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  1. It's going to be a Hot Garden!

    They are thriving smurf. This year I also planted some sweet Walla Walla onions and they are dyno-mite grilled with the zuccini and otherwise.
  2. It's going to be a Hot Garden!

    That Carolina Reaper might put a little life into the warden. I only have one plant.
  3. 2017 Gardens

    Our peppers are doing well also as are the tomatoes. The deer ravaged the beets, green beans and peas. I call them garden rats but I've thus far resisted the temptation of blasting them to smithereens. Every direction you look around here all you see is green and those pesky varmints have to attack our garden.
  4. Night Bird ID...

    I did a "Google Boy" imitation and tried to find night calling birds in Minnesota. The only thing I came up with that might be a possibility is a mockingbird. As the name implies, they have a wide range of vocalization.
  5. Night Bird ID...

    I tried as best I could to identify that whistle or call. My efforts aren't appreciated.
  6. Night Bird ID...

  7. How was opener

    Ah, you're talking bass, I was confused thinking you were discussing walleye.
  8. How was opener

    I don't get what you mean about a two week period of catch and release state wide.
  9. Night Bird ID...

    Neighbor lady was whistling at you again!
  10. How was opener

    If the fish were immediately released, hopefully not even taken out of the water, how would you know their weight so precisely?
  11. Your Three Best Photos

    Nothing great in photo quality but the subject makes it one of my favorites, it tells a story....
  12. Mr Red

    We have had a regular plague of them here. They wreck your buildings and the danger of them starting a fire by chewing on the wires is very real.
  13. Mr Red

    must kill all dirty reds..... We call them Tasmanian devils
  14. Stuffed pepper recipe

    My wife is the one who makes them so I have no recipes. I figured the original poster was looking for some first hand experience, not google results. The only thing I can say as a tip is that I suggested to her to substitute our homemade salsa for the canned tomatoes she was using in her recipe. IMHO this has been a big improvement, give's them a bit of snap.
  15. Stuffed pepper recipe

    never had a stuffed pepper but here's a great recipe.......