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  1. Do you need the entire assembly or just the outer shell (#30)?
  2. Will the eclipse affect fishing?

    interesting thought.....
  3. Vikes Preseason

    The Packers roster sure took a hit last night.
  4. Vikes Preseason

    I've seen them play worse... Lots of rookies playing, may take a while to get them up to speed. Live plays are a lot different than training camp. I am not much of a preseason guy.... kinda wish they would just extend the regular season a bit.
  5. Bucket List ride.

    LOL... Definitely over-used and under maintained... To the point where the fine print in the rental agreement says "By operating this rental vehicle on the Dalton Highway, you are voiding any insurance policy that may have been purchased and are responsible for all damages that occur"
  6. Bucket List ride.

    I was on the Dalton last summer from Fairbanks to the Arctic circle.... It was rough as hell and slick/sloppy. Would have been quite the experience on a Ruckus.
  7. This place is a grave yard.

    That is the way it has been during the summer since I have been on
  8. Strikemaster discontinued electric augers.

    Wrong. They are going to a new 40 volt system
  9. Remote electric jacks worth it?

    I am assuming that the jacks run similar to a winch where the switch is operating a solenoid/relay and just reversing polarity for up vs down. I am assuming that you need 3? A solution would be to wire in two relays per switch using something similar to this Or buy 3 of these... The nice part about using the relays is that you wire them up to the back of switch, meaning that if the wireless function quit working, you still have the manual switch. It is also nice to have all of the switches on a single remote. The one downside is whether the jack encloser has room for the relays. I would also make sure to have a master switch hooked up to the jack power whether you go wireless or not.
  10. Motor had carbon build up

    What kind of oil are you running? A full synthetic is going to burn a lot cleaner. Other options are to put in a little hotter multi-electrode set of plugs
  11. Northern lights rattle wheel.

    Looks overpriced....
  12. Motor had carbon build up

    4-stroke or 2-stroke motor?
  13. Ice castle owners.......can i get a little help?

    Still need to have a tie-down point