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  1. Air Fryer?

    Tysons chicken tender, Top sirloin steak, pork chop, burgers seasoned to taste - crispy crowns, tutor tots, fries - beer batter shore lunch Walleye, Crappie all better than deep fryer, oven or gas grill. Just do potato first & keep hot in oven at 250. Even Spam is better than pan fryed but if your under 40 you may not have a clue about Spam.
  2. Your correct Windows 8 was the dog.
  3. I agree with Del, Vista is far outdated. Also, Windows 7 was not well liked due to the change in architecture and how it operated. Most people despised it. If your going to up-grade I suggest new computer with Windows 10. Many good available desktop computers are under $400. Personally I, son, daughter grandkids all use laptops so I am not up to speed on Desktops. Most of family use HP at a little over $200. Son is top I.T. guy at Deluxe his is a Dell Latitude bit more pricey. All our laptops have Keyboards with keys. They are extremely versatile and easy to use. I use Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, wireless printer, movie maker and many others. Mine has a DVD so we take it camping when no WiFi is available to watch movies other than that, seldom use DVD. SD, Scan Disk cards and thumb drives much easier to use. As far as connection speed, there are 3 basic types for home use. DSL which is a Copper wire connection, Cable which is cable company, Dish, Direct and Fiber Optic. If your fortunate enough to have fiber optic phone service, the speed is 10 times faster than either DSL or Cable. Cable is faster then DSL. Dish and Direct have shortfalls when it rains or snows. If you are required to use DSL go with and pay for the highest speed offered. $2 a month, $24 annual is not a bad price. I do use MidCo Cable. My Download speed is 45.05 MBPS and Upload 8.25 MBPS with ping at 10ms running I can stream 4 movies without interruption (Netflix, Hullu, etc.)
  4. Woodpeckers

    Get a vintage Victory Rat Trap, not mouse, the big rat one. Glue some birdseed to the trigger. Attach it to the affected area. Very effective 24 hour watch dog. Just check it once in a while.
  5. College Student Performing Research: Help Required

    Point, that is the other fish she caught filling her limit. Too big for her to hold both of them. Often wondered why bro, Capt. Larry is no longer married.
  6. College Student Performing Research: Help Required

    Not really. Looks like the chick he had out a couple weeks ago. Brother is the guy with the beard holding the other Grouper she caught on Facebook page.
  7. College Student Performing Research: Help Required

    Corporate America has found surveys with more than 5 questions, each having 5 choices max 1=Bad 5=Outstanding, are ineffective. In todays fast passed computer world, people won't answer long complex surveys. Another method of advertising, which seems to be effective, may be social media. My Brother is a Charter Captain out of Cortez Florida, primarily Gulf of Mexico Off-Shore charter. They use Facebook and soon Twitter. If the seas are less than 4' and it's not heavily raining the boat is out fishing. Here is a link to the "Double Trouble" charter face book page. Pictures enhance business sales. You might consider changing your direction to a short survey that will lead clients to some social picture filled sales media. Its a bit more work, but could lead to an oh-wow in your competition challenge.
  8. Navionics Issue

    Navionics focus is on water, lakes and lake contour. They use a 3rd party map form Thunderforce.Data Open Street Map to paint the Satellite and Terrain maps. If you go to Terrain you will see in the lower left portion of your screen the 3rd party mapper. If you drag or click on the line, it will link you to the map company site. In Terrain mode, and if your phone is sensitive every time you drag you finger over the line, it will link you to the 3rd party site. To avoid this, use the No Overlay land screen. If you want a great street map, download the free WAZE map. Quite accurate and if not, you can change the map within 1 mile of an area you drive.
  9. Liquid tape if fine, Cut off any exposed wire before you tape. Exposed wire will tarnish and corrode rather quickly. After the liquid dries, fold about 1/2" wire over and tape the fold with good electrical tape. Tape each wire individually, than tape both wires to the wire bundle. If in the future you decide to add any nmea 0183 devices, just remove tape and cut the wire at the fold and strip the insulation to connect the signal wires.
  10. Sorry I missed that. The brown and blue wires are the Transmit TX and Receive Rx wires for connection via single cable to NMEA 0183 compatible devices. nmea 0183 is the protocol for compatible devices, computer, plotters, auto piolet, Radar, radio, etc. All of these devices including your GPS can be connected to a single cable. The brown and blue wires allows the sonar to communicate to other devices. Google nmea 0183 compatible devices for a raft of information on what this is. My brother, a charter Capitan out of Cortez FL. uses these devices on his boat for off shore fishing up to 100 miles off shore. Nice to have to talk to other Capitan's ship to shore, radar, GPS and to get back home without running into sunken islands.
  11. You did not identify the model of your Garmin sorta important when wiring. If your Garmin is a Striker, than the other two wires brown and blue are not used. Also note the date on the install instructions. The ones dated before March 2016 did not include the wiring information. This site might have some answer.
  12. Smoker element

    1500 watt electric will produce 5,100 BTU of heat.
  13. Handheld gps and Lakemaster chip

    LakeMaster sold out to Johnson Controls in 2011 who also bought/own Humminbird and Minn Kota along with a few others. In the fishing products they made everything propriety. 2011 was the last year the chip worked on a hand held GPS unit. To my knowledge Johnson Controls have not allowed outsiders access to their product compatibility. In other words, if you want to use the chip for example, you need to buy a Humminbird. They do however either own or have a business relationship with Strategic Fishing Systems who sell a computer based LakeMaster software. They are by region/state and sell for about $150.00 for each region called Contour Elite. If you get a USB - GPS receiver you can use your computer as a GPS unit.
  14. Camera for backing boat trailer

    Could also be partly the wifi router.
  15. Septic Systems

    Agree with Del. Watch water usage could fill the 1500 gal. tank in a week if you have kids taking showers. Typical pumping cost is $150 to $200 in East Bethel. I did my septic in 2008 for $6,800, but was with someone I have known for 30 years who did all my excavation work. You need to do a Perk test and have enough space at a state defined set-back before you can put a septic in. Could be in the $10k range with a mound system.