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  1. Don't you hate it

    yup, had that happen to a camera 2 years ago, brand new camera, ended up being a defective sensor. just last week I went to check a camera after a 2 week sit, and opened up the cam to see that I still had it on "Setup" instead of "on"
  2. Just curious if anyone has experience with this cooler? I originally wanted to purchase the RTIC, but thats on BO until august. costco has the 70qt for $200.
  3. Let see your di and si captures

    Helix 10 G2N MEGA
  4. i was wondering the same thing, the sherriff called my dad as he had his car parked on a forest road, about 30 min later they had a plane flying around looking for the guy... Leech, I have noticed the samething, never seen any wolves or yotes on my cameras, but this year we've had a couple different packs do yotes howling around us--in the bunyan that is
  5. Stolen deer stands

    it is not clear at all really, but if you look here on page 107, "abandoned property" is found under the State forests section vs the camping section I originally pointed out you are correct, WPA's and WMA's are different, I believe wpa's/wma's you have to carry in/out every day (except for bear hunters... more dnr over thinking...) I agree getanet, older gents carrying in/out a stand everyday is not feasible, I agree with not allowing any new construction of stands, but hanging and leaving stands throughout the season is what I meant. take them all away ClownColor
  6. Stolen deer stands

    you can use the stands on public land, but you cant just take someone's property. the state gives you a 14 day period, after that, its considered abandoned I agree Bass Whacker, I hope some day they outlaw the construction of permanent stands. there are some doink nuts that use them and claim that area is theres. I also love the restrictions on ATV use, I don't believe the lack of access is the problem for hunter recruitment, there are more trails today then ever, but thats all for a different topic...
  7. 75 merc melted wires

    voltage regulator, same thing happened to my 2003 40hp. My mechanic said it was a common problem in that year range Merc's, said during his training, his instructor would tell the students that those merc's can start the water on fire!
  8. Zone 259

    we had one tag, but chose to pass on them; tomorrow should be good for you guys!
  9. Zone 259

    we hunt in thorpe township, 0 for 3 this year, we saw 6 does on saturday morning, then nothing sunday or monday. We are not gong back this weekend unfortunately. decent amount of shooting saturday, not much sunday, a few more monday it seemed like.
  10. leech, you're in the walker area right? i'll have to try finding some around the brainerd area next week!
  11. leech, you're in the walker area right? i'll have to try finding some around the brainerd area next week!
  12. i would say fox, raccoons, and skunks are the worst enemies to nesting birds. coyotes actually have some benefit for ground nesting birds as they will kill those nest raiders and rarely hunt down birds (check out some delta waterfowl studies,PF, and DU studies). as far small mammals and even deer go, coyotes are a different story... outdoor cats dont help either, atleast the fox ate what it took, cats usually kill for sport and leave the carcass, i've seen dead hen mallards in my parents yard with the throat ripped out is all. ..but I know how outdoor cats are loved by many here and get people riled up
  13. ATV mechanic

    Kevin, from K&J repair in Nisswa hes done great work for me on my outboard, very reasonable to shops too. works in his own shop at his house.
  14. Arctic Cat ATV

    i bought a 450 AC this past winter, my first ATV that i've owned, using mainly for ice fishing, I always wanted a honda, but couldnt afford a used honda vs a brand new AC. i've read all great reviews on the AC's, you'll be happy with it. and i believe the 500's and up have the locking front differential.