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  1. Limit question

    Thanks guys for the information and insight.
  2. Limit question

    I filled my archery buck tag last night in the metro zone. I usually hunt in a managed zone, 2 deer allowed. I have 2 bonus tags, can i fill them both in the managed zone? If I can only use one in the managed zone, I am ok with that.
  3. Wy Antelop

    Great hunt!
  4. Honey burn

    I am doing my first honey burn Thursday night, any advice. I checked my bait today and the the bear is back.
  5. My bait is getting hit but the bear does not like the large, cinnamon gum drops i added to the bait! He will drag them out and move on to other tasty treats. I do have red licorice to add next time.
  6. Going to bait tomorrow with fryer grease, bread, dog food, cherry frosting, peanut butter, soft candies, raw white sugar, and popcorn. I am throwing everything at them tomorrow, hopefully the bears like the variety!
  7. Swap meet

    A guy can never have to many decoys!
  8. Boar, in past years you have posted that you use dog food at some bait sites, with grease on it, how does it work? Thanks minky
  9. Anyone having any action at their bear baits? I have one bear coming in.
  10. Work at prison in Stillwater, about 4 to 6 turkeys hang out in the parking lot. This morning they were talking, a little gobbling and one old boy was strutting. Tonight in Brooklyn Park, 3 Jake group and the biggest one strutted when I hit the call. Kinda cool but what's up? Boys just being boys?
  11. Swap meet

    Can't wait to see what spears he will have for sale!
  12. A fair amount of public land around Danbuary and along the St Croix river.
  13. I don't have a ton of experience but I have had good luck with candy and grease on bread.
  14. Swap meet

    Last year I was Merk's best customer, maybe it will be a repeat. I also might buy a recurve bow from Matt if he brings some.