across the front for a bathroom but not all the way across so there wont be a door in it this new window will give the front some more light.
  13. New Ice House Frame

    Cheaper lighter easier to work with will not rust corrode and is basically a giant mud flap already. I think it looks awesome!!
  14. New Ice House Frame

    Menards only sells white and black but looking on the internet it looks like you can get any color you want. The only thing that could be an issue is that the sheets can expand a little and it says to drill a little bit bigger hole in the sheet than your screw so it can give.
  15. New Ice House Frame

    Ya sorry it is HPDE I was confusing it with UHMW that we use for lining conveyors and pits. It is really easy to cut it has a smooth side and a rough side I just put the smooth side up and made a line on it with a razor blade and cut it with my cordless skill saw. You could use a jig saw or rip it on a table saw.