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  1. Retriever Training

    I think that one would much prefer to stay where it's at....hahaha Can check out the old web page if you want.
  2. Retriever Training

    Thank you
  3. Retriever Training

    Please delete if not allowed. Retriever Training Have a opening in April. First time taking clients. I train my 3 labs 5-6 days a week all summer and also run a few hunt test's. Would like to make it a full time job. Prefer to take on dogs with good prey drive and a willingness to please, I will be choosie on what dogs I will take with a one week trial period free of charge. Can do everything from obedience to Master level dogs. Your dogs will be kept in outside kennel runs on concrete. Please contact me for details. Located in Squaw Lake, MN. 218-553-0176
  4. Anyone get their sites going?

    Congrats, wind is started swirling around here, bear he is after has been hitting about 7:15. Have not heard a shot yet, hope the wind hasn't screwed the pile up. Got him backed off 70 yards.
  5. Anyone get their sites going?

    Just my son drew a tag this year on the leach lake unit. Last year the forestry moved in a few days before season and ruined all the baits, never got my bear until the last week. Fast forward to this season, baits are getting smashed, two forestry trucks parked within a few hundred yards of my trails today...guessing two of the baits will not be hit tomorrow....and the third bait only has a sow and cubs on it. WHY!!!!!
  6. Mothers Day up here, north of Grand Rapids.
  7. My son went a little overboard last week and picked way to much. Got it all cleaned busted up into inch and half chunks drying.
  8. Third River Pumpkins

    Brian and I hit the ice at daylight and done alright.
  9. Across the road from the acess to Round lake and minutes to Winnibigosh Lake. Both good Walleye lakes. Also has walk-in-cooler and processing room.
  11. Lucky Gal!

  12. Boars Boar!!!

    Again, good job Boar. I finished my season tonight on a bear I've past 3 time's. His free pass's ran out. 121lb
  13. Proud Father

    Good friend from Wisconsin just came up on a fishing trip and is a official pope&young scorer. He measured it for Brian. Gross 146 2/8 - Net 139 7/8
  14. Proud Father

    My 16 year old son got his drivers license yesterday so today was his first day driving himself to school so his head was swelling already. Got home after school with plans to go fishing but his buddy skipped out on him so I told him to go climb in the stand for the evening, 6oclock he calls and said he just arrowed a buck so I grab lights and head out, he already had him found after making a 27 yard heart shot. NOW his head is really swelled!!! Pretty proud of my son, 16 years old with 3 bear and two wall mount deer and countless does from down in Indiana. Both wall mounts taken with bow.