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  1. Wiring Wheel House

    DC to AC converters work well on low AC current but takes a bit of DC battery current. Example a drip coffee maker uses 900 AC watts (7.5 amp) which draws 83 amps DC battery current. 15 AC amps draws 165 DC battery amps. (Based on 110 VAC & 12 VDC). Batteries die quickly converting to AC.
  2. Wheelhouse flooring help

    Deck Over is a new deck paint material designed for both green or cedar tone pressure treated wood. Advised to clean devk/floor before applied. On my deck and wheelhouse for 2 years with no sign of ware with 2 coats applied. Textured is thicker and contains small particles for non-slip.
  3. Wheelhouse flooring help

    Greart idea, Textured Deck Over from Home Depot also works well - my choice. Durable, no rinkels, non-skid and very easy to repair after you've had a few beers and set your spinning arger blade on the floor drilling a fresh hole.
  4. Correct, its a dual vented heater with both intake air and exhaust from the outside. Photo of the parts and air/exhaust path. Air in through the larger diameter pipe #26 and Exhaust out through smaller pipe #27. Pic of the unit installed air/exhaust flow.
  5. @leech Its only a 6 hole fishing house, not a sleeper. I choose to get a cabin on overnight trips, take the house off the lake each night connect A/C for overnight heat and have a warm cleaning house. Take-down is only about 5 min after rods and chairs are secured. Have 2 windows I crack open if fresh air is needed. Have CO detector on ceiling. Added a lot of features since my 2013 build. Front view. Furnace is an old convection heater upgraded to 15k-BTU I added forced air modifications - 4 speed fan from a E350 Van. Small bump on the air duct contains 3 additional 12V computer fans as heat maintainer at low current. Back view. drop down cleaning table on right. Inside the box attached on front, reduced noise volume 900W generator enclosure. Everything inside runs on 12VDC. Added the generator to charge batteries as needed and make my coffee. Just added a Fish Cam video Monitor. (Old Computer Monitor configured for S-Video). It runs on 36 watts so I use a 100 watt Ac to Dc inverter of very little DC power. My added down and out flip attached to the door side of the house for added fishing space. My Son fishing in second photo. Also has a drop down table on the right of the pic.
  6. This furnace has 2 pipes. The larger pipe about 4" is the air intake is supported through ring #29. The smaller pipe inside the larger pipe about 2" is the furnace exhaust connected through the larger ring #30 and screwed to the raised portion of ring #29. My furnace a vintage Hydro Flame Convection with dual direct vent, needed no power, and used a pilot light. Had the identical 2 pipe direct vent as yours. I built 2 rings similar to your drawing. Had 2 major issues: 1. Anytime the wind exceeded 20 mph, my pilot light would blow out even when the furnace side of my house was parked to the leeward side due to wind eddies. 2. At the exhaust cap which was about 1 3/4" from the side of the house would scorch the side surface above the cap and the moisture from burning Propane (1/2 pt. per 10#) would freeze on and below the exhaust when temp went -10 or below. Second year I re-designed using the Pipe Cap photo 1 from Menards for under $10. I cut off the bottom half at the black line and cut a hole on the outside flat surface for the exhaust pipe. This was my fresh air intake. Also filled the inside of the cap with a disassembled expanded metal filter from a motor home stove top exhaust filter. Photo 1 Secured it to my house and ran the exhaust pipe through the hole in the end. Attached the exhaust pipe to a 2" x 3" aluminum gutter down spout used as a chimney. Photos 2 and 3. Totally solved my issues. You may also find a similar cap to photo 1 for the exhaust instead of the pipe. Most of the caps I was able to find had a 4" connection point so you would need to modify to 2" or whatever size you exhaust pipe is. How ever you do it, cover all openings with a screen to keep the Mud-daubers out as they love burned propane orifice area to build there nest. Photo 2 & 3
  7. Air Fryer?

