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  1. MN Turkey 2018

    Did not apply. Archery Tag for me again. Love that option!
  2. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    I primarily use 6# test so can use lighter weights. 1/4 oz when fishing less then 15 feet and if not to windy. 3/8 -1/2 oz when fishing deeper and when windier.
  3. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    For me hands down I prefer lindy rigging. That way I always feel I am near the bottom. I struggle with jigs as I am not sure where it is in the water column. I fish a lot of muddy/weedy lakes so I don't want to drag on bottom and when fishing drop offs and points I am not confident in keeping the jig in front of fish.. I also have gone to mostly bullet sinkers on my rigs. A lot less snags on junk in the water....
  4. Decoys?

    I have had really goof luck with a hen and plain Jake early in the season. Mid season on I like to just use a hen. I have never used a strutting decoy but may try that this year just for something different. I archery hunt, mostly private with minimal pressure from others but have scouted some public that I have been itching to try...
  5. Part of the reasoning I went to Archery. I can go whenever and wherever my schedule allows. The early seasons can be quite challenging if we have a lot of snow.
  6. Super Bowl lii

    Should be a good game! I am rooting for the Patriots!
  7. Vikings VS. Saints

    The saints player was probably running to where the ball should have been thrown. That throw was 2 yards onto the field, should have been closer to the sideline. It would have been a pretty easy tackle to keep him in bounds and the game is over.. Nothing wrong with a little luck on our side. I thought the refs were terrible all game. Lots of questionable and no calls. That last no call when Theilen got mugged was ridiculous...
  8. Tagged out in nd

    Great Buck and Picture!
  9. Muzzy Season

    This was probably one of the most frustrating Muzzy seasons I can remember. There are lots of deer around. Cameras and tracks in the snow confirmed that. We just saw very few in the daylight. The properties we hunt do get hit pretty hard with the rifle guys, but usually with some snow/cold they will start to hit the food sources in the afternoons as the season progresses. But not this year. They would wait until about 5:30 before arriving on the food. Oh well we still had lots of fun. I will go out a few times yet with the bow. Still have a doe tag that would love to fill.
  10. Tagged out in nd

    Way to go! looks like a nice mature deer.
  11. Muzzy Season

    Been out a few times. Really slow. Very few deer seen. Need a good cold front with snow to get them moving in the daylight again...
  12. MN Rifle Buck 2017

    My son's forky shot yesterday morning. her was holding out for at least a basket 8 but the last day was any horns.. Last year it was a spike, this year a fork, next year a 6 or better.
  13. MN Rifle Buck 2017

    That is a great buck and super cool rack! I connected on this 140" 10 point Thursday Afternoon. Did not have much time to hunt so just stood by a little field the last hour of the day. A doe popped out into the field followed closely by this guy. I watched him for a bit before taking the 100 yd broadside shot. There is a monster in the area that I was holding out for but I am happy with this guy as well.
  14. New rig

    Awesome! jealous I am!
  15. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    The last few days have seen a huge increase of scrapes showing up. Pulled a few cards yesterday. A few new bucks have moved in. One a really nice 10 point. They are all at night though. Time to bring the rattle horns and do soft rattles on a clear calm morning. Tomorrow, Saturday would be a great morning after this snow and nasty winds finally down.. But my son wants to go duck hunting one more I may get out in the afternoon.....