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  1. Just bought one a month back. The wife doesn't like the smell of the deep fat fryer in her kitchen, so we got this for the normal freezer foods (as stated above). It tastes a hell of a lot better than trying to make stuff in the oven. Fish and such gets made out the in garage or on the grill side burner.
  2. The Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is roto-molded into a streamlined form to reduce both drag and friction. This reduction helps you shave nearly 1/10th of a second off of your average per/hole time.......
  3. I made one out of a 5 gallon pail lid and a few wood cleats. I decided it took up too much room in the wheel house so I sliced it in half and pop riveted two hinges so that it folded up. I also picked up an aquavu tripod from the cabelas bargain cave. It works well too, but I like the compass due to the fact that it covers the hole to keep the kids from dropping stuff.
  4. I have had good luck with the "My Plate" app.... It is annoying enough to keep you honest, but simple enough to use.
  5. Great info.... I was thinking about doing the same thing but haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  6. That would be my guess as well... If you run it "as is" you are going to wreck the motor due to the lean condition.
  7. SO......whats in the rub?
  8. Couple of questions.... Did everything seem to happen at once? They could be related, but could be completely separate. I would focus on the starting and radio issue first.... When you say it "turns over slow like it isn't getting gas"... These are two separate items. I would focus on the speed that things turn over first. I suspect that you have a weak or bad cell in the battery. Have it load tested. Hooking up a cigarette lighter gauge will give you voltage, but isn't going to tell you if you have a bad cell. It could also be a bad grounding strap so check that out as well before changing the switch.... As far as the radio goes... are you sure that all of the connections are hook up correctly? I am thinking that it is probably related to the battery issue (highly likely) or possibly a bad connection on your "constant" power (less likely). Long story short... get your battery load tested and go from there - Just my two cents.
  9. MN and SD combination/sportsman licenses. My parents bought me a lifetime license for my college graduation gift before I changed residency over to SD..... Unfortunately at the time I was a broke college student and couldn't afford to buy the lifetime deer license for $600. Since then have have shelled out over $1500 on my out of state slug licenses.
  10. I have the BigHorn from Rural King. Second choice would have been the PitBoss.
  11. How close is the access hole to the wall? I have a friend that built a large loft in his shed and utilized cammed pulleys and weights to allow him to hinge the stairway from the loft. Basically, with the cammed pulley, it stays down when he pulls it down and stays up when he puts it up... all with little to no effort.
  12. yup....
  13. Wood or metal studs?
  14. I use a kids' mattress rail... The kind that you would use when moving a toddler from a crib to a twin bed. It stores flat and fits under the mattress when I fold the top bunk up. $20 at walmart...
  15. Suburban 19k BTU power vent with a blower Suburban 19k BTU power vent with a blower