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  1. I don't think that windy side shouldn't matter in the winter. How many acres is the lake?
  2. I have a little can of lock deicer taped to the gas tank under my tank cover. I haven't had to use it for the lock, but did use it the other weekend when the latch froze up.
  3. I think it all depends on whether you are looking for at a 14' + 3' V or a true 17' box. On my house I put the door on one side of the V and stove and counter top on the other side. I would have lost a lot of room and at least one hole is it weren't for the V.
  4. Most frames are going to have a V front anyway, why not utilize the space? I've seen quite a few home built that frame it out separately and use it for cold storage.
  5. Manufactures say eye level.CO is lighter than air.. I prefer sleeping level
  6. Check the salvage yards.... I was able to get a magic chef out of a late 90's RV in like new condition for $125
  7. I have heard that you need to do a lot of zigging and zagging, but that was last night before the latest round of snow. I am heading in that direction this weekend, so hopefully the landings will be clear.
  8. Thanks for the info. I assume you are talking the Bitter Lake Lodge landing? Any perch?
  9. Did you do much moving? I am heading up there this weekend and have a few spots in mind, but was curious where you tried that didn't work. I think that overall fishing was tough this weekend on a lot of lakes. Hoping this following weekend is better.
  10. I have 8735 30 amp WFCO converter. The main purpose of wiring your DC through the converter is so that you can charge your batteries when on shoreline without having a draw. Have you checked to see what the draw from the battery is when you are using your radio hard? The WFCO has 3 charging modes 13.2V, 13.6V, and 14.4 V. EDIT: After doing some reading, it appears that the amount of amps being delivered to the batter is dependent on the demand on the converter, so it may not be as beneficial as I had thought to wire directly into the DC circuits. That being said, you still need to figure out your amperage requirement and go from there.
  11. Looks great! Could you put a pedestal boat seat in your table stake pocket? I like the look of the natural counter top.. Did you seal or resin it at all for protection. I was worried about the same issue with the heater in the "V", so we made a deflector out of diamond plate that works well, and also keeps the heat away from the tank covers. If anyone needs a switch, I have one identical to Yetti's except that it is made for two zones that I will sell CHEAP
  12. I was in the same boat as you... but last year the ice was much smoother and there was some some on the lakes. This year after the rain on the snow it created very uneven, yet smooth bumps. Last weekend I had an issues drill a 8" hole inside of a 13" hole cover without hitting the sides.
  13. Thanks Hawg... I had sent a msg yesterday to Ion and I assume that I will get the same response back.