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  1. Your going to like it. Definitely not "the best", but still definitely worth the money. Mine came slight damaged... one of the flanges where the leg attaches to the barrel was bent slightly. It was easily fixed but I decided to contact RK about it... They said to send them pictures, and within 2 days I had a phone call offering either a full exchange or $100 credit to my card. I gladly took the credit. I fired it up around Xmas time in 15-20 degree weather. I was worried how it would do in the cold. It handled it like a champ and only took about 15 min longer to smoke an entire pork loin.
  2. Your best bet is to call Sportsman Cove up in Webster when the weekend gets a bit closer. They are always pretty honest with their assessments, especially when it comes to safety. 605-345-2468
  3. I went through clarkfield outdoors because I didn't have anyone to make the cover... He can make any size you want and they are very comfortable.
  4. ... Probably not worth chancing with the wheel house. We have had a few lakes in east central SD that have had close calls and break throughs. Landings are not going to be good with 40s and 50s through the week.
  5. Termination Strip
  6. I actually saw one of those at a museum up in Fairbanks.. pretty crazy looking.
  7. I don't think that windy side shouldn't matter in the winter. How many acres is the lake?
  8. I have a little can of lock deicer taped to the gas tank under my tank cover. I haven't had to use it for the lock, but did use it the other weekend when the latch froze up.
  9. I think it all depends on whether you are looking for at a 14' + 3' V or a true 17' box. On my house I put the door on one side of the V and stove and counter top on the other side. I would have lost a lot of room and at least one hole is it weren't for the V.
  10. Most frames are going to have a V front anyway, why not utilize the space? I've seen quite a few home built that frame it out separately and use it for cold storage.
  11. Manufactures say eye level.CO is lighter than air.. I prefer sleeping level
  12. Check the salvage yards.... I was able to get a magic chef out of a late 90's RV in like new condition for $125