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  1. Jerk! JK! Just because camping is done dosent mean I'm done fishing. If I ever couldnt fish I think I would die. Mouth is already watering! Already got a hit on the RV possible buyer already Yeah extra money!
  2. Sensitivity seems to high. Like stated above are both units lowrance?
  3. Well it's official.... camper will be up for sale by the weekend hopefully tonight. If any of you are looking for a Wilderness 24 foot travel trailer with all the fixings feel free to give me a PM. More info available. So sad can't believe it looked forward to it all winter every year. Ooh well all good things must come to an end.
  4. The wiring in the some of the older boats are dump. My dads got a 1988 crestliner and here about 8-10 years that stupid alarm would always be going off brought it in and said just do premix they took out the whole oil tank and he's done oil premix ever since works like a champ. This is a evirude 60 VRO. Just my 2 cents. If I were you that's what i would be a bit of a hassle but saves some worry.
  5. Agreed!! Amazing how stinky pork has come this far.
  6. I think it's the suspense! Whats going to happen?!? Live or die?
  7. Holy cow! Now that's a view.
  8. As you thatch go around and rake it up. Or as I do I use my large lawn sweeper put it on a low setting on the brushes and cruise. This works very well.
  9. Beauty!
  10. I've always thought they would be a good year round bait.
  11. That's my plan for opener.
  12. Last few years we've just been doing the cabin rental. Much better. Nope always went from place to place just couldn't justify seasonal prices and having to be there basically every weekend to make it worth it. Yes indeed very nice setup leech!
  13. What's your guys take on chatterbaits and buzzbaits? Been collecting a pile of both and they seem like they would work good. Both seem to be good bass baits but I haven't used them yet. Thoughts?
  14. Fun times for sure leech. Decided to call camping quits. Selling the camper. So sad.
  15. Yummy