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  1. Bourbon and Whiskey

    And then there are a select few people that don't know their arse from a hole in the ground and have the time to google chit about any subject imaginable and then pretend to be ex spurts on internet forums.
  2. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I suppose you assume anyone who drinks any other wine to be a sucker falling for a marketing ploy!
  3. Bourbon and Whiskey

    That is fine del. A lot of people like Ripple and Boonesfarm wines too.
  4. Bourbon and Whiskey

    Evan Williams might be ok for the skid row drinker who is more into quantity than quality. I don't drink to excess anymore, when I have a drink I care more about how it tastes than I do about what it does to me.
  5. Actually there would be another factor and that would be the original set temperature. If the original set temperature is 60 degrees and you set it down to 50 degrees I would think your savings would be less than if the original set temperature is 80 degrees and you set it down to 70 degrees. This is because the further from the outdoor temperature you are the more you would save. I think most of the literature the energy companies put out is assuming you have a more common original set temp of 70 degrees and turn it down no more than 10 degrees or so. Then the 3 percent value might be viable.
  6. I have not been able to find the formula to use to calculate energy savings per degree you turn your thermostat down. The reason I questioned your formula is that I remembered getting something from Xcel some time back that said you will experience 3 percent energy savings for every degree your thermostat is turned down. I looked at some sources today and almost all of them say the rule of thumb is 3 percent savings per degree. I assume these sources have a formula that must be significantly different from yours. How do you explain this difference?
  7. In other words you are using the Wag approach
  8. What is the formula you are using to determine cost per degree thermostat is lowered if it is zero out?
  9. Time for a smoke

    Nice! Thanks for sharing this with us. It kinda makes me want to get one of those pellet stove thingys.
  10. Not enough that we help you sell your sled, now we have to help you with the transfer!
  11. Christmas Feast

    There you go again, derailing another cooking thread.
  12. I'd like your opinion

    Fine place to hang yer trousers. Were you in yer undies when you took that picture? and better ditch them heaters!
  13. Christmas Feast

    Some decent ideas del but I think you are usually best off to stick with the recipe the first time you cook something new.