    Tysons chicken tender, Top sirloin steak, pork chop, burgers seasoned to taste - crispy crowns, tutor tots, fries - beer batter shore lunch Walleye, Crappie all better than deep fryer, oven or gas grill. Just do potato first & keep hot in oven at 250. Even Spam is better than pan fryed but if your under 40 you may not have a clue about Spam.
  8. Attaching camera to sonar unit

    Here is a video with my Camera / Sonar flasher in action. Needs a few mods, but have all summer to complete.
  9. Camera compass

    Yes they work OK. They are 11" dia. smaller than most wheel house holes so they rest on the ice. Once the cable unwinds after dropping camera in water, I used a piece of blue paint tape to mark the direction of camera. There are a couple of remote units that allow you to rotate the camera with a small remote controller. Marcum: Aqua Vu
  10. Attaching camera to sonar unit

    Couldn't find an effective way to have both camera and flasher in same place so decided to DIY one. Camera cable is on a reel which also houses all the camera electronics and 9AH ION battery pack. Its wireless to my Husky bag which houses all the displays. Bottom display is the camera, top is the FishHunger Pro Flasher. Camera is a HD micro night vision 170 deg. mounted between the two lights which goes underwater. Still in development but all the parts seem to work. Being 170 deg. view, I should be able to see my wheelhouse 5 holes at one time with camera in the 6th hole. Do have a remote rotator to turn the camera to look 360 deg's. Anyone within 150 ft. with a smart phone, tablet etc. can view the camera at it runs on WiFi. Also has an AV RCA video connection to connect to the Wheelhouse TV. Waiting on a few more parts on a slow boat from China.
  11. Fish house door

    You can buy or make a Door threshold ramp. I made mine out of a piece of 1.5" x 6" oak. Used a table saw to cut the angle and belt sander to match to the door lip.*
  12. Your correct Windows 8 was the dog.
  13. I agree with Del, Vista is far outdated. Also, Windows 7 was not well liked due to the change in architecture and how it operated. Most people despised it. If your going to up-grade I suggest new computer with Windows 10. Many good available desktop computers are under $400. Personally I, son, daughter grandkids all use laptops so I am not up to speed on Desktops. Most of family use HP at a little over $200. Son is top I.T. guy at Deluxe his is a Dell Latitude bit more pricey. All our laptops have Keyboards with keys. They are extremely versatile and easy to use. I use Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, wireless printer, movie maker and many others. Mine has a DVD so we take it camping when no WiFi is available to watch movies other than that, seldom use DVD. SD, Scan Disk cards and thumb drives much easier to use. As far as connection speed, there are 3 basic types for home use. DSL which is a Copper wire connection, Cable which is cable company, Dish, Direct and Fiber Optic. If your fortunate enough to have fiber optic phone service, the speed is 10 times faster than either DSL or Cable. Cable is faster then DSL. Dish and Direct have shortfalls when it rains or snows. If you are required to use DSL go with and pay for the highest speed offered. $2 a month, $24 annual is not a bad price. I do use MidCo Cable. My Download speed is 45.05 MBPS and Upload 8.25 MBPS with ping at 10ms running I can stream 4 movies without interruption (Netflix, Hullu, etc.)
  14. Woodpeckers

    Get a vintage Victory Rat Trap, not mouse, the big rat one. Glue some birdseed to the trigger. Attach it to the affected area. Very effective 24 hour watch dog. Just check it once in a while.
  15. Light on the Ice

    Got an RV light, replaced insides with 5050 Brite White LED. 9 strips at 6 lights each. Produces 1136 Lumens, equivalent to 75 Watt Incandescent. Draws about 10 watts so it runs 6 to 7 hours on my 5ah Lead Acid (AKA Vex) battery. Built a multi-function holder to ride on the front of my Smitty Sled shining light when walking out. Shove the light between roof and support rod, toss battery in Screen shelve for inside Hub lighting. Holder also holds my ShowDown Troller or 10" tablet I use with Boating App and Vex FishPhone. Holder held down with 7# bean bag (or should I say sinker bag) and non skid base.