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  1. Anybody know of a range in the cities where I can shoot a muzzy? I'm not a member of any clubs, but would like to shoot sooner than the OTP sight in period most of those offer. Trying to work up a good powder and bullet combo well prior to the fall.
  2. Last sit for me. I intended to bow hunt while visiting family in Michigan but santa had other plans. Late doe muzzy to round out my season.
  3. Well, learned a valuable lesson today. Traps that are set half in and half out of the water will get frozen over when the shallows of the creek freeze! Not gonna catch anything when the springs are froze!!
  4. I also started with an 870 express, as did my brother, and my father before us. Still shoot it every year and have yet to have an issue. Fantastic starter (heck, even if it's not a starter) imo!
  5. Thanks del. I've done a fair bit of youtubing. checked them again last night and still empty. Now that waterfowl is winding down I may start scouting for some huts in public marshes. I've been avoiding them so as not to interfere with retrievers. Even without catching anything it gives me another excuse to be in the woods.
  6. Felt mildly confident in my sets as I checked them tonight. Nada. How long should a guy a guy leave a set before choosing to move them?
  7. Empty again. I moved two of them in front of those holes I found so hopefully that's a productive move. I wouldn't know what a fresh hole looks like but these don't look too bad. Anyways, off to the deer woods!
  8. Checked them today and nada, which is exactly what I was expecting. I did locate a couple of holes on the opposite bank so I'll give my current sets another day or so then maybe move them in front of those.
  9. Quiet forum! Anyways, picked up three 110s from FF and added my ID to them. Just finished setting some bottom edge sets in a creek that meanders through a local WMA. I'm sure they are poorly done but it'll be interesting to see what happens with them. I also have have an email into the dnr asking about extension of public right of way and whether or not a marsh is accessible from the road. I'll post updates as I have them!
  10. I am thinking I might give trapping a shot this year. My thought is to get a few 110s and try for muskrats. I know I can trap on some public land per the regs. My question is...can I make water sets on any lake that I legally access? For instance, can I walk onto or wade into a suburban pond from a park and set a fully submerged trap? Clearly brand new to this whole thing. I would be doing it for pure fun. Any advice is appreciated!
  11. Great buck cheetah!
  12. I grew up in Michigan which allows you to take 2 bucks per year if you buy the combo license. The catch is the second one has to have 4 or more points on one side. Also, in the last Few years or so the state has implemented areas of APR which obviously restricts the first one. It's been some time since I lived there, but I can tell you that I've never personally seen a deer that had 4+ on one side. I'm sure that is a product of the any first buck rule.
  13. Mine for the night. Zone 601 hoping to see my first daylight deer this year. Some light scraping going on in this area
  14. I switched from a 1/8 peep to a 1/4 and the difference blew my mind. Now I can see the entire sight picture, where before I could only see my pin through the peep. A peeps main objective is to ensure you the same anchor each and every shot. Better to open it up if it helps you with a clearer sight picture.