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  1. rl_sd

    What size steel shot for pheasant

    Yup.... 6 & 4 for Lead.... 4 & 2 for steel
  2. rl_sd

    T&G Cedar install

    I ended up framing my house, putting on the T&G , and then spray foaming back against the interior, which may be why I am not seeing any movement... I also used pine vs cedar
  3. rl_sd

    T&G Cedar install

    I assuming you are putting on the 5/16 T & G? I pushed mine tight and face nailed. Two nails per stud
  4. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    I certainly could of.. once the meat hits 160 and is wrapped it won't take on any smoke anyway. If I were using a traditional charcoal smoker I would definitely consider this, but with the pellet smoker there is no babysitting. They are just as convenient (and temp precise) as using the oven.... plus it is much more enjoyable to drink beer outside
  5. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Liquid what? Sounds like snake oil! I used a Blend of oak, hickory, and cherry. The rub was a mixture of salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, with a dash of onion and garlic salt. I also scored the fat cap to allow the salt to get absorbed. It seems like having the salt deeper into the meat helps with bringing in the smoke
  6. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Well... Monday was another smoke day. Trimmed up and seasoned a 14# packer brisket Sunday night and threw it on at 4 am Monday. 13 hrs later I was cutting it up. I ran at 185 deg for the first 9 hrs until IT reached 160. Then wrapped and bumped smoker temp up to 225. Sprayed the roast with apple juice and Worcester mixture Every hr until I wrapped it. Pulled the works off at 195 and put in the cooler to rest for an hr. Would have liked to have rested the meat longer, but ran out of time. It turned out good, but wasn’t quite as tender as usual. Everyone really enjoyed it, and my consumers usually do not have an issue being critical. I guess that as the chef I had high expectations after babysitting for 13 hrs. Here’s some pictures. 681AAC87-DFA2-49CA-BA1F-B0D0C98935AB.MP4
  7. rl_sd

    Smaller brisket smoke method

    Yes.... and no. I sent my wife to get a brisket flat - she came home with a corned brisket. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she picked up the wrong slab of meat, but surely wasn't going to let it go to waste. What I did was cut it in half and try it two different ways. The first half I cooked similar to what I would a standard brisket... Low and slow, smoke for 2 hrs and then turn up 225 until it hits 160, then finish in foil. Results were so/so. It was tender (almost too tender) and seemed drier than I was expecting... of course I was comparing this to the standard un-brineed brisket product. The next have I took a little different approach and decided to cook it more like a pork loin straight on at 225 and pulled it off at 165. To me, this resulted in a better product. It was tender enough to make nice slices for sandwiches and seemed to be jucier. I am thinking that it has to do with the brine breaking down the fat ... Just my two cents.
  8. rl_sd

    Sra or Independent Suspension

    It sounds like ground clearance is a concern, which IRS seems to have a leg up on.
  9. rl_sd

    Smaller brisket smoke method

    The corned beef is brined and seasoned. If corned beef is what you are going for, then smoke away.
  10. rl_sd

    Ice Castle Spare tire carrier

    Go to your local welding shop and have them fab one up. I assume that you will be mounting it on the back?
  11. rl_sd

    When to buy wheelhouse

    What did you end up getting and where are the pictures? The floor is treated, but getting the floor spray foamed is some of the best money that you can spend on an IC If it were mine, I would go ahead and replace the bearings so that you know where you stand.... at the very least I would buy a new set of seals and repack. Even though it is only a few years old, it it hard to say whether it has 1,000 miles or 10,000 miles on it. Don't be afraid of the brakes, just pull the hub off.
  12. rl_sd

    Mower needed

    I’ll second the Hustler recommendation. I have a fastrak 54” and couldn’t be happier. Put about 350hrs on the last 4 years. Had a 42” JD before this one, and darn near cut my mowing time in half. If you got the hustler route, get the front flex springs.... they ar worth the money
  13. rl_sd

    When to buy wheelhouse

    Are you thinking tandem or single axle? Heres a few more... not all are LOW or Mille Lacs
  14. rl_sd

    When to buy wheelhouse

    During the middle of the season, numbers stay tight but I think that during this time of the year there is always room for negotiation. Just go in with your price and stick to it.
  15. rl_sd

    When to buy wheelhouse

    You may need to drive a ways.... C'list is the best way to hunt them down