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  1. Mower needed

    I’ll second the Hustler recommendation. I have a fastrak 54” and couldn’t be happier. Put about 350hrs on the last 4 years. Had a 42” JD before this one, and darn near cut my mowing time in half. If you got the hustler route, get the front flex springs.... they ar worth the money
  2. Ill give that a shot.... any idea why it starts right up when it is plugged in? I wouldn’t think having a warm block would change my fuel pressure at all
  3. ok @Jeremy airjer W..... Here is a new one for you. I have a 1998 suburban that I picked up a few years ago. It has started flawlessly the past two winters, but started acting up this winter. If it is warm out (+25°) it was popped right off. When it gets down to the single digits though, it will just crank and crank. The motor seems like it is spinning over plenty fast, but it won't fire. If I plug in the block heater for a few hrs it pops right off. I change the fuel filter and replaced the fuel pump in Nov 2016. I have 60 psi at the rail, so I don't think that it is fuel delivery issue. My question is.... Does the computer do anything goofy with the injection system depending on air temp and/or coolant temp? It has the 5.7 with the spider injectors. The one trick that I have learned to get it to pop off everytime is to let it turn over for half a second... stop ... turn over half a second... stop.. and on the third time it pops off and idles perfectly no matter how cold. Thoughts?
  4. Uggh, Lug nuts

    Same thing right?
  5. Uggh, Lug nuts

    Can’t say that I’ve ever seen or heard of a “torque stick”
  6. New Snow, Groomed Trails

    For any of you that have ever had a desire to do any sledding in the Black Hills... This is definitely the year to do it. This is by far the most snow that I have seen out there. On most years, you can get lucky to ride either the Northern or Southern hills... This year both are awesome and the meadows are full! I am hoping to get out there once more before the end of the month.
  7. Question for Y’all

    It wouldn't be any different than pulling a cat cutter or something similar...
  8. Uggh, Lug nuts

    Aluminum or steel wheel?
  9. Fantasy League

    I'm in... Looks a little different, but seems to function roughly the same way. Thanks for setting this up again this year!
  10. The Ranch

    Peaky Blinkers? I've never heard of it - and with a name like that I am afraid to google it at work! The Ranch is awesome. The humor is somewhat dry at times, but it is still funny. Got hooked on it almost as hard as "Orange is the New Black". I am also in the middle of watching Deadwood.... Binge watching sure makes the slow night bite go by faster......
  11. Super Bowl lii

    It sucks getting skunk from time to time, but I still go fishing......
  12. Vikings vs eagles

    I couldn’t stand it... had to turn the tv off. Worse that they have played all year...
  13. Vikings vs eagles

    Lol. Dad and I were talking about this after the game last weekend after I had to tell him over and over that I have not been alive when the vikes have ever played a Super Bowl. You old timers can believe in what you want, but us Gen-X kids are saying SKOL!
  14. Vikings vs eagles

    When she does a load of you underwear?