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  1. Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Wow, someone on this site thats about 106 yeare old. 1926 is 92 years ago i am guessing he was about 14 years old when he started using them in 1926.
  2. Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Not sure what you mean by 3 complete teardowns per year. Grease Zert applications do not require tear downs. At the end of the video is a pic of the sleeve with groves. I do not have tools to cut groves inside a sleeve so I cut them on the shaft. Total grease process take about 5 min. and never have a rust fuse problem on my axel pivot shaft/sleeve with frequent greasing. Grease ZertHB.mp4
  3. Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Rust froze about 60% of the shaft to sleeve at start of second season. I thought greasing annually was enough. Bad thought. Steel on steel squeezes grease out permitting rust. Grease has one function in this application, prevent rust as sleeve only does ¼ turn. I now grease before &after season and once mid summer no issues in past 3 years. Groves holds grease and applies to lands on each ¼ turn. My house outside all time & not used off season. LRG righo on, grease often.
  4. Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Shaft groves allow grease to migrate entire axel shaft & sleeve. Weight of house prevents migration. Ice Castle had a big issue with this a few years back. Mine also rusted ttogether & i needed to cut the sleve off the axel shaft. No issurs in 2 years with groved shaft. Groves look like a level wind reel shaft.
  5. Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    May be someones hot spot. I never fished it. Showing difference between 2010 map on left and 2/3/2018 update with HiDef map on right.
  6. Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    Boating USA $9.95 first year annual subscription, $4.95 renewal each year thereafter. Boating HD USA $54.95 year 1 $14.95 thereafter designed for tablets. Both offered Free for 15 days with high def maps under SonarChart map option. After free expires only Navionics option maps available created prior to 2011. Also have US + Canada and many other countries. ISO (Apple phones) also avaiilable from app store simular pricing. Example of the two map options screenshot.
  7. Forced air furnace in fish house

    I have a 6.5 x 12 W/v front 3" walls floor cealing fiberglass insulation. I use a 12,000 btu vented convection heater from an old 78' P/U camper with added forced air. On Ottertail 1/11 - 15 temp at -17 to -21 wind @ 25 mph. Furnace ran for about 10 min. Than off for 15 mln. On ice from 2 pm to 11pm 4 days. Took off ice each night charged 2 parallel batteries & ran 1500 watt 110 heater keeping house warm. Burned 16# of propane over weekend. Have 2 compuuter fans & 4 speed auto fan (on low) to move air. Inside temp at 71 deg. Very even heat. Never run out of battery power. If i ever upgrade furnace i would use a 20 - 25000 BTU forced air RV furnace.
  8. Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    This is how you share. Last screen select how you want to share. markers.mp4
  9. Navionics App... Favorite Feature?

    Super App. I use SonarChartLive creating new contours linking to my WIFI Vex SonarPhone & 10" Samsung Tablet - tracks are automatic with this. Looking forward to the future "On-The-Fly" markers. (Markers, Tracks & Routes are private those i like). Only use community edits for warnings like rocks thin ice etc. as everyone sees them. If you want better understanding of the App, go to Help in settings. Also here is a webinar Youtube on the App
  10. Thermo switch to operate fan in fish house

    I had same challange. Went with a 12v temperature relay switch. Heater/Fans in my DIY wheelhouse now functions just like my home or RV forced air furnance. It comes with a small heat sensing probe i mounted on my upper air duct than set the on/off temperature so fans runs/stops when heat kicks on/off. Provides perfect comfort for $15.00. Sensor under foil tape Took photo when furnace was off. Temp range -40 to 230 f. Spare probe to right of controller, copper tube is thermostat, black button is pilot iginter. Total set up with 4 speed auto fan switch.
  11. Lakemaster

    Suggest going tablet. I got the Samsung Tab A 10" tablet specifically for the Nanionics Boating Apps as this tablet uses a dual GPS (US & Canada). I tested accurcy many times on known lon/lat with remarkable accurcy. Price was $145 Jan 2016. Boating Free first year subscription $10 & $5 each year thereafter. Also have the Boating HD version $50 first year $15 thereafter. Either work well on tablet even though Navionics ststes the HD is designed for tablet. I perfer the $10/$5 version. Also link my app to the WiFi Vex SonarPhone to remap contours synced to Navionics contributing to extreanly accurate lake contours on lakes I fish. See some good ratings on the Google Nexus tablet GPS accurcy < $200, may be anoter good tablet. My battery run time is also great, but I also always have all my electronics connected to batteries. Going to ottertail mid Jan. Know ill be able to find any of the dozen or so hot spots along tte 5 miles of breaks/humps/rocks/holes 1.3 miles off shore just drilling a single hole which I charted this past summer.
  12. New ice house law 11/20/2017

    Yesterday the MN DNR announced a license requirement change effective NOW for this ice season. All Wheel House and other fishing structures which cannot be folded / collapsed must be licensed even if you remove the house when you get off the ice. Quote Edit
  13. Tipup boxes

    Put the battery inside the box. Small version sealed lead acid about same size of charcoal soup can.
  14. Garmin aquires Navionics

    Looks like Garmin has expanded thier lake mapping capability aquiring Navionics on Oct. 27, 2017. Any thoughts on this move?
  15. I did an Excel that calculates LP to BTU usage, moisture generated and on second Tab on ducer are 5 yo 35 FOW. LP and ducer calc.xlsx