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  1. Wheel House build

    How did you upload the pictures to the thread sense photo bucket no longer supports 3rd parties?
  2. How are the deer numbers in that area? I don't trophy hunt so I'm not looking for any monsters, but a few deer to pick from would be nice. I'm used to hunting in the south metro where the bucks don't have a chance to become bigger than a small 6-pointer.
  3. My girlfriends parents are in the process of buying a cabin between Grantsburg and Siren Wi. I've always wanted to start some sort of "Deer Camp" so I've been thinking this might be my opportunity. The cabin doesn't have any land to hunt on so I am wondering how the public deer hunting is in Wisconsin in that area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 2017 Fish House Build

    You don't use a dolly to tow your house with the wheeler?
  5. Painted aluminum sheets

    Sounds good I'll give them a call tomorrow!
  6. Painted aluminum sheets

    I'm looking for a grey charcoal or silver 4x8' sheets of painted aluminum but I'm having no luck. Voyeguer steel is the only place I've found that has different color options but they have nothing I'm looking for. Garelick and discount steel only have white. If anyone know of any other places I could check that would be great. Thanks
  7. 2017 Fish House Build

    Do you have any progress pics on the 24'? I'm very interested in seeing this one too because its the full RV edition.
  8. Exploratory Committee RE: 2016 Build

    Are you documenting the build of the 24' also? I'm sure everyone would love to see that!
  9. Leech lake

    That' what I was afraid of. I was just hoping to get on a few nice fish for the weekend on a lake that's only about a 3 hour drive instead of 6.
  10. Leech lake

    I'm also wanting to take my 8x16 out with my half ton. Never fished leech only have been to eel pout festival. Thinking about going out of trappers landing this Thursday. Wondering what the ice condition and fishing report is? or do you think my luck is better going up to red?
  11. New pup training

    I am located just south of the twin cities. Does the Fowldogs series have formal obedience training? Or what do you use between "retriever puppy training" and Fowldogs?
  12. New pup training

    I put a deposit down today for my first dog, and she will be ready to be picked up middle of May. I am getting a yellow lab female from Schelhaas Family Pups in Pipestone, MN. I live in town but I have a large double lot so I am going to be putting in an electric fence this spring. The dog will have a kennel off the garage and be in the garage/kennel when she pleases. I will be training her the basic obedience first of all, but then I will be training her for pheasant hunting. I'm not into any duck or goose hunting really so I'm not too worried about those. I am looking for any advice on which training series DVD set I should go with. I would like to find a series that starts with basic obedience and then goes into upland game training. I would also like to stick with one series start to finish because I think it will make it easier on me and the dog. Also E-collar training included in there would be huge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Exploratory Committee RE: 2016 Build

    When are you going to build a full RV edition that we can all learn from? Also I know you've mentioned it in your 2012 build but are you thinking about sky lights in this one? Or a live well/ bait well?
  14. I was out on Bitter this past weekend. Didn't do very well. Only a couple 15" ers over night. Anyone else been on Bitter with a report?
  15. RV edition owners

    Going on a long trip is about 6-7 hours long. It may not be worth the headache just to be able to take a quick shower on the ice. I just thought I remembered someone from ice castle saying that people do it all the time without issues, but who knows how much truth is actually behind it.