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  1. Hot Water!!

    "Little People"! Just thought I'd throw that idea out there.
  2. Hot Water!!

    Unfortunately he was born too late to get a part in the movie.
  3. Hot Water!!

    Are they afraid?
  4. There is a fungus amungus.
  5. Hot Water!!

    He sure is a troublemaker.
  6. Share good music

  7. Wild Violets!!

    The warden was also a flower child back in the day.
  8. Daylillys

    Agent Orange is effective on daylillies.
  9. Wild Violets!!

    Definitely looks like creeping charlie. I agree that it takes repeated applications.
  10. Vietnam War

    Or did it start when South Korean Dictator Syngman Rhee boasted that he was going to invade North Korea? Rhee was a pretty nasty fellow himself.
  11. Baby Reds

    Not my trap.
  12. Baby Reds

    I I like to use ear corn with a little peanut butter smeared on it. I wire it to the side of the trap so the little sneaks don't pull it out of there. Some people think they're cute but somehow I don't find the sight of smoldering out buildings very attractive.
  13. Baby Reds

    I hate them dirty reds. The only good pine squirrel is a dead pine squirrel. I live trap em and drown the little bastiches.
  14. Unfriendly?

    Looks almost like two different bugs, the outer one looks like a cicada.