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  1. Inline reel reviews

    Can't post pictures as of now. But I will try to explain. On the Wright McGill I used a 3/32 threaded brass rod . Drilled a hole in the neck just above the spool. Positioned the aprox 3/4 " loop out about 2 '' in front of the spool and at the same height where the line enters the spool. On the CGI I formed the rod in an arc to fit on top of the fender and located the loop the same area as the Wright McGill . I fastened it to reel fender with JB weld. When you are using a rod holder outside this really helps to keep the wind from spooling the line off but doesn't help if your jig stops before you can stop the free spool . Just a note. I just saw this morning Clam has a guide mounted in front of their Inline. I hope this helps.
  2. Inline reel reviews

    Been there done that . I have 2 CGI s and 1 Wright Mcgill Tony Roach ( Eagle Claw) . When I set them up outside the wind would spool the line off and of course get snagged in the nut holding the spool in place. I made a brass rod about 3 in with a loop on the end and fastened to the reel. I run the line through the loop. It helps quite a bit. The drag is another matter.
  3. Clam auger conversion kit

    Check out Surface Tensions post on the Nils adapter . Good info.
  4. Get a CO Detector!!!!

    Thanks Rebelss. You just can't emphasize the importance of a C/O alarm especially with the new fish houses being built so tight. My service man just ran into a B/O furnace on a no heat after hours call. Home owner was very lucky and of course no alarm.
  5. Nils Master with Drill

    Thanks Frank for the interesting post. I love my 8''Nils with the Milwaukee drill. I get about the same results in 14" / 16 " ice . I have the old style Clam plate which is kind of a pain to remove the chuck so I will be looking in to that adapter. I have quick connect pins for both the 8'' Nils and my 6'' Mora hand auger which I have adapted to fit the plate. . I use the 6'' to locate fish . A lot of times I'll put a 6'' hole along side the 8'' for my transducer. Great system all around. Thanks again Frank. Tinker.
  6. Help!!

    I have Birds of North America field guide to identification . Golden Press - New York . ISBN O-307-33656-5
  7. Finding Big Foot!

    You might ask the Donald he seems to have a bigfoot in his mouth a lot